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Slapping down FM the Prophet

Where do these people come from ?

From F M (

I am a prophet and i can come to Seattle by myself. I will need bus fare from Grants Pass Oregon. I sent a long letter entitled "I AM the messiah and we bumped intents" to Alex. I am not a man- i am mistaken for one.And if we were 2000 years ago or so, i may be considered to be one. I am a gendered mind, and i am offering a serious knowledge. These are the clouds, and here i am. Feel free to e-mail me heer anytime. I may be in Oregon very soon. Be well.

Thank you for the email. It is a bit curious, because I have not asked anywhere for prophets to come visit me. It is of no consequence, however, since I no longer live in Seattle, but am now across the continent in Montreal, Quebec. You may not enjoy a three and a half-day bus trip!

Your offer of wisdom is intriguing. You say you are the messiah and a prophet. That is a bit of a conflict of interest, since I am trying out for the position of messiah myself. However, Alex Chiu says that to be the Messiah, one must be endorsed by a prophet. Isn`t it cheating for a prophet to declare himself (in a non-gendered way, of course) the messiah? I do not wish to be combative: I am only curious. Perhaps you, as a prophet, could endorse me as the Messiah?

I am very eager to hear any kind of information you may be able to send electronically. You could mail us a letter also if you like. Is there a way I can see your letter to Alex Chiu?

Looking forward to your response.



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