Alleee and Franc's

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Welcome to Reader Mail

Mail, mail, we've got mail. Apparently some people don't like us ! Imagine that.

Here are the sagas of...

adsf fsdg does not like Inherit the Wind, or evolution.

Russell E. Rierson wants to tell us about diffeomorphism.

James ! (born with no last name, I presume) thinks we shouldn't laugh at Psipog, because they really do have paranormal powers. Oh, ok...

sydneydelaney likes John Edwards, and may be on drugs.

"taylor kalin" wants to tell us that we are going to Hell. No duh.

Cherly thinks psychological manipulation is a Christian thing. Wait.. it is !

FM the Prophet wants to come to Montreal to prove his prophet-hood.

Simone may have mind-reading powers.

Shemp is just another Psipog fan trying to set us straight.

Sweet Lorraine is concerned that we are promoting Pro-Anorexia Sites, and also that we aren't aware of "True tm Christianity."

For once, not a hate mail, but Ralph wanted to give us a heads-up.

"Mr. Classified", Psipog idiot, wants to know what a scientist is.

"h.r. fox"wants to tell us a thing or two about rebirthing.

John Visser likes to play with pretend hand grenades.

Marc K. is a cryptic bastard.