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Oh no, we've been found out !

From Simone (


I took a look at your website and found it entertaining...I always get off when I come across sites like yours written by people pompously portending intellectual superiority yet dedicating their precious time and attention to mocking others.

What makes you different, as materialists, in your hard belief that all there is to know about reality is known by you than those Christians who claim the same infallibility of their ‘truth’? There was a descriptor on your site describing a “quack” as having no understanding of black holes. This is rich considering the worlds leading cosmologists and physicist do not understand them either.

Take a look here

Isn't the world big enough to live and let life without needing to be ‘teacher’ through means of degradation?

Awaiting your clever and snappy response


Apparently you have discovered that one secret page on our site where we talk about our infallibility. Also, I agree that black holes are absolutely mysterious, and are probably made by ectoplasm coming from the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard (who, as you know, is not dead but is a free-floating thetan going around in the universe).

Given your mind-reading powers, I would like you to give me the 6-49 lottery numbers for next monday. I know you guys don't do that because you don't want to taint your powers with mere money, but I'll give you some notoriety on our web site instead.

Looking forward to biiiiig money in my immediate future,

Snappy the Clam

What do scientology and psychic ability have to do with my original email that you responded with this baloney? I am neither a scientologist nor do I have mental powers to brag of, other than the ability to see hypocrisy.


You have the ability to see hypocrisy ? That's marvelous ! Does it work on people who claim that another person thinks something when they know nothing about that other person ? Please advise.

For most people in the world, atheism is an extreme world view. To be agnostic is to be a little more giving and open minded since though there is no proof of spiritual reality, there is also no proof it cannot exist. In fact, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that it does, at least in peoples own mind which is the fundamental argument of personal/subjective/spiritual reality – reality is what one perceives to be true.

As a person with an extreme perspective, you find people on the internet with extreme perspectives opposite of yours to make fun of and label crazy. That’s hypocrisy.

Please explain exactly how we are hypocrites for laughing at people we consider crazy. Wouldn't it be hypocrite to praise people we think are crazy, or to laugh at people we agree with ?

Apparently you don't quite understand the purpose of this site. Do you send email to PETA to tell them they're hypocrites to protest against animal testing, or to Fred Phelps to tell him that he's a hypocrite to picket gay funerals ?

Honestly, I think you're self-righteous with nothing else to do but complain to people you disagree with. You might want to get help for that. Bring actual, scientific evidence for the beliefs of anyone on this site and we'll take the page down - or better yet, get on James Randi's million dollar prize and stop bothering us.

To laugh at others extreme beliefs when our own belies are also extreme is hypocrisy. I'm not judging – nor am I self-righteous. On your website, it states comments are welcome. Regarding James Randi –You may enjoy the following: [long and pointless article about the Amazing Meeting 3 deleted]

Please, do tell us what beliefs we hold at Insolitology. This should be amusing.

(if you don't want to look like a complete idiot, remember that you are addressing people about which you know almost nothing about)

I can only say that you are atheists with a good sense of humor. I don’t agree with degrading people for their beliefs but I did enjoy your descriptors.

To my knowledge, atheism is a belief. There is no proof, scientific or otherwise, to support atheism – just as there is no proof to support angels and/or god.

There is a saying - To the believer, no explanation is necessary. To the skeptic, no explanation valid.

A little about me – I was agnostic until a spontaneous personal experience ‘proved’ to me spiritual reality exists. I think spiritual reality can only be known experientially. If you have ever taken mushrooms or LSD or even pot – perception of reality is altered. When the chemical balance of the brain is ‘adjusted’, perception drastically small change and we see things in a totally different way. By the way, my spiritual experience was not brought on by chemicals...I mention the drugs to make a point of how delicate personal reality is.

Objective reality has nothing to do with personal experience. Which is more important in the grand scheme of things? For example – there is no scientific proof that love exists yet you and your wife Alison must love one another, no? This reality, this knowing of being a couple in love is real to you both because you feel it/experience it. It’s bold to say that what one experiences is not real unless it can be proven, measured, tested.

"For example – there is no scientific proof that love exists yet you and your wife Alison must love one another, no? This reality, this knowing of being a couple in love is real to you both because you feel it/experience it."

Apparently you don't seem to understand what science is. Science is based on observation and testing. As you said, we observe our own emotions and can measure them using medical instruments such as EEG. We don't need to "test" the fact that we have love because it's directly observable. Your coy little attempt to refute our "beliefs" has failed, I'm afraid.

Simone, Simone, Simone. You've had a good joyride on our site explaining exactly how self-righteous you are. But unless you give us an example of our "extreme beliefs", I'm afraid I'm going to have to close your file. You're going to have to find someone else to strenuously argue with.

Okay – have a good one!

Love is experienced, how one behaves when they are feeling it is observable. Let me ask you this – when you fell in love, did you observe a warm and fuzzy feeling and classify it as love or did you feel love? In my own experiences, I realized I was in love so the emotion came before conscious recognition.

EEG shows the electrical impulses of the brain – nothing more, nothing less. But – then again, I know nothing about science.

Also, your extreme beliefs are self-evident, I don’t need to prove them. Atheism is not a mainstream belief. I'm not saying its right or wrong - I'm saying atheism is to the far right as much as telepathic communication with angels and aliens is to the far left.


"your extreme beliefs are self-evident"

Spoken like a true crackpot. Your case is closed and your goose is cooked. Have fun finding other targets to inflict yourself on.

Alleee's response:
Here's Simone: "I know that your beliefs are extreme because I took psychedelics and caused my brain to free-associate, and messed with my religious center in my temporal lobe. People with minority opinions shouldn't be allowed to criticize anything."

Thanks, Simone. You are indeed very wise. I wonder how many people need to be atheists before it's ok for me to give the thumbs-down on that awful movie, Alphaville?

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