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Pranking Psipog

My little prank on the loveable wackos of Psipog, on IRC. "I'm a level 16 elf psychotic."

[21:39] Francois [] has joined #psipog
[21:39] Mazrim> Well you won't laugh when I'll swim up and merge with Canada!
[21:39] ChezNips> hi Francois
[21:39] KMiller> 'ello Frank
[21:39] Francois> Hello.
[21:39] Francois> I'm in Canada !
[21:39] RainTurtle> Hi, Francois
[21:39] TheFactor> Is that french? Or is it just me. haahaahah
[21:39] KMiller> I'm in the US!
[21:39] Mazrim> I am in Hell.. I mean Sweden!
[21:39] NickC> I'm in the US!
[21:39] Francois> I also have a couple questions, which have nothing to do with the fact that I am in Canada.
[21:40] TheFactor> I'm in America!
[21:40] RainTurtle> hehe You entered right in the middle of one of Maz's jokes
[21:40] Mazrim> "ok"
[21:40] KMiller jumps up and down and claps and giggles like an excited 3 year old
[21:40] Mazrim> cleverly disguised joke *blink* *wink* *nudge* *so forth*
[21:40] TheFactor> America is way better than the US.
[21:40] TheFactor> lol
[21:40] Francois> Yea
[21:40] Myriad> North america you mean...
[21:41] TheFactor> Exactly what i meant..
[21:41] Intelli[3DS] [phreak@] has quit IRC (Exit: Leaving. Duh.)
[21:41] TheFactor thinks that was a stupid joke.
[21:41] Mazrim> uhm, well anyway, questions?
[21:41] Mazrim> This place feels a lot like Terry Pratchet books sometimes..
[21:41] Francois> Yes, I have a couple questions
[21:41] TheFactor> Francois , what are your questions?
[21:41] Francois> How do you make a psiball ?
[21:41] Francois> Ha ha ha, just kidding !
[21:42] KMiller> Artic...
[21:42] KMiller breathes out
[21:42] KMiller> LMAO
[21:42] Francois> Gotcha !
[21:42] TheFactor> And i was gonna start a good joke with that one.
[21:42] RainTurtle> *chuckles*
[21:42] KMiller> Yes, yes you did. And you said "hahaha" just in time because I was going to kill you.
[21:42] Francois> You guys are just too much !
[21:42] Francois> Actually, my first question is about dogs.
[21:42] Mazrim> gals too, don't be sexist!
[21:42] TheFactor> lmao
[21:43] KMiller> They're the ones that bark.
[21:43] Francois> Yes, yes, but can dogs make psiballs ?
[21:43] TheFactor> Or climb up bark! HAHAH
[21:43] Mazrim> well you should hear my cat, every since he got fixed he sounds more like a dog than a cat. Can't do that mjau mjau business.
[21:43] KMiller> I doubt they have the cognitive function to make psi constructs...
[21:43] KMiller> But they do have the bioenergetic fields.
[21:43] Mazrim> maybe dogs that are very literate and have internet access?
[21:44] Francois> Because I think my dog is reading my mind with psiballs.
[21:44] Mazrim> that's almost half as paranoid as DanielH.
[21:44] KMiller> If your dog was 'pathing you, it wouldn't use psiballs to do so.
[21:44] RainTurtle> Why would your dog use a construct to read your mind?
[21:44] Francois> No no, really ! Every time I come home, my dog is right there waiting for me.
[21:44] KMiller> Psi balls are nigh-worthless in 'pathy.
[21:44] Mazrim> dogs hear you.
[21:44] Myriad> That is called "learned behavior"
[21:44] Francois> I dunno... why would a dog use psiballs ? Good question
[21:44] Mazrim> They have nifty hearing ability.
[21:45] Myriad> That Mazrim, and they learn the times you come home.
[21:45] Francois> Yea but it's not just hearing
[21:45] KMiller> Actually, there have been alot of studies in canine telepathy...
[21:45] Mazrim> yuck, I hate "summer wind"
[21:45] Francois> It can't be just hearing
[21:45] KMiller> But Adam is probably most correct.
[21:45] Mazrim> true, well they have very little to do other than drool and look stupid.
[21:45] Myriad> Mind you Keith is correct too. My dog could communicate with me, but I did train it from when he was a pup.
[21:45] KMiller> Run experiments. Leave and come back at random intervals. Also, set a camera, he could just be sitting there waiting and jumping up when he sees/hears the knob turn.
[21:45] RainTurtle> You must admit, though, that they are very good at those two activities
[21:46] Francois> Because once when I was still living at home, I was going to spank my little cousin for stealing my cotton candy, and the stupid dog got mom in her bedroom. He couldn't see me or hear me !
[21:46] Mazrim> true, I give them that.
[21:46] Myriad> Dogs can hear a LONG ways
[21:46] Mazrim> but they can get excited at watching plants grow too.
[21:46] Francois> So I really think you guys should research spontaneous psiballing in dogs
[21:46] KMiller> Dogs are fine telepaths...they ran a few specials on TLC about it...but it likely works like telepathy in humans, and is genetic.
[21:46] Myriad> Francois: Quit acting please.
[21:47] Francois> OK OK fine, I have another question
[21:47] Mazrim> I don't have a dog so I won't research.
[21:47] TheFactor> Bye all.
[21:47] RainTurtle> bye
[21:47] Mazrim> ta-ta.
[21:47] KMiller> My dog does not make constructs and I don't give her the credit to have a brain to do so.
[21:47] KMiller> I've seen smarter nons.
[21:47] KMiller> Hehe
[21:47] RainTurtle> hehehehe
[21:47] KMiller> ;-)
[21:47] Mazrim> huhu yeah right!
[21:47] Mazrim> hmmm wait...
[21:47] Francois> True, cats are smarter maybe
[21:47] Mazrim> dang!
[21:47] TheFactor> noLEMMME GO!!!!!
[21:47] TheFactor [] has quit IRC (Exit: Disconnect)
[21:48] NickC> Cats are cool, yet murderous.
[21:48] Mazrim> Cats are cool,they are devils.
[21:48] Myriad> Cats are swedish?
[21:48] Mazrim> I think we are related.
[21:48] Mazrim> Or something.
[21:48] Mazrim> both have tails and want to taste blood on a day to day basis.
[21:49] Mazrim> and we are stubborn like.. like... like something really stubborn!
[21:50] Francois> I have this persistent problems you guys could help me with
[21:50] Myriad> Finding what happened to your IQ?
[21:50] Francois> No, nothing of the sort
[21:50] ChezNips> Francois, try some antifungal stuff for the hjock itch
[21:50] Myriad> Oh in that case please ask.
[21:50] Francois> No no, it's a psychic problem
[21:50] Francois> In the realm of the brainpower
[21:50] Mazrim> jippie!
[21:50] Myriad> They have a realm called Brainpower?
[21:51] Francois> I'm being harassed by a stronger psychic than I am
[21:51] Mazrim> I must visit it.
[21:51] NickC> ROFL Chez
[21:51] Mazrim> aren't we all.
[21:51] Myriad gives chez 1 cool point
[21:51] Mazrim> Myriad is always getting at me!
[21:51] Kinais [] has joined #psipog
[21:51] Myriad> Kinais! :)
[21:51] Kinais> hello
[21:51] Francois> I'm a level 16 and he's a level 25 psychotic. he keeps beaming old episodes of I Love Lucy in my mind
[21:51] ChezNips> yay I am up to -56 now
[21:51] Kinais> =)
[21:51] RainTurtle> Francois, what is the psychic doing?
[21:51] Francois> I can't stop him with any shield I make. what should I do &?!
[21:51] RainTurtle> Hi, Kinais
[21:51] NickC> hey Kinais.
[21:51] ChezNips> Francois where did you get this bogas system of psychic rating?
[21:51] Mazrim> I don't know. I'm a level 1 and I can't help you.
[21:51] ChezNips> bogus
[21:51] Kinais> hello and hello
[21:51] Myriad> Alright I'm done listening to her RPG crap.
[21:52] Mazrim> And you are level 1661!!!! I can't block that!!!!!!!!! (!!!)
[21:52] Francois> Oh.
[21:52] Francois> what, you don't know your levels ?
[21:52] Kinais> lol
[21:52] Myriad> `kick Francois
*** Log file closed: 02-08-21 21:52:26

*** Log file opened: 02-08-21 21:52:27
[21:52] Francois [] has joined #psipog
[21:52] Mazrim> hehe
[21:52] Francois> I'm a level 16 elf psychotic
[21:52] Mazrim> no I told you, I am level 1.
[21:52] RainTurtle> "levels"?
[21:52] Francois> yea
[21:52] Myriad> `ban Francois One to many RPG's for you
[21:52] ChanOP sets mode: +b *!*ident@*
*** Log file closed: 02-08-21 21:52:47

review written by Franc, 08/2002.

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