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How to play the Ukelele

Smiling character holding Ukelele
Ukelele lesson

The Ukelele is a small, cute, and appreciated instrument. However, we don't always have the time to learn the Ukelele. In fact, one of the problems of our modern age is that we simply have no more time to learn the Ukelele. But do not despair ! This simple and fast guide will help you learn this charming instrument.

The good point of ukulele is "very easy" Don't think about difficult things.Let's play ukulele.

Here is how to proceed :

Cords to tune the Ukelele' 1. Tune your Ukelele

Tuning a Ukelele is easy if you follow the chart to the right. Here are the steps :

1、The first,No3 string tune in "C".
2、OK? Next you push No.4 fret of No.3 string,and play it.
Is it heard "E".
3、Next you must tune No.2 strings. The "E" sound of No.3 strings and No.2 free strings heard same.
4、OK? Next you must push No.3 fret of No.2 string.
it's "G". Are you all right? it's sound is same as No.4 free string.
It's last . 2nd fret of No.4 string heard same with No.1 free string sound.

Did you get that ? Well, that's the problem that comes with it, you see, the author is from Japan and does not write english very well (or play Ukelele very well). But hey, free lesson, you can't afford to be picky.

2. Playing simple tunes

You only need to learn three cords to play : C, G and F. Well, you can only play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but that's better than nothing, right ?

Character singing to try to cover his bad Ukelele playing' The author tells us that we can now try to play live. He tells us wise words from experience :

If your family and friends makes there's face bitter,you don't have to think about them. If you are poor player,but no problem,back slowly and fade away.
(...) If you hold such like a baby or cat under your arms,usually some people will makes merry and say "How pretty this baby! or How wise this cat!"In regard to it,the ukulele is not makes some people excite.

Because the Ukelele is not inherently exciting, you have to either play well, or try to cover your miserable playing. The author's solution is to sing/shout over your din. He even provides a helpful sample of this technique. It has to be heard.

3. A lie !

You might think you are done, but the author also has to confess a lie. "Don't angry !". The three basic cords are C, F and G7, not C, F and G. Don't get scandalized and vandalize buildings, he only did it because he was instable :
The reason? Reason is nothing.I felt difficult "G7".Adding 7 to G makes me instability .

He closes this page by giving us the three important points of Ukelele :

* Difficult codes is changed to easy one.
* And you can't play skip that part.(see Chapter6 Clumn)
* Sing loudly

Words of wisdom. Have fun learning the Ukelele with anonymous Japanese guy.

review written by Franc, 07/2002.