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Welcome to the Other Directories and Interesting Sites

Only the best sites are selected for your perusal. Comments are in blue for Franc and red for Alison.

Alt.Atheism Kooks
The most entertaining kooks in the history of alt.atheism. Most related links are not working, but read the article on Gladys.
Gladys, just leave Tori Amos alone.

List of weird sites on the Internet. Nothing much to say about this one.
There are a lot of great sites to look at, and I found myself pretty distracted looking at them. The site is well put together; however it has been inactive since November of 2003.

"mp3 sound archive"
A great list of bizarre poetry readings and music-playing. Most of these are mundane or simply random, but check out Francis Dec and "kennyg" for great hilarity.
Of interest to Audiophiles, Audioheads, DJ's and DJ wannabees. Very specialized, but then, that's what we're all about here. I'd be willing to bet Adam H of the Beastie Boys would love this.

Precisely what it sounds like : a radio which plays spam. Speech-processed spam. You can also listen to the best ones.
If you need to hear a Nigerian Scam set to music, this is where you want to be. A tremendous service for the blind.

Ridiculous Infomercials Review
Those hilarious infomercials with canned testimonies and fast-talking hosts ? They review them all.
The site takes on Matthew Lesko (the guy in the question-mark suit that looks like he's on cocaine)! An informercial that has a dancing phone book must be analyzed on the web!

Jesus Museum
Because nothing's inherently funnier than Christian fanatics.
The site has not been active since September 2003, but there are many archived links to peruse.

This absolutely delightful collection of crackpot or bizarre books, hosted by Alfred Armstrong, includes such luminaries as Alfred Lawson (already featured on this site) and the misanthropic Webster Edgerly, who would be well at home here.

"ILikeJam" is an audiophile, and has a little page dedicated to linking to crackpot audio products. Most of these are outrageously expensive.