Alleee and Franc's

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Welcome to the CRACKPOT TEST

Answer each of the ten questions in the way that seems most natural to you, and press "Compute my results" at the bottom.

1. Do you think every question of existence can be answered by the same one or two key concepts ?
Yes. Everything in the universe can be explained by waffles.
No. Every issue must be confronted on its own terms.
We're all caught in the Matrix !

2. Do you feel comfortable with your identity ?
Sometimes I wish I was an eggplant.
I feel at ease with my identity.
With the Lord's help (and the EXODUS foundation) my identity WILL be Straight and Proud!!

3. What do you think about higher education ?
Educators are STUPID and EVIL because they refuse to teach Time Cube.
I think education is important for the progress of society.
Schools should be razed and replaced by brothels !

4. What is your level of english mastery ?
I am genius level, soMy infallible mastery of ENGLISH remain UNSURPASSED.
I can use english pretty well.
I went to pobblic skoll !

5. What are your favourite hobbies ?
Obsessing about how pudding explains the weight of neutrons, and obsessing over the conspiracy that prevents my work from being known.
Knitting, reading the Victoria's Secret catalog.
Blowing half my face off experimenting with the Anarchist's Cookbook !

6. What do you think about Einstein ?
Einstein was WRONG, terribly WRONG. Spacetime is not relative, but meta-inter-subjective.
He was the most important scientist of our age.
Einstein, just some dude with bad hair ! Big deal !

7. What is your opinion on politics ?
The government is in cahoots with the FDA/CIA/academia to hide or suppress the truth !
I'm pretty indifferent about politics.
I vote for the guy with the best hair !

8. What is USENET ?
USENET is a place where I can post reams of my web site, or entire articles, for the entire world to read and admire.
USENET is a place where one can discuss with others thru email.
USENET is da source for binary pr0n !

9. Are you gullible ?
Wait ! I just figured out how HOMEOPATHY figures in with my pudding theory.
Well, I think I saw a couple of UFOs once.
Oh boy, John Edwards sure got in touch with that old lady's son !

10. What does it take you to make sense of things ?
A few hits of acid.
A few minutes and a good cup of coffee.
Sense is a Western anti-feminist paradigm !

Your Crackpot Score =

A high Crackpot score indicates that you must send us the URL of your site immediately. You just might be an entertainment for us all !

Your Normal Score =

A high Normal score indicates that you tend to blend well in society. but you're somewhat of a bore at parties.

Your Insanity Score =

A high Insanity score indicates that you go thru life without being too conscious, and that's a great trait to have. Unfortunately, you're the first person at a party on the 15th floor that would not remember that he cannot, in fact, fly.

This test is 100% scientific, and has been laboratory-tested on poor defenseless animals.