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"asdf" is an "open-minded thinker and lover of the "Truth"", and by jove, he'll tell us the "Truth" ! You go asdf !

From: adsf fsdg

Sad, sad. Your website's comics show the stereotype that came from Inheret the Wind movie. It seems the complexity of all in the world just isn't convincing enough to evolutionists that we had to have been created by an intelligent creator. Yet, evolutionists can't seem to answer many questions, explaining why most aren't evolutionists. They teach people to be closed-minded and just accept the teachings that evolutionists give you.

10 REASONS EVOLUTION IS WRONG is good for the open-minded to understand why evolution is wrong. You might have some trouble with that.

How can anything come to life if it is dead? While laughing at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they believe in a resurrection of all life from nothing! Tsk, tsk.

The evolutionists probably believe in some kind of "New Math" because they can take nothing and come up with, not only one, but literally thousands and thousands of life forms on the earth! Pure, rabid, blind, faith.
Evolution has actually been laughed at. It is ridiculous, fanciful, and leaves a lot unexplained. It gives non-reasoning substances the power to amend themselves. It gives what is non-living the ability to create things more complicated than itself, apart from a brain. As you know, things in life tend to go downhill without human intervention. But evolution suggests things arranging themselves, making themselves better, and creating a stable unity between everything. Watch your socks slide down your leg if you don't pull them up. Watch your hair get nappy if you don't comb it. Watch your teeth rot if you don't clean them. Watch your ceiling in your house leak if you don't maintain it. Watch your weeds in your garden take over all the good plants if you don't weed your garden. You are a good witness to the tending disunity and disorder natural things pose to follow. Evolution, pulling all things together into unity and establishing such complicated things is merely an episode on Disney's fantasy movies.

I agree.
But look at all the proof
No proof. None, whatsoever. The homo erectus fable is fiction. Cavelike "men" found, were either some type of animal, or some deformed humans. No evolution. When you look at this world, a lot of things seem like they line up in order with other things. For example, planets are round like my head is. I could then draw the conclusion that planets are people's heads. That's all evolution is. It is strange, broad, irrational , and disconnected conjectures made up from a mind full of hatred for God. Without evolution, many things are unexplainable
Evolutionists say that evolution explains many things. They say that it explains why your hands look closely like bats' hands on their wings. Why? Because we evolved from a species that bats likewise evolved from? Why do fireflies glow? They are a type of sun. That is just as logical as evolution. Bat's are made the way they are simply because God made them that way. Humans are made the way they are because God wanted them to be made this way. Any similarities are simply similarities, not evidence of identical ancestors. There are many coincidences in nature. Everything doesn't have to be connected. In fact, connected things up was always behind fables such as superstition and witchcraft. It is superstitious to believe that monkeys with backs like humans evolved from the same forms humans evolved from. That's crazy, and is a brazen comparison. Things are not always so connected. Scientists need to learn that there are coincidences in nature too.

Sigh, no wonder most are not evolutionists. Einstein strongly opposed it. See Hank Hanegraaf's evolution book.

But my hands look so much like a monkey's
Your reasoning does too. Similarities don't always mean anything. It is the weak of mind, and the superstitious who have to always link all things together. Why can't we just settle with the fact that God made the monkey like the way it is, and made us like the way we are?

I don't agree with evolution, but I believe people have the right to choose
Students shouldn't be exposed to both evolution and creationism in order to allow them to choose whichever they want to believe in. That's about like making a math book that teaches that 5+5 = 32, 8 x 3 = 90, etc. and then giving students the right to choose between that book and a book which had the correct answers. Evolution, being erroneous, should simply be recognized as such, and expelled from curriculum. Students should can understand bats' wing design, monkeys, cell biology, fish lateral lines, deoxyribonucleic acid, etc. all from the simple knowledge that God made them. Students who want to quibble about this can be suspended or whatever, for introducing satanic religion in public facilities. We have enough deception in the world. Allowing people to choose deception is a perfect way to destroy the peace most people call themselves advocates of.

Good websites for the open-minded.

Evolution is wrong and deceptive

The truth towers your website easily. Hurts, doesn't it?

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds by Phillip E. Johnson. Caution! Requires thinking, atheist.

Evolution:The Lie by Ken Ham. Title says it all.

The Face That Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution by Hank Hanegraaf. Shows the weak arguments evolutionists use.

Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson. Yes, he wrote two to prove evolution wrong again.

What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs by Ken Ham. It's in a preschool level, so brace yourself. I can explain the sentences for you if you need.

Smart people avoid evolution. Einstein did. Ever wonder why?


Plenty wrong.

50 Scientific Reasons Evolution is Wrong! - Dave Nutting Scientist

"Everybody needs this information. Once a confused atheist, Dave shuts the door on evolution. A must-see video that makes you want to laugh at the absurd basis of evolution. This presentation is witty, articulate, and uses only scientific fact. "

Haven't read it, but I think you get the point.

Proof evolution is wrong! (Oh, suck it up you big baby)

Evolution is a religion. It takes more faith to believe it than to believe in God! See Ken Ham's book, Evolution:The Lie.

Evolution: Science Says No

You read it right, no need to pinch yourself. The point is not only to show you why evolution is false, but why God is as real as the pc you're looking at. But like a good little atheist you'd probably just skip that part, wouldn't you?
Are Evolution and Creation Compatible?

Oh, by the way, the answer's no.

It is a whole lot easier to believe a God created all of this precision in the universe, diversity of life, and with such intricate design, than to believe a typhoon could create a Mercedes by blowing through a junk yard.

Why do people choose to believe in theistic evolution? First, no doubt many believe in theistic evolution because they feel that the evidence for organic evolution actually having occurred is just too strong to ignore. Nobel laureate George W. Beadle put it this way:

One must accept all of evolution or none. And the evidence for organic evolution is overwhelmingly convincing.... [B]elief in evolution, including the spontaneous origin of life from non-living antecedents, need in no way conflict with religion (as quoted in Buffaloe, 1969, pp. 17,20,21).

There are flaws, no doubt. Yet people say it is a theory and a fact to them. They know there is something wrong with it but they still want to accept it.

I'll get back to you on the questions evolutionists can't answer, if you haven't gotten a heart attack from the harsh dose of reality up above.

-Open-minded thinker and lover of the Truth

From: adsf fsdg

IF the previous email wasn't enough to convince you, congratulations! You're closed-minded.

There is no hope unless you start thinking about why open-minded people won't believe you and see why.

As an added-bonus, I've decided to help you one more time!

Creation evidence Museum (Name says it all)

Here are the questions evolutionists cannot answer LOGICALLY. Sometimes they are responded with "#$*@ you, evolution is a fact!" Uh, sorry, it isn't.

Question: How can anything come to life if it is dead? While laughing at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they believe in a resurrection of all life from nothing! Tsk, tsk.

Question: Better yet, can anything come to life of itself when it never was?

Question: How can an explosion create anything but chaos?

Question: Are you saying a gigantic explosion will not kill?

Question: Do you really expect me to believe an explosion was the deciding factor in the creation of life? I thought explosions, of the magnitude that would send planets flying through the universe, would kill life, not create it!

Question: Before the gas cloud exploded [Gas becoming billions of tons of rocks?] how did it form? The gas had to have a beginning, didn't it?

Question: If it came from nothing how can something come from nothing? Isn't that faith?

Question: When you have faith don't you have a religion?

Question: How can 0 + 0 equal life when it does not even equal one? If it did equal one then how can one female produce offspring? Okay, how could one male produce offspring? Oh, a single cell became two? Then somewhere along the evolutionary trail you had to have male and female.

Question: Which one came first, the male or the female? How could one male produce? How could just one female produce? If evolution is correct then somewhere in history there had to be just one whale, one monkey, one lizard, right? Was that one, a male or female?

Question: Do both fish and man have eyes because man evolved from a fish or because both man and fish needed to see, in order to fulfill their intended creative purpose?

If by some miracle you actually answer these correctly and logically, I'm an evolutionist. If not, sorry, evolution lost.

Fact: Darwin stopped believing in his own theory in his deathbed.

Evolutionists don't want to think about this and can't explain why. Evolutionists just don't want to think, since it hurts too much to accept the fact that a creator made that complex earth you and I live in.

With simple, basic, reasoning we can see that evolution has more than a few major problems!

What about me? No problem. I claim to have faith in a God that created everything from nothing. Where did God come from? I do not know. I believe by faith! Isn't that what the evolutionists believe by, faith? It is a whole lot easier to believe a God created all of this precision in the universe, diversity of life, and with such intricate design, than to believe a typhoon could create a Mercedes by blowing through a junk yard!

Let us suppose that somehow modern scientists did produce life or a totally different species. Would that not prove that there was a hand guiding and controlling the creation? Yes, it would prove that it had to be created and could not evolve of itself from dead matter! They would succeed in only proving Creation to be true!

Many who believe in evolution insist that since Creation [God creating everything] cannot be proven, cannot be demonstrated, cannot be observed, and has not been witnessed by human observers, that Creation should be refused consideration.

They fail to see that evolution also fails to meet all of these criteria. For example it is obvious that there were no humans living long enough to observe the evolutionary changes that they claim should have taken place. Evolution has never been demonstrated in a laboratory and never will be because of the time, they themselves say, that is required for natural selection to occur. It is obvious that there were no human observers to witness the creation of the natural universe or the beginning, whatever that is to an evolutionist. No one has ever observed an amphibian turning into an ape or any other creature. Yes, evolution has been put forward as a fact when it actually requires more faith than it does to believe, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." [Genesis 1:1].

Even Dr. Theodosius Dobzhansky, who is totally committed to faith in evolution has said, "Evolution has not been witnessed by human observers."

Sorry if you won't accept the truth even after all this logical information. Like I said, if this doesn't convince, there is simpley no hope, and it isn't worth my time to lecture you about the Truth any more.

Oh, suck it up you big baby. Can you say "cut and paste" ?

review written by Franc, 07/2003.

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