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Welcome to Organized Oddity

Crackpots are not just dangerous loners : they also assemble in organisations and cults for strength and protection. We review some of their herds here.

Pages after pages of straight lunacy about SPACE ALIENS, JESUS, CROP CIRCLES, and everything else. Make a sanity roll first !

A geek's dream : computer programs that can give you ANYTHING you want. "UNLOCK THE SECRET OF WEALTH, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, LOVE OR USE IT FOR REVENGE" !

The cult of Scientology part 1, part 2
Or : "how to manufacture a SHITLOAD of crappy sites to take over the Internet". Find your way thru the maze and ENTERTAIN yourself at the same time.
Other page hosted here : Censored by Scientology lawyers !

The cult of Summum
A religion started by an ex-Mormon, based on drinking, sex, REINCARNATION, and the weirdest beliefs this side of HALE-BOPP.

Voodoo Magick Box
Sure, it might be an ILLEGAL DRUG, and we have to SPAM to sell it, but market it for SEX and it cannot fail.

Bio-Resonant T-Shirts
Did you know your AURA can be changed by WEIRD T-SHIRTS ? Yes ! REALIGN your aura and make everyone else DIZZY.