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"Mr. Classified"

"Mr. Classified" is so mad that we reviewed Psipog, that he sent us this long, rambling email. Because of this length, I kept my answers as short as possible. Enjoy.

From Mr. Classified (
Subject : I dare to do what others will not...try to reason with you.

Ok, before I begin, I just want to say that I do not appreciate being called a crackpot and being used as a source of entertainment, though I doubt that'll phase you.
I'm a member of psipog. I'm in the process of trying to prove that 'psionics' is real to myself. I'm sure you wouldn't care for all the details. I was going to say almost all the same stuff that "James !" said, but he did it for me and it didn't seem to work. But there are things he left out.
The first thing you said in response is that we are suckered into 'things like that'. We are not stupid. This is not a cult site or anything like that, and I don't know whether you read the articles, but there's one covering that. You also said that you are not aware of any scientific research showing it exists, but it is there. But on to more important points.
He seemed very persistent in saying that the government is really trying to further the cause of science and called you a conspiracy theorist. I've seen(heard of) many scientific researchers who studied psionics a whole lot! I can't give you a link to all of them, but you don't care, so that's out of the question. One article on psipog cited a scientist who determined that the odds of all this psychic stuff being a hoax is something like 800,600,000 to 1. I have got to go check that out to see if it's scientifically valid. But the reason I joined psipog is to do reseach and make discoveries about this just like everyone else who claim to have proven it to themselves. We have no proof, thus I guess no argument, I'll give ya that.
You keep saying there is no public service in psipog. With all do respect, you don't know what you're talking about. The site is for people who have proven that they have psionic skills to themselves and seek the guidance of people who have more experience.
I'm not gonna go off on you about how your website design is "unproffesional" or anything, because it doesn't matter. I looked at other parts of your site and liked them. I find most of the stuff you do is actually entertaining. I just wished you could treat us like real people, you know, think that maybe it's possible we're sane. I once was like you, because I thought most of the same things about the paranormal. However, based on the information I read on sites like these and the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH I found, I questioned those beliefs. Now I am trying to do Telekinesis. But with that same mindset. Aren't you just as stubborn in believing unscientific things as creationists?
And I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but when James ! said that the folks at psipog don't ram it into the ground, he was completely right. I bet you saw the home site link saying "PSIPOG: science is evolving" and shrieked with joy thinking that you have found another great source of enetertainment. You will undoubtedly post this on you site with some witty title dismissing my intelligence and sanity, and frankly, I'm very insulted.
The last thing I'm going to say is that members of psipog do not fall under the category of 'crackpot' based on your infrequently asked questions. I'd say that our position is not exactly humorous, but that's up to all the rest of the people who visit this site. We are not completely ridiculous. We are doing our best to make sense of the stuff we can do. We try to understand it like scientists. Our minds are not demented at all. I said, just like more than half of the members, that I was once like you. I had the same views, opinions, and beliefs as you. I don't object to you making fun of Christians, because(and I say this lightly) their views are not based on ANYTHING scientific. And we don't hate homosexuals. Last but not least, we do not believe in anything absurd. However I don't think I'm going to say that again because that is the most difficult thing of all to try to convince of people like you.
If you do nothing else, please move psipog out of your how-to directory, because these are highly experimental abilities and no one can teach it from A to Z. Even the people who are good at it are very confused as to how it could possibly work. But what I really want from you is the respect you'd give a normal, sane person. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE. And If you just shrug me off like evryone else, I'm NOT going to keep trying to convince you of anything, because I'd be too insulted. Sorry to waste your time.

If you were scientists, a simple controlled experiment would settle the issue once and for all, and Psipog fanboys wouldn't be emailing us to whine every month.

So I think I speak for both of us when I say "whatever, crackpot".

I guess you don't have the capacity for respect. But I'm glad to hear that there are others trying to reason with you(not whine). But what defines a scientist?

People like you believe first, then see. Scientists see first, then believe.
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