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Welcome to the The Inexplicable

Only the best sites are selected for your perusal. Comments are in blue for Franc and red for Alison.

Industrious Clock
The most hypnotic page ever. But it's fascinating in its own right. You'll just have to see it to understand.
I want this to be my very own clock. If I could hang it up on my wall, I would.

"Pong... It's Not Just A Game" from Madblast
What if Pong was real ?
In many ways, Franc, Pong is real. It's as real as you and I. But, seriously, Carl Sagan could have used this in his series when he illustrated "Flatland."

I am a Stud
Dancing to the music. Twistedly fascinating.
It's brilliant on so many levels.

Dean and Nigel Blend In !
Dean and Nigel try to look like people on the street. Why ? Rand, why ?
Because, Franc, they're British.

Unnatural Museum of the Internet
This is a webring where you can index your site about your obsession. Do you like PLUSH CRABS ?
The home of the infamous "Graham Barker's Navel Fluff Collection ,"As Seen on TV!"

Legodeath : A Museum of Horrors
Behold LEGO characters suffering terrible deaths. It's an amazing metaphor for the objectification of human suffering, OR SOMETHING.
Well, it's nothing new. It's what we girls did with our Barbies, you know.

Vector Park
Two games, no titles, no instructions, no sense. But I feel for the birds, getting drenched like that.
This is amazing, confounding, time-consuming...perfect for at-work diversion.

Read about how the author has given 3 000$ to two people for gaining 30 pounds in 30 days, studies the stink of rotten meat, and spies on his sister with sophisticated equipment.
The Spark is mostly famous for its tests: the gay tests, the gender test, the intelligence test (grr), even "The Pregnancy Test(!)"

Prends garde Ó tes fesses, chasseur ! / Watch out behind you, hunter !
Shoot the gays ! This is a parody. Don't start flooding us with hate mail now. This is just really weird.

In the vein of "weird games", a Pac Man clone.., with a bear. And penguins.

Planet Prostate
Another "weird game". Can you help Mr. Sperm get in the SS Ejaculation ?

Progress Quest
Another weird game, which is really a parody of RPGs : just progress bars that keep going and going, without any input on your part. You know, to reproduce the mind-numbing repetitiveness of video game RPGs, except without the need for actually doing anything. Pure genius.

Weird applets that are supposed to make profound statements. Since I like the "WordPerhect" one, I include it in this section instead of the crackpot section. They say it "undermines this dehumanising process", but I just think it's entertaining. I'm so naive, ain't I ?
It's easy to tell when some people are undergrads.

WHAT THE HELL ? What's going on here ? This site is lowering my IQ by the minute.

Seven Peas
What are you supposed to write about a site like this ? I give up.
Seven Peas has so much potential. It's too bad it stopped there. There are "internet musical instruments," but one gets the idea that on the internet, one could create something wondrous and interactive; a Fisher-Price instrument for grown-ups. Heck, it's probably already out there, and I just haven't found it yet. I'll let you know. aktuelle edCARDS und Cybercards kostenlos verschicken. ▄ber 2.000 Edgar-Karten, Freecards kostenlos digitale Postkarte
These are... well... electronic cards. From Germany. Germans are weird...

Tanja's LOTR Humor Page
See... this guy is a Lord of the Rings fan and wants to make a humour page about it. So he posts a load of screen captures with speech bubbles. The problem is that he has no sense of humour. Zero. Zilch.

SILENCE ! Silence of the Lambs : The Musical
Yes, "Silence of the Lambs : The Musical". Featuring such classics as "If I Could Smell Her Cunt" (by Dr. Lecter) and "Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket" (by Buffalo Bill and Catherine).

Control a little guy and fly around this strange world. All this for a greeting card ?

The Human Clock
Not quite as weird or inexplicable as the Industrious Clock, but a worthy addition.