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Marc K. loves microvita so much that he owns his own site about it. And he likes to be cryptic.
NOTE: Marc has asked me to remove all his personal information from this page. Since the information is not important to this page, I have done so. But don't expect me to do this for everyone.

From Marc K.

do you think there are people, like you, who are able to understand things so easily that they can differentiate that right from wrong and still feel content about it, knowing that maybe, they act on impulses that have or have nor been carefully objectified?

That's a whopper of a question. Can you subdivide this in sub-questions of equal length and complexity, with all underlying premises listed, numbered and justified ? Preferably "all in a row". Thanks.

But if you need to know, yes, I feel pretty content about being able to differentiate right from wrong. But I may not be the best judge of contentment, as I still feel content about beating "King Hippo" when I play "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!"

From Marc K.

Hello Francois,
Thank you for your reply.
You are a humourous man, obviously.
I maintain the website for Microvita Research and you had a link on it.
Didnīt your site host a more, so to say, respectful article on microvita in the past?
I mean, I do not care if people examine things in their way, and part of me really appreciates such a thing, but as the site is supposed to be kind of representative for the concept of microvita as proposed by P.R. Sarkar, of course, I cannot link to the article that you host now.
Actually there are some interesting aspects of hosting a site like this. For example that you get in contact with and hear from many different kind of people, who in some way or the other feel attracted or repelled by the idea.
My purpose here, in that microvita website, is to inspire people to assume new stances, consume a perspective, that may in some way or the other provoke a new way of thinking.
To rebunk a concepts alltogether and compare it with other things only for the sake of destructing the possibility that there could be something useful in it, is, in my opinion, not so helpful, nevertheless, it takes some of the possible seriousness around it away.
You know, I think that in the future, people will, feel for themselves what is truth and be more and more independent of what others say. Yet in this time, there are alway people who, like guardians or parents, feel responsible for the correct depicting of certain facts and ideas, so that, in order for others to learn correctly, that particular information may be understood in its original form.

Yours friendly,

For your interest and to have a bite on something else, have you ever heard of Sacred Geometry?

Well said, sir, well said ! I applaud your boundless courage.

I am not aware of having hosted any respectful article about anything on Insolitology. If you find any such entry, please tell me immediately so I can delete it. That's just not what we're about !

As for Sacred Geometry, I hate it as much as I do Profane Geometry. However, I like that the answer to any question of Sacred Geometry is "God did it". Makes that final exam really easy, if you ask me.

From Marc K.


although not entirely correct
the right answer in sacred geometry
most of the time is
1.61800, phi
to emerge
from a sea of seemingly
random waves

god is good 2

ö Ö :O)

I couldn't have put it better.

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