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Shemp was one of the Three Stooges. This guy is not nearly as much of a nincompoop, he just wants to email me out of the blue to tell me I'm an idiot. Civility is such a lost quality these days. What the fuck happened to "hello" ?

From Shemp (

Wow, you're really stupid.

An interesting statement. Does it have a foundation or goal ? Or are you in the habit of randomly emailing people to tell them they are stupid ?

From Shemp (

I'm just letting you know that you are stupid because you insult things that you don't even understand and don't even bother to see it from another perspective. You just jump right in and make fun of everything, taking care to act like an idiot in order to make it seem funny, when really it's not.

I assume this is a reference to our web site Insolitology ?

If so, let me assure you that I do understand the things I laugh about, but you are correct that I don't bother seeing it from the perspective of the crackpots we laugh at. I wouldn't pretend nearly enough mental agility to understand what goes on in the head of Gene Ray, or Alex Chiu, or Prince Leopold. Then again, who would ?

As for not being funny, well, that's another cheap assertion. Plenty of people think we're funny. As we say in french, all tastes are in nature.

By the way, which crackpot contingent do you belong to ? Are you a Psipog fan ? I'm guessing that because most of our complaints seem to come from that quarter.

From Shemp (

Well first of all, I'm not a fan of psipog, but it makes much more sense than fucking a dolphin. Some people think there is a mental energy that we can control known as "psychics." What really is going on here is the manipulation of electromagnetic spectra through an action potential. Similar to the way a prosthetic arm works, except more primitive. An electromagnetic signal (similar to the way a neuron in the hippocampus works) pulses through the PNS or CNS and interacts with an environment.) No, it is not a gaseous liquid, but it is a summation of kinetic energy caused by the body's metabolism (which I assume you know does not only have to do with the digestive tract.) (By the way, you do point out some weird crap out there.) I am not a psychic freak in the sense of "clairvoyants" "eternal mental crap or whatever that asian dude was rambling about." I'm talking about the true energy as in the "ability to do work." (You can't respond to that card trick, none of the original cards appeared on the next page, not really that difficult, but some of the answers you got back scare me.) Now, you seem to find the subject of a psiball to be humourous. Well, a psiball is a mental focus of your PNS, which heightens the sensitivity of certain mechanoreceptors in the hands, thus making people feel like a "psychic force" is there. (I'm totally an atheist.) A psiball does give off magnetic properties, appearing to lie in a range close to the infrared area, probably why some people claim it to feel "hot" or something. There are some "psychic phenomena" that seem to get more attention than others. Yes, I do know about those scammers who give free palm readings with your first three seances, you and both know that they are bull shit. But a subconscious calculation of probability and statistics practiced over time is what some bullshitters come to call "precognition" in which case, they try to guess things that would happen in the future. Back to the psiball thing. When someone says that they are trying to move an object with energy, that is "all around them" they don't have a clue what the hell they are saying. Yes, it is true that we are all made of a relatively slow form of energy that is clumped together and is moving at the same speed of all that surrounds it. To actually "become" this energy as some "buy my book" bastards claim would require more energy than an electrochemical nervous system could dish out. We would need to be moving at the speed of light in order to do so. (I'm not sure if you believe Einstein or not, you mention it so much it can get confusing who's side you're on.) Anyway, the human mind and nervous system can manipulate this electromagnetic energy with practice, but there is no way anyone could do extreme feats like those liars out there who just decide to put on a facade and give a true psychoanalysis a bad name. I can explain further into detail the science, or physics behind this (not in a way that's complete bull shit formulas) later, but not now, because it's 4:12 in the morning.

Wow, you explained that very clearly. Thanks for the mail, I'm sure all our readers are enlightened now.

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