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"James !"

Poor "James !" was born with no last name. Because of this terrible dysfunction, he now believes he can read minds, and has taken the time to tell us why Psipog is right. I was only too happy to respond (my answers are in black).

From: "James !"

Hey, buddy. I'm not gonna start ripping into you about what you did, but instead give you facts about what it is and isn't:

It's a place for people who want to learn genuine psonics. Nobody there is trying to fool anybody, why would anyone pay for a bogus site like that? People there do not beleive they are another race, elves... etc
There is no leveling system, although there is a sort of unspoken pecking order, we know who's strong and who's not.

PsiPog is a place of scientific research. Most of us have journals of everything we've tried since we started, containing surroundings, annoyances, mood at the time, training partner, etc... We aren't in it to fool ourselves into beleiving that we're something we're not, there's no point. There's no money involved, and people just think you're a crack pot for trying this stuff. Untill you've tried it (which I urge you to do) than don't judge it. The American and Russian government along with many others around the world are currently doing research on psychic ability.

Thanks. Next time do a little research, that's what makes a great comedian. If you want a second try at ripping of some people who really are insane go to
It's a sight for REAL Vampires... This time research everything you can. Learn their beleifs and disbeleifs. Compare it to current medical knowledge. Do this with all the people you rip off and it may actually be funny and your site may one day become very successful.

P.S. Your site looks unproffesional, you need a new web site designer. e-mail me if you want it done for free.

I'm glad to know psipog is for real. I'd hate to think that they're like those OTHER people who detain the secrets of telekinesis, "energy" manipulation, and telepathy.

After all those OTHER sites do not have scientific evidence and measurements for their claims, they do not use pseudo-scientific words, they tout the virtues of faith over Reason, and mistake mental or minute effects for real power. Psipog, on the other hand...


Wait a second...

Seriously, I advise you develop your critical thinking skills more, and try not to get suckered in things like that. There are too many wonders in the universe to lose time and energy on imaginary ones.

From: "James !"

I simply ask that you open your eyes for three seconds to realise that the universe does not stop at what you beleive you know. People in the 17th centuary beleived that fies and rats were not born, but were created out of garbage. The idea of the universe NOT revolving around the sun nearly gott Galilaeo hung. And the idea of atoms was considered insane, but today we consider them common knowlede.

Also, I dont claim to be a great critic. Just someone who knows what looks good and what doesn't.

I never claimed that "the universe stops at what I believe I know". In fact, the fact that it does not, is the basis of scientific progress and knowledge in general. It requires a capacity for observation, experimentation, freethinking, mental courage, logic, critical thinking, and most importantly a sense of wonder.

That was pretty much the point of my last email, which you apparently did not understand. I'm sorry that my humour was too subtle.

From: "James !"

If you beleive that then why are you so criticle of the "wackos" at psipog? They're not be qualified scientists, which is why they use words like energy and psi to discribe their findings. But the research they do, whether they wear white coats or not, is still valid.
They deserve repect for devoting their time, efforts and money to something they know is real at the cost of their pride.

Apparently you have some issues with the words "valid" and "respect". Buying a dictionary is advised.

From: "James !"

I know what they mean, and I used them occordingly. You don't sound like a stupid person. I'll give you that much. By the way you speak, I'd say we'd probably get along. The only problem is your closed mind. What is the point of a large mind if it doesn't explore the unexplored? It just goes by whatever its been told.
We didn't just go to the site and go "hey, some guy said its real, so it must be!" There was a lot of skepticism involved. We had to try things. Once someone has been inside your mind its hard to ignore the possibility. Though, to this day I still hold on to my skepticism, what kind of researcher would I be without it?

Let me ask you this; are you a beleiver in the chaos theory?

I'm glad you insist in ridiculing yourself with these emails. Here at Insolitology it's that kind of dogged perseverance in nonsense that we admire.

You say I have a "closed mind". Depending on your definition, that may well be. I do not accept every single thing I read, obviously.

You state that "someone has been inside your mind". Could you explain that ?

I do not "believe" in anything. I am however acquaintanced with the basics of chaos theory.

From: "James !"

I wouldn't expect anyone with an IQ above 80 to beleive anything just because it was written somewhere. That would be pointless and stupid, now wouldn't it? But after reading Scientific research one should at least be open to the possibility. I'm not talking about the research done by the people on psipog, I'm talking about The United States' research, and even Russia's research.

Yes, someone has mentally connected with me, and I have mentally connected with others. When two or more people are mentally linked it is possible to communicate through thought. For example, in Psi-Chat there is another room called Practice, in this room we hone our skills by connecting with eachother and sending images, words, sounds, smells, feelings. After you have had a flash of an image that you've never seen and coldn't possibly have fabricated in your mind you become allmost fully convinced.

In one case a friend and I were skipping school (once in a lifetime thing) and he started getting really nervous, and rubbing his hands and talking about how much trouble he'd get in when his parents found out. We were inside my empty house and were completely chilled out for hours before this. Anyway, a couple of minutes later, his phone rings, It's his sister who has just been put on a red card (disiplinary level) for truenting.

I gave her a scan and I suddenly lost my vision for about a second and then I looked around and I saw the quadrangle, I then looked down to see a small tubby hand on "my" shoulder. The shoulder wasn't mine at all, it was his sisters. I wrote down what she was wearing and how she was wearing it and everything else I saw. I gave it to my friend who took it to his sister and it was right down to the last detail

Anyway, enough of that. If you know the chaos theory (every event has an effect on everything else, no matter how small) then a mental process could theoretically move objects or mentally communicate with another being.

Feel free to post this "nonsense" on your site. Your readers may get a kick out of a follow up story.

I am not aware of any *scientific* research done on the paranormal that showed the existence of such phenomena, even slightly. Putting people in a room and having them talk to each other is not scientific.

The only way to confirm your "practice" would be multiple choice tests, with the object chosen in advance by the sender, and no communication between the participants during the "sending". The multiple choice test removes all possibility of adapting the data to the intended communication, and permits statistical analysis.

If you do this with rigor and with at least ten-fifteen tries, I guarantee you that the result will be no different than average (although many more tries would be necessary to actually *prove* anything), unless you really have psychic powers.

Chaos theory does not prove that mental processes can move objects. Chaos theory, to express it in its basic form, is the fact that complex systems (with a great number of parts and relationships) can change wildly in result if one attribute is slightly changed. Since there is no direct relationship between brain waves and exterior objects in the first place, chaos theory does not apply. The traditional example of this is climatic systems.

From: "James !"

Try the USA's freedom of information act if you're so hell-bent on seeing real research. Ask them to send you their research. But the simple fact that they decided to put research into it has to mean something to you. The USA isn't just going to put on a blind fold and stick a pin in one of many things they may decide to research! Why would they still be researching today if they had no results? That would be pointless. They must have found something of value or they would have stopped a good ten years ago.

Why would so many people frequent a site that was full of it? People would have realised "hey, this doesn't work" and then left. But they keep coming back. Why? Because it works! I personally dont care that somebody I don't know doesn't beleive something that I told them, ok. All I care about is a loser who sits at home all day singling out people who beleive something a little bit out of the norm and tearing apart their beleifs! What kind of a life is that? you spend your whole day arguing with a 15 year old and still haven't yet proved me wrong.

Like with the cube guy, he never gave any evidence that what he said was the real deal! It was just the right thing because he said it was and you're no better! You just say "these people are whackos" you never say why, you just used puffed up words to make yourself seem like you giving the public facts when all you're doing is saying "this is wrong" but never telling us why. The day YOU prove research by the american and russian governments wrong will be a grievous day.

Let's add incapacity to judge others to the list of things you seem to cherish... Do you seriously think the government is in the business of furthering the cause of science ? Your age is betrayed, I'm afraid.

As for frequenting Psipog, I do because it's hilarious. And as for being "losers who sit at home", you sure got us there. Yea, we are losers who have nothing better to do than make a web site about crackpot ideas. We are nothing if not conscientious.

Do the Psipog people take that much care in informing the public ? I don't think so !

As for "proving you wrong", you would need to actually have an argument to be proven wrong. I'm afraid you're not quite there yet. Untested hypothesis and conspiracy theories do not count as an argument.

Insolitology is not in the business of proving people wrong. We are here to laugh at people. It makes desperation about other people's intelligence less painful. A public service, if you will. You won't find anything like that on Psipog either !

From: "James !"

If I were to guess, I'd say you were greatly harrassed as a chil and/or teen. This resulted in you becoming quick witted and gave you the ability to fight back, but you soon realised that after school had ended, this had little to no use at all. So you went into the buissness of proffesionally ripping people off. Which has gotten you a little visited unproffesional looking site and not much else.

If I were to go by your IAQ, I would say you're are the biggest crackpot of them all... except for Gene Ray...
1. You beleive that everybody, but you, is an idiot.
2. Your Web design is poor
3. Your views on science and religion are humourous and ludicrus since you know little about either
4. You beleive that government research has no intention of actually making scientific discoveries, making you a conspiracy theorist.

oh and PsiPog doesn't come under any of your crackpot catagories:
1. It uses many concepts to put its point across
2 The web design is good
3. It does not use circular logic, it's allways bringing in new theories and evidence
4. They don't try to "ram it into the ground" I'm about the only one that has an objection to what you did
5. I don't think having persistance should be a catagory. Going by that, every successful buissnessman in the world is a crackpot

well, that's enough from me for today.

I can't believe how intelligent you are. Indeed I was greatly harassed as a "chil (sic) and/or teen", and have been waiting to take my sweet revenge since that time. I see your telepathy "Practice" really worked out well.

I would still like to know how I am "proffesionally (sic) ripping people off" (is there a college class in ripping people off ? That must be Politics), especially since visiting Insolitology costs nothing, or how my site is "unproffesional" (sic).

"1. You beleive that everybody, but you, is an idiot." - That's a rather optimistic view of the world, I'd say.
"2. Your Web design is poor" - Actually, I subscribe to the theory that the least images, the better. Apparently you disagree.
"3. Your views on science and religion are humourous and ludicrus since you know little about either" - Looks like your mind-reading slipped on that one.
"4. You beleive that government research has no intention of actually making scientific discoveries, making you a conspiracy theorist." - Ah, the good ol' , "no, YOU're the crackpot" tactic. Apparently you forgot that making scientific discoveries is the role of... SCIENCE, not politics.

"1. It uses many concepts to put its point across" - Indeed Psipog massacres many concepts of physics to put its "point across".
"2 The web design is good" - Sure, if you like red.
"3. It does not use circular logic, it's allways bringing in new theories and evidence" - That's great. Got any for us ?
"4. They don't try to "ram it into the ground" I'm about the only one that has an objection to what you did" - It's too bad. We love to talk to crackpots.
"5. I don't think having persistance should be a catagory. Going by that, every successful buissnessman in the world is a crackpot" - Businessmen, unlike you, tend to provide an actual product or service.

I will be waiting for your next email. Apparently you are very pleased of your new self-appointed role of punching bag. Here at Insolitology, we give people what they want, even if it hurts us :)

From: "James !"

This is pointless. We'll never be able to change eachother's mind.

I leave you with a request; to try psionics yourself. Don't tell anyone you did it, but just try it for a few weeks, recording your results (if any). e-mail me with questions or if you wish to try telepathy. I wont tell anyone, and i'm not asking you publicly apoligise for your prank on psipog, hust to try it with an open mind.

"A wise man rules out nothing" - anon

Since you desire questions, I leave you with this question. You can answer me telepathically or otherwise...

What is the razor that shaves not beards, but brains ?

Find the answer and you will find mine as well.

Thank you for the entertainment. I'm sure many readers will appreciate it.

review written by Franc, 07/2003.

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