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The Millenium of Reconcilliation

In the fall of 1975, Claude Rex Nowell began to have a series of encounters with highly intelligent beings who he now refers to as the Summa Individuals. He describes them as beings who untiringly work the pathways of spiritual evolution, and who were referred to as the "Neters" in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. During his encounters, he received instructions concerning the underlying principles (Laws of Nature) which establish and maintain the universe. During these same encounters, the Summa Individuals would change his name to:
Summum Bonum (Amon) Ra

and hence goes by Amen. Soon after his initial experience, Amen founded a non-profit organization, giving it the name "Summum," a Latin term meaning "the sum total of all creation." The principles introduced to him were described as a "neverending story" and form the foundation for the philosophy of Summum. They are nothing new and have always existed. As an eternal work, these principles were presented to Amen who in 1980, would legally change his name to Summum Bonum Amon Ra for governmental purposes and to reflect his spiritual path.

UPDATE! I don't have many beliefs, I admit. One belief I actually DO have is the belief that nothing is sacred, especially religion. That being said, I received another letter from Corky today, in my inbox, with the threat that he would use a whole bunch of Summuum's money to sue me, and the complaint that we are "abusing" Summuum. The following is said "abuse," which, as you can see, comes almost exclusively from the Sumuum site as it was 5 frigging years ago.

I haven't thought much about Sumuum since then. To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about Insolitology, either. But since I'm here, I guess I'll have to remind everyone that this site is entirely non-profit, and comepletely, 100% educational. We have made exactly minus many, many hundreds of dollars from this and our other websites, over the years. Hence, I remind the sue-happy cult leaders of the world of the concept of "Fair Use." Now, on to the abuse.

Divine LogoSummum Philosophy
Claude Rex Amen "Corky" Ra Nowell has balls. Not only does his philosophy use the symbol at left, but his temple, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a big, shiny pyramid.

Summum Pyramid The pyramid, which is about 40 feet wide and 26 feet tall, and is built on "Phi proportions," is "aligned with true north of the Earth, allowing the sides of the pyramid to face the cardinal points of the universe. Within the apex and four corners of the pyramid rest large Brazilian quartz crystals. These crystals are cut in precise shapes and tuned (programmed) to specific frequencies. This creates a highly sophisticated resonant chamber which in turn energizes the pyramid through the operative Neter forces."

If you wish to stop by the pyramid at 707 Genesee Avenue in Salt Lake City (801) 355-0137 (the website says you're entirely welcome), you will see a lot of egyptian stuff, some sarcophagi, mummified cats and dogs, casks of fermenting wine, several futons grouped together for discussion and classes, an altar (typical with candles and flowers) and some new-agey people; bare-footed, mostly middle-aged, and probably drinking wine.

Summum Beliefs

The Summa Individuals
Okay. The aliens, or whatever they were, didn't look much like Kodos here. But they were blue and smooth and naked. That's pretty weird. They took him to a nicely-manicured lawn with a big pyramid on it. They explained to him the secrets of the universe, such as, oh, I don't know....God masturbated the Big Bang.

Nectar "Publications"
It's just wine. But it's meditated upon so drinking it will transmit Divine Information to your bloodstream; for you can't just believe concepts, you have to know them. Unfortunately, these wines can only be drunk by members, and they are only used for sacrament. And, yes, for sexual ecstacy-which is the same thing.

Divine Sexual Ecstasy
Here you may download a ten-dollar e-book, revealing the secrets behind four-hour orgasms and the divine connection between orgasm and Creation. Corky read some Kama Sutra, and decided it sounded pretty good. If you want to see some nasty pictures, don't bother, because they are much tamer than Alex Comfort's The Joy of Sex. Well. Perhaps the paid version is more exciting than the free pics.
The Summum Organization is not a sex club. As far as I can tell (and I haven't actually been there, let alone to Salt Lake City-shudder-sex is performed telekinetically
From Witness to a Miracle

Amen asked me, "Come up here and sit in this chair in front of the altar." So I went up and sat in the chair. And he starts telling this funny story. And I'm sitting here and I've got this feeling in my crotch. All of a sudden my pecker starts to feel real good. But occasionally I have some interesting thoughts and my pecker feels good, titillated, so to speak. So I thought there was no big deal about that. So he went on with this story, and I was feeling real god. My pecker is feeling righteously fine. And he starts asking all the gals that are lying down how they feel. "How do you feel?" "God, I feel like I'm having sex."
Anyway, they all got pregnant out of it. After he talked to me for a minute then he started asking them how they felt. And all the women that had been pregnant before said, "I feel pregnant."
Then he said, "Okay, I want you to all let go of it and release it." So everybody released it, except for Donna. Donna likes being pregnant and she didn't release it. And she had to go get an abortion because she was pregnant. She went to the doctor and she was pregnant. And she wasn't having sex with anybody at the time.

This is what gets the press, of course. The temple pyramid also serves as the world's only center for "sumsoshoeugenics," mummification so precise the genetic messages in each flawlessly preserved cell remain intact. They have examples. They've got some pets.

rooster gets wrapped Rooster's Trip to the, uh, "Vet." Yeah, That's the Ticket.

The scene is nothing short of fascinating. Rooster is secured to a wooden frame as her body drips while her handlers slowly and meticulously wrap her in gauze... Interestingly enough, Rooster's head is slightly tilted to the side as if she has readied herself for the camera, still full of life and personality.

This is Rooster's first step towards immortality.

Dearly Departed The Elixer of Life

Ra's solution, or perhaps more appropriately the solution of his alien tutors, is a unique one, one that literally arrests the process of biological decay. This is the fluid that now drips from Rooster's body and is forming small pools on the table she stands on. Considering the length of time Rooster has been dead, as mentioned before, she does look remarkably good. The luster of her fur, the fullness of her body, muscles feeling plump and pliant, it all clearly indicates Ra and group are going to achieve what they set out to do.

Can it be possible for a solution do this? Apparently so. It seems that the evidence is here. So what is it about the solution that has such powerful preserving effects? Unfortunately, Summum's solution is kept classified. Call it a trade secret. As Corky jokingly states, "If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya." But this much is known. Rather than using mineral salts or tars that dehydrated Egyptian bodies, Summum uses an aqueous mixture of chemicals some of which are used in genetic engineering. The fluid replaces the water in the body and thus keeps the body from taking on that dried out, leathery look so familiar with the ancient mummies. In addition, the blood is replaced with another "celestial genetic preservation fluid," and in combination with a polyeurathane seal, layers of resin, and an airtight metal mummy casing, these solutions keep the body soft and supple.

Shipping Instructions
    Pet Memorialization Process

  • Have a freshly dead pet, hopefully somewhat intact
  • Wash it clean of whatever horrible stuff might be on it
  • Put it in a baggie
  • Stick the whole thing in a cooler filled with ice (see graphic)
  • Close the cover and wrap it up with duct tape
  • Add an air hole (no, it's for when it goes on a plane, silly)
  • Write a big, fat check for 6-8 thousand dollars
  • Put it in an envelope with your legal agreement, address it and
  • For corn sakes, include your return address!
  • Stick the envelope on the container securely.
  • Ship it by Federal Express or whatever, to Salt Lake City
  • Call them to tell them your puppy is coming
  • Wait two months
  • Receive a bronze animal statue in the mail
  • Have it x-rayed, to make sure Scamp is in there.

What Actually Happens

The Egyptian The Time CapsuleSumsoshoeugeneticists clean the body and make an incision to remove the internal organs. The organs are washed and put back inside. The body is immersed in the special sauce, which contains substances purportedly "used in genetic engineering." The body is then taken out of the liquid, cleaned and oiled up. Then, the gauze is wrapped-just like in the movies. The mummy is rubberized, covered in fiberglass and placed in a bronze, made-to-fit "Mummiform" (sarcophagus), and shipped back to the family or funeral parlour.

Yes, I am referring to humans. The cost of getting oneself mummified is upwards of $71,000, but nobody has ever done it. It seems that Summummerians are too healthy to die. There are many already on the monthly payment/insurance plan, however.

mummification Why Get Mummified?

From the website:
In mummification, the preserved body serves as a reference point for your soul, allowing communication of instructions that will help guide you to your new destination. This can alleviate much of the fear, anxiety, and confusion that you would normally experience. The communication of instructions is a component of the science of "Transference." Transference, also referred to as the Rites of Passage, creates an environment that is conducive to effecting a smoother experience as you transform from one state to another. It is a directed change, allowing you the opportunity to gain an understanding and awareness of what is occurring. Arriving at your new destination, you are transformed into a "butterfly," greater than what you were before. Depending on the circumstances, when the soul leaves the body, separation between the two is not necessarily abrupt nor instantaneous. It is more likely to be lingering and bewildering. At first, you don't even realize you have died. Again this is evidenced by statements from subjects who were clinically dead and revived. Mummification and Transference enables the inevitable separation to be a directed and enlightening change.

Besides. You might be able to get cloned.

Update from the messiah himself !

We are honoured to feature his reply to our page :

From: Corky Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:35:07 -0600 Subject: Your statements about Summum, are from the perspective of your author To: Since you have placed Summum and some individual on you site, using protected trademark, and service marks, Summum has a different perspective than you statements, which seem to just attract those who like to like to receive disinformation. You will be receiving letters from Summum, and then we will see if you remove you dis-information about Summum from your site. I think we have asked you in a very nice letter in the past. You may want to obtain some legal advice to see what your best options are. Summum is going to have to spend a significant cost of legal fees to end your abuse; we will see where it all drops out Corky Ra Summum

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Q: What do you get if you cross a mummy with a CD?

A: A wrap song.

review written by Alleee, 07/2002. Last updated 12/2006.