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John Visser

John Visser loves his hand grenades, so much that he gave us his very own recipe.

From: John Visser (

I came across your site regarding conspiracy theories and in particular the section on educate yourself. Granted, most of what I read on educate yourself seems to be a mixture of half-truths or crap&imagination, but I have made 'holy handgranades' (hh) and ran several experiments to determine their (stated) ability to enhance plant growth - By treating water with the hh and using it to grow seedlings. Below are my findings make of it what you want but any reproduction/forwarding/quote of the text must be in full.
The hh is placed in a bucket filled with tap water, a 1 litre bottle filled with tap water is placed inside the bucket with the hh. After a 24 hour period the water in the bottle is considered "treated", but kept in the bucket
A separate bottle of tap water is kept in the experiment area, away from the hh.
An experiment consist of two plastic containers with their bottoms filled with the same amount and type of seedling. Several different types of seeds have been used such as alfalfa, beans etc. -only one type is used per experiment.
The two containers are kept next to each other in the same light & atmospheric conditions.
One container is watered with water from a bottle containing normal tap water (control), the other with the 'treated' water. The same amount of water is used.
Over several days( up to 7 or 8 days) the seedlings are allowed to grow, until they reach the top of the container. The seedlings growing the fastest will reach the top of the container, or maximum growth length, first.
Of the 12 experiments I ran, 11 (eleven) showed markedly increased rates of growth in the containers where 'treated' water was used. These faster growth rates could easily be seen and measured. The seedlings tend to grow at the same rate for the first 3 days, thereafter the 'treated water' seedlings substantially outgrew the control.
These results are consistent with results of experiments published elsewhere on the internet. The one experiment where the treated water seedlings failed to outgrow the control, could be attributed to an infection - so much for the hh abilities to cure illness ;-).
Treated water, seem to evaporate slower than the control water.
Growth was significant enough to warrant further research with the intention of involving academics from agriculture institutes.
Challenge for you:
You seem to put a lot of effort into debunking conspiracy theories. You might as well make an effort to actually (physically) test where possible. These hh's are easy and cheap to build - make some, test them, if they don't work for you then you know and can actually state so on you website. So maybe they don't ward of evil, clear the skies or put you in contact with other dimensions, but what if they make plants grow better... use them for good. But don't just smirk, that's the easy way.
John Visser
Maritime archaeologist,
Iziko Museums of Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, yes, but did you count to three ? Remember that five is right out.

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