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Bioresonant T-Shirts

people with BioRes t-shirts Look to your right. Do these t-shirts seem sane to you ? No, they're a horrible cacaphony of colours and forms. But look closer. Do you feel your aura changing ? Like just looking at this t-shirt is revitalizing you ? Welcome to the world of Bioresonance, where auras and Kirlian effects are real.


Bioresonant clothing seeks to exploit an astonishing new theory in bio-physics: that the information exchange in human consciousness can be directly influenced and enhanced by vibrations of Light, that we call colors.

Tom Chalko had an idea. Since colours can appease or stress us, why not take this one step further ? Why not use a lot of colours on a t-shirt and sell it as a calming device ? Hey, why not throw in auras at the same time, so it sells better ? This, my friends, is the kind of reasoning that gives you a permanent place on Insolitology, and perhaps a few mental defects.

bio-energy chart The graphic to the left is everywhere on this web site. There is a Russian professor called Korotkov, you see, who invented a new instrument, called Gas Discharge Visualisation, that measures "stimulated electro-photonic emissions". Yes, it says that on the page : it's somewhat difficult to figure out if you're reading about t-shirts or Star Trek sometimes.

For more very very scientific information about Gas Discharge Visualisation, consult the web site of Korotkov himself. For those who need Cliff's Notes, the GDV is nothing more than a "scientific" version of the Kirlian Effect, debunked by scientists as due to the conductivity of humidity on the apparatus. And if it does measure nerve impulses, or something of the sort, then why does the "[e]lectrophotonic glow around objects which are NOT alive, seems almost constant", when it should not have any glow at all ? But pseudo-science or not, it must be true because it's on a web site.

Now mix with this Chalko's crackpot idea that our consciousness is encoded in our "bio-energetic patterns", and that changes in one's pattern can affect another's pattern, mix vigorously, and you get this :

From our tests it seems that:
1. Near-monochromatic colours seem to have the strongest positive effect on human electro-photonic glow
2. A CHANGE of wavelengths seems to be more effective than any particular wavelength
3. The most effective seem to be certain harmonious multi-wavelength interference patterns that contain near-monochromatic reflectors in a wide range of wavelengths from near infrared to UV.
4. Interference patterns that match the main meridian (chakra) frequencies along the human body seem to produce the most repeatable, systematic and coherent results.

They try to confirm their discovery by saying that bright coloured clothes have played important roles in the past. Yes, but I don't recall seeing any confused zig-zagging of primary colours in my history books.

In the "The Story" section, we learn more about Chalko. We learn that in 1990 he has founded a research society called "Scientific Engineering Research Pty Ltd" (more about this at the end). In 1995, he cured from an "incurable disease" (what a paradox) and wrote a book about it called "The Joy of Perfect Health". After this, he realized that, while his whole idea of art as healing was just peachy, the area of visual resonance was not as explored as auditory resonance. The result of his meeting with Korotkov and his subsequent dabbling in Kirlian Effects was "portable bio-resonators" - t-shirts that look funny.

Chalko wearing t-shirt Now we learn from Chalko that :

Bioresonant garments have gained worldwide acceptance. People on all continents enjoy wearing them. Independent University research projects seem to confirm the bio-resonant effect.
"Experiment with your bio-resonant Shirt - and discover the difference yourself" says Dr Chalko.

This "difference" would presumably entail getting laughed at by your peers, losing your job, and having little children cover their eyes at your approach.

Have I mentioned that in the FAQ, acupuncture also gets thrown into the mix ?

Do I need to look at my shirt to achieve bioresonance? Bio-electrography measurements seem to suggest, that the most significant, and the most effective is what we wear directly on our skin. Worn on the skin, bio-resonant clothing seems to provide a continuous "color acupuncture" to our body. Since "spectral mirrors" on bio-resonant fabric interact directly with our body, they work equally efficiently during the day, night, or even when people are blindfolded, which has been confirmed by bio-electrography.

Hmmm ! Personally, I perfer to keep spectral mirrors to give as presents to undead members of the family (like Uncle Persey, who is pretty lethargic). But to each his own. The web site itself, you will note, is VERY repetitive. Each page just repeats the same few key concepts over and over. It just keeps recycling itself and talking about how colours affect our mood and how the Kirlian Effect tells everything about our health and how all living things have bio-energy and... well, you get the idea.

One section that is original, however, is the Feedback page. There we get such scintillating testimonies as :

I can feel all my cells vibrating more intensely, and in particular chi current is stronger. After two days and nights I had to take the Shirt off on the third night, to get some rest from the intensity of the energy. I have it on again now as I have a lot of work to do at the centre. Shannon, SUMA Ching Hai Meditation Centre, Brisbane, Australia, Jan. 1998
When I put my Auric Shirt on for the first time, I felt like crying from sensations impossible to explain. When George and I hugged while both of us were wearing our shirts, we both felt incredible energy and warmth. I feel a wonderful sense of calm, warmth, with a slight chill, though not cold. I feel more spiritually connected. I don't want to take it off ! Marie M, Hartford, CT, USA, 13 Feb. 1997

Hmmmm ! Isn't that something ! I'm convinced now. Give me one of them purty t-shirts so I can scare the dogs ! It is almost shameful to review this site, because the pseudo-science and nonsense piles so high, but it has to be done. We're not Insolitologists for nothing, after all.

Scientific Engineering Research

An organisation with perhaps the most vague name in history, manned by Chalko, with its "research division" being a couple of links to his BioResonant web site and papers he wrote while on drugs. There you can also read about software like the"Turbine-Pak", which is a "Linearized vibration analysis of non-linear multi-bearing rotor systems with comprehensive hydrodynamic bearing support".

Also visit the "Self Healing Centre", which is only a list of worshops that Chalko and his partner in crime sell. I'm sure they are quite enlightening, with such subjects as "How to See and Read Auras: Seeing is Believing" and "Exploring the Purpose of Existence". If only I lived in Melbourne, Australia...

review written by Franc, 07/2002.