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"h.r. fox"

"h.r. fox" is a big fan of suffocating little kids under blankets. Hey, we all need an evil murderous hobby I guess.

From h.r. fox (

Hello from Switzerland!

on your site:

you said:

"...For those who don't know, rebirthing is a quack therapy where the patient is wrapped in a sheet or smothered in blankets, with only one small opening, and people pressing down on you to prevent you from leaving anywhere but thru the opening. This is supposed to make you emerge re-born, like a baby. Yes. It's not surprising that she reports that some of her patients "express anger"..."

I am very sorry to inform you that this is utter nonsense. Rebirthing is a highly effective therapy and people are NOT "smothered in blankets with only one small opening..."

see this:

(scroll down to Rebirthing)

with best regards

I do understand that not all rebirthing practices involve the wrapping up process. Another term for this kind of practice is "attachment therapy." My source was here:
and here:

As far as sheets and blankets go, I am not surprised that the practice does not have any industry standards. One practitioner might want to try something in a bathtub, while another might feel more comfortable smothering in a more traditional way. However, as I read the testimonials on the site, I am not ready to endorse the claims of the practice of lots of deep breathing.

I need to see something better than an anonymous testimony like this, from another section of the page:

"I experienced 100%, TOTAL RECOVERY, 3 times, each time for a few hours with this magic potion...!
Far InfraRed sauna, Rebirthing, Psilocybin, Salvia Divinorum, Magnetic field therapy. And what doesn't work."

Magic potion? For all I know, this person says that rebirthing doesn't work. For all that testimonial pages are worth. Testimonials on advertising pages are generally worth a good laugh. But this testimonial said nothing convincing. I don't know what "magic potion" he or she took, but if she actually experienced 100% recovery, she would have experienced it ONCE, not "THREE TIMES." And for "A FEW HOURS." That would not be recovery.

What does this nostrum cure 100% each and every time? "Brain Fog." Miraculous. Personally, I think that being stricken with brain fog coorelates very well with undergoing such therapies.

What else?

"general malaise."

How about a nice walk in the park? A chocolate bar?

It's interesting to see that folks feel they must ingest Magic Mushrooms to enhance the effects of rebirthing. I'm sure it can cure "malaise," but I'm not too convinced about the Brain Frog, I mean fog. Personally, if I were to drink the Magic Tea, I wouldn't want a rebirthing practitioner anywhere near me. It would all be too funny.

In closing, I propose that the word "Rebirthing" be replaced permanently with the alternate rebirthing term, "Vivation." It fits snugly along with many nineteenth-century Medicine-Show treatments such as Fletcherism, Phrenology, Physiognomy, and "Colonic Hydrotherapy"

Finally, I read this glowing endorsement:

"Success depends on how long I do it. Sometimes I give up after 15 minutes, as I get too tired, or my body gets to tense.
However, it is supposed to take up to 1 hour or even more -
the longer you do it, the greater the release and integration of the suppressed 'stuff'!

Most of the time you will feel just wonderful after the process.
The longer you do it, the better"

That sounds like an endorsement of a struggling "Quickstar Independant Business Owner." "It's not helping now, in fact it's hurting me, but I'm told I'll soon be rich."

Thanks for the link.


From h.r. fox (



I found:
"...An autopsy report, released Friday by the Jefferson County coroner's office, also revealed the child was on two psychotropic drugs..."

This could have caused the death of the young girl!

Of course, this:"...last month after being wrapped in a flannel blanket and placed under a pile of
pillows..." is not rebirthing, but a horrible act of ignorance. The therapist is under most circumstances NOT supposed to even touch the client!



So why does the site you sent to me recommend combining rebirthing with psychotropic drugs?

From h.r. fox (

Hello Alison!

you are absolutely right!

I think something with is fishy, or just crazy.
You should probably put it on your very interesting

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