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Slapping down Cheryl

Cheryl is slightly retarded, but that did not prevent her from finding "love" by following the dishonest practices promoted in a book. You go girl !

From Cheryl (

If loving and giving and applying the principles of the Word of god are psychological manipulation than I pity your narrow and selfish life. I hope you truly find love some day and especially when you have children you will understand the giving it will take in putting your children's needs ahead of your own selfish desires!!! god Bless-cheryl j. hite

Your comments are interesting, but reflect a lack of understanding. There are three main points you address, that I feel the need to contradict, although it will probably go over your head :

1. Loving and giving are not psychological manipulations. "Fascinating Womanhood" is psychological manipulation and promotes dishonesty.
2. I did find love. I am a married man. So I don't know where you get that.
3. You say that one should put "his children's needs " above his "own desires". If your children are not a part of your desires, you have more problems than I can help. That seems very "selfish" to me.

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