Alleee and Franc's

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Welcome to the Games

Test your crackpot and psychic abilities ! Who knows, maybe you are more powerful than you imagined... ?

Biblical Mad Libs
Fill in the blanks for Jesus !

Demonstration of psychic ability with cards !
We can guess which of five cards you will choose, ALL THE TIME.

Submit your own Crackpot Theory
Be the envy of your friends and enemies by having your very own CRACKPOT THEORY featured on this page.

Bend the Spoon
Test your psychic abilities.

You are so wrong
Make a sentence to express to someone just how terribly wrong they are.

Tarot Reading
Get a personality reading from the ancient art of Tarot, for free !

Crackpot Test
Measure your levels of oddity, normality and insanity, ONLINE.

Find the Crackpot
Our adaptation of the game "Find the Dictator" !

Games Inspired from Crackpots
A way to inject some oddity in your favourite board games...