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Herein, we have one of the more established "alien contact" websites. Every classic alien topic from government conspiracies to men in black to crop circles to human/alien hybrids to implantation gets play here, and what wonderfully loopy explanations they all have!
Nancy Leider, leader of
Zetatalk. I know it's not
nice to laugh at people's
appearance, but she's
the leader of a friggin'
cult and can't get a
better picture ?
That's just sad.

At least go the Uranian
way and dress


I forget how much time I've spent browsing through the seemingly zillions of subpages and topics on this site, but (needless to say) I don't think I enjoyed it for the reasons the designers were hoping for. I could hardly hope to cover everything here, but let's start at the beginning:

ZetaTalk leads you through the vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas in answer to questions posed to their emissary, Nancy. The ZetaTalk answers cover such subjects as portents of a Pole Shift and how this relates to the Transformation in process; how life in the Aftertime following this shift will be different from today; the self-centered or service-minded spiritual Orientation of humans as well as aliens from other worlds and how inadvertently giving the Call to aliens can put you in touch with one group or the other; how Visitations can be more easily interpreted when spiritual orientation is understood; how visitors from other Worlds are watched by the Council of Worlds, which has set Rules regulating their behavior; why we are only gradually getting acquainted with our visitors from other worlds, and what will allow the Awakening to occur faster; to what extent the Government is aware of and interacting with the alien presence; the true nature and reason for the Hybrids being developed by the Zetas to merge the best from both Zetans and Humans; why aliens can disappear and move through walls, and what both physical and spiritual Density changes will be like in the future; what the Zetas have to say about our Science theories; what the Zetas as students of human nature have concluded on what Being Human means; and straight ZetaTalk about our Myths.

Hello. We beam
thoughts in head of
crazy woman.
Yes, that's how we
communicate with
all other races.
What, that's stupid ?
What do you know

The Zetas, of course, are those thin, gray, large-eyed aliens you often get in abduction stories and X-Files episodes. After my sanity-reducing attempts to read through Time Cube, I must admit it was nice of the Zeta web designers to bother with an introductory paragraph. Granted, I'm sure you're already pointing out that this paragraph doesn't go out of its way to make sense, but you know what? At least they put in all those hyperlinks to pages that attempt to explain things (not that they, either, go out of their way to make sense, but...well, you know). Lots of Internet lunatics these days don't even try to make their ideas even remotely understandable, so this was definitely refreshing, and I can only hope that more of the crackpot sector takes note and follows this example.

That's not all, either. The Zetas also have a relatively friendly attitude, don't beg you to buy their shit, see Scientology for the idiocy that it is, and openly encourage us to be skeptical of both religious and secular leaders. And those are all things that UFO cultists and non-believers alike can take to heart.

But let's not kid ourselves. Despite all that, we are still totally in that crackpot sector. Some of the stuff on this site is crazier than a snake's nutsack.

The basic ideas are simple. (Sure, there's more information than you could possibly need or even want to know, but the basic message isn't so hard to puzzle out.) If I have everything right, the Zetas are friendly aliens who will respond to "the Call" from humans, and have come to help us through our planet's upcoming "pole shift", which will be caused by a passing comet and devastate civilization but result in an awakening, then transformation will be completed, and then - as most of us will be either dead or moved to another planet by then - Earth will become a "4th density" Service-to-Other world, and...

Okay, so I was bluffing when I said "simple". Sue me.

So you'd figure if the Zetas are relaying a "vast amount of information", they'd go for things that would easily convince us lowly humans of their advancement and sincerity. Like maybe advanced knowledge or science that could be replicated, tested, and used in real life (not necessarily space flight or weapons - those would obviously be problematic if they fell into our hands. Simply better ways of doing the things we do now would be cool). Or perhaps some prophecies that aren't already in the process of failing. Or maybe some telepathically-aided insight into our world and humanity's condition.

(You know, something that might convince us that all this talk of apocalyptic pole shifts and density changes and awakening and "Service-to-Self" versus "Service-to-Other" and Councils of Worlds and star children is anything but the ramblings of humans with overactive imaginations.)


As we know, making prophecies with near-future dates is a bad move for religious cults, but most people forget that it's a bad move for paranormal sites, too! Here we see the Zetas' commentary on a vision their human "emissary" had of the apocalypse:

Our emissary, Nancy, has relayed the vision we gave to her regarding the cataclysms. The cataclysms result from the magnetic pull of a giant comet, which is in fact a planet of your Solar System. The body of this planet surpasses, in mass, that of Earth. The comet will pass, on its first swing through your Solar System, between the Earth and the Sun. No collision is possible, as the orbits do not intersect. However, coming in from outer space as it were, the comet is not magnetically aligned with the close-knit group orbiting the Sun. The comet is aligned with the larger arena, where it spends most of its cycle, some 3,657 years, on average. As the comet approaches your Solar System, it speeds up, so it retains its magnetic alignment when whizzing through. Being of greater mass than the Earth, it is not affected by Earth's magnetic alignment. The Earth is not so fortunate.

(As you can see, the Zetas - like Alex Chiu - have fun ideas about the properties of magnetism.)

The first pass will occur, by our calculations, early in the year 2003. All the cataclysms expected will occur during this pass - tidal waves, earthquakes of a magnitude 15 Richter point, and a cloud of volcanic dust that will make the atmosphere dense as dusk for decades. A second pass will occur some 7 or more years later, approximately 2011. This second pass brings the comet outside of your Solar System, but a second set of cataclysms will occur at that time.

We're now in mid-2003, more than enough time for all those cataclysmic events from early 2003 to get started. Let's see how things are going!

Well, I can see the sky is still blue, so no decades-long cloud of volcanic dust. No massive tidal waves, either. And if there was even one magnitude 15 earthquake, I think we all would have heard about it, given that it would have been more than one hundred million times as powerful as the 6.9 quake that hit Southern California in 1994, caused 20 billion dollars of collateral damage, was felt more than 200 miles away, and constituted the second-worst US natural disaster of the 20th century. Those of you who clicked the link to actually read Nancy's vision will also note that there have been no worldwide crop failures, and the western half of Australia is not submerged.
We think this
is what she
really meant.

But to be fair, the giant comet was only "calculated" to appear at this time (okay, sure, a previous prediction was for August 2002, but still...). For all their nifty 4th density advancement and powers, the Zetas are apparently not much better at predicting the end of the world than we are. Indeed, they might even be worse. Look at how much practice we have! Apocalyptic prophecy bullshit has been a human pastime for thousands of years. A whole separate article could (and probably should) be written about all the failed predictions throughout history, since the end of any century or millennium pretty much brings the kooks out in droves. (Wow, look! The world is still here! We humans have been so full of it.)

As we all know, there's a positive correlation between predicting the apocalypse and being totally insane, and it might not be any different for aliens. Alien sites and abductees always talk about the aliens being either friendly or anal-probingly malevolent, but no one ever puts forth the idea that the aliens might simply be crackpots from their own race. Since we never meet any aliens and have no hard evidence to go on, who's to say?

And while we're on the subject of the Zetas' emissary Nancy and her visions, isn't it interesting how people who get contacted or abducted by aliens always seem to be random humans who are somewhat lacking in real resources and/or sanity?

Think about it. You're a friendly alien race. You're about to contact a less advanced world, whose dominant race must evolve to a higher state and/or get shunted somewhere nice and out of the way so that their planet can be used for more productive things. You want as much of that race as possible to listen to your message. Hell, you already understand all their major languages, or are at least telepathically able to make your wishes known.

So who would you start with?

The leaders of nations, who might trade cooperation for advanced knowledge, guidance, or a place in the new world to come? (Hey, that worked in V, and you're not even planning to eat them and steal their water. Granted, the leaders of some of our superpowers are pretty dense and self-serving, but given that you're telepathic and nothing can even touch your 4th density craft, I doubt it would take much for even them to see that they're going to be on the losing end of any fighting or trickery.)

Leading scientists, who might care more about advanced knowledge than the world's materialistic or politics-driven leaders? (Hey, the public might start listening if the next few Nobel prize winners all mention you "inspiring" them with their discoveries.)

The heads of major international corporations, who might care more about reaching and appealing to the public than those scientists? (Sure, YOU don't use money and in fact find it more than a little dirty, but you're dealing with humans, and monetary possibilities are one way to get their undivided attention. And once you have that...)

Or you could just forgo subtlety and park your (again invulnerable) UFOs over every major city a la Independence Day, thus ensuring that no one could possibly deny you exist.

But no. Of course you won't do any of those. Contacting random commoners who have little influence or credibility is obviously the best way to go. (Especially if you only contact them, just let them know you exist, and maybe give them a little guidance about things they could have figured out on their own - definitely avoid bestowing advanced scientific knowledge, heightened abilities, alien artifacts, or anything like that, as that might leave their stories with difficult questions for unbelievers, who won't be able to explain it away with words like "insanity" or "head injury" or "drunk too much".)

Ah, well. The Zetas tell us that a mass UFO landing would just terrify humans anyway. Which isn't any good, because, you know, humans never have to go through terrifying experiences in the course of their lives, and actually having to talk about them or "deal with it" never, ever helps them do things like, oh, overcome that fear or grow stronger. Better to remain unknown, yeah - humans never hate or fear anything they don't understand or know anything about, either.

I ask the "Why random people who can't do much more than start insane websites and/or cults?" question of the Zetas, but naturally, it goes for most any other alien contact group. If there really are aliens, maybe they don't actually want to contact us - screwing with random humans and seeing how they react might be their equivalent of cow tipping.

Oh, silly me. The rules set down by the Council of Worlds forbid outright gifts of technology to humans, and the Zetas rarely feel contactees are worthy or capable of advanced scientific knowledge:

Many call for assistance with technological advances, such as free-energy-machines. At this time we are restrained from simply giving mankind a gift, by the rules set by the Council of Worlds. Mankind, as scientists or researchers, can however give The Call for assistance on technological progress, and it is possible that this call will be answered. How are these calls sorted out, and what determines whether a call such as this is to be answered or not? Many things.

The true intention of the human giving The Call is the first and foremost determinant. As we are Service- to-Others Zetas, we consider The Call in this light. Has the caller a true desire to help others, or is The Call weighed primarily in the direction of profit and fame. If the caller is truly in the Service-to-Others orientation, we look to the result of fulfilling the request. Will the technological device be used by others, stolen or coerced, so that it will become a device for profit and fame rather than the intended result? If the situation has what we would deem adequate safeguards, we would proceed to the next determination. It should be pointed out that there are scarcely any situations that meet the previous test. If this test is met, we then consider whether the human giving The Call has the personal capability to bring his request to fruit. In the main, there is far more desire than capacity.

The caller must be able to understand our instructions, our explanations. This requirement again narrows down the possibilities, as perhaps only 1% of the callers who are positioned to assure the technological device will not be misused, and who are truly of the Service-to-Others orientation, qualify.

You probably noticed all those bits about "The Call" above. That would be another fun rule that just explains things perfectly: aliens can't contact humans at all unless a human gives The Call:

We have stated that aliens are restrained from interfering with the free will of humans, must await The Call, and can only affect human affairs through human actions at this time. Do these rules get stretched, or have loopholes, or do aliens just watch and wait in agony? Both situations occur. Where The Call is being given almost continuously, and where the Earth is virtually swarming with alien visitors at this time, there is neither an excess of calls awaiting an answer or an excess of visitors awaiting The Call - a good balance.

Convenient, huh? The Earth is swarming with alien visitors, but the only people who will have encounters will be those who want to believe. The idea that aliens can only contact humans who want contact with them - and can only affect our world by guiding human actions - is an interesting one, but it removes this whole thing that much more from ever being provable.

Oh, wait:

All humans give The Call, and do so frequently during any given lifetime.

Worse yet:

Beyond which calls get attention, there is the matter of what constitutes a response. This can range all the way from a brief conference with a single visitor to an elaborate series of visits from a virtual army of aliens. There are no rules guiding alien behavior on Earth that bound or constrain the size of a response to The Call. Therefore, where we must wait, we most certainly can anticipate and prepare, and in this regard, The Call is a mutual process.

So we're back at square one. The Zetas can contact everyone at some point or another, and can respond as far as revealing their entire race, yet most of humanity remains oblivious of their (or any other alien) presence or message. I wonder how they expect to succeed with their message this way, especially now that I'm really skeptical after that whole "no cataclysms in early 2003" thing.

But maybe they can straighten it out for me. I mean, I can make The Call, right?

Oh, sure, I've been arrogantly skeptical of all things Zetan so far, but hey. As a human, I've been wrong about things before, and if it comes to that, having to admit I'm wrong one more time probably won't kill me.

So how do I make The Call? By existing, basically:

The concept of The Call is but an extension of concepts humans are familiar with. One goes to the porch to call the family into dinner. One picks up the phone to call another in order to converse. When giving The Call to aliens, humans are issuing a request for contact, without a voice, without words, but the meaning is sent and understood nonetheless, by telepathic and other such wordless and wireless means. The Call is made, received, and understood, and a conference is subsequently arranged. There are times of loneliness, despair, wrenching concern for a loved one injured or in trouble, times the individual wants to offer themselves in the loved one's stead, times when the path to follow is not clear and there is indecision and hesitation at the gateway, times when another is viewed as a blockage to be removed by physical and potentially violent and harmful means - these sorts of times occur, not daily, but many times in a lifetime. These are times of The Call.
Well, damn. I'm definitely not feeling lonely, indecisive, or despairing now, none of my loved ones are in trouble, and there's no one acting as a "blockage" that I want to remove through violence (sure, I don't have a high opinion of human beings in general, but amazingly enough, that doesn't automatically make me a nascent psychopath). Ah, well. Hopefully, the Zetas won't be annoyed enough to let me (and my lil ol' desire for clarity and correct prophecies!) fall into the hands of the dreaded Service-to-Self aliens.

Unfortunately, even if they do come and grant me a conference, the result isn't too likely to count as evidence of an alien encounter:

Now, returned from their conferences, the insecure one and the concerned friend are returned, while the others in the living room are awake. All are not consciously aware that anything at all has happened. They in all likelihood will think that nothing at all has occurred, and that no time at all has passed from the instant before these conferences. Such is the nature of alien entity interactions with humans. The frozen state, and the conscious forgetfulness, are utterly common.

So, yeah. I could get to see the inside of a Zeta spaceship and/or come back secure in the knowledge that not only are we not alone, we have help. But more likely, I'll just wake up one day and all this will somehow make sense.
Here is what I imagine
a "service-to-self" alien
looks like.

Of course, with my luck - and since I'm making The Call out of my own morbid curiosity, rather than a specific concern for others - I'll probably end up with Service-to-Self aliens and risk brainwashing or enslavement.

But I'm not too worried. I bet you didn't know that even if I get Service-to-Self aliens, I can just say no!

The human too often does not understand that non-humans are not allowed to overpower humans except by permission. Where with humans the unreasonable demand is often supplanted with amelioration, this is not the case with non-human demands from the Service-to-Self. Their demands are insatiable. And to give in to these demands only leads one to join their ranks. A firm line should be drawn. If one has determined not to join the Service-to-Self orientation, and is leaning toward cooperation and empathy with other entities, then the line should be drawn, absolutely.
Yes, it worked with your drug-abusing friends in the 80's, and it can work with mischief-making aliens now! You probably worry about hostile alien forces as much as I do, so you can see how that takes a load off my mind.

So now The Call has been made. While I'm waiting for the Zetas to arrive (unconsciously or not), let's browse through the rest of the site, so that I won't annoy them later with questions about things they've already explained.

The section on our myths looks interesting. Holy shit. They talk about the Blair Witch!

Blaire Witch was not extraterrestrial or done by spirits, but by powerful spirits incarnated in humans who wished to be left alone, which they arranged by quite human means. Similar to VooDoo, where the suggestible did themselves in.
Say what?

How would it be, that a scenario such as the Blair Witch would make it to the theater, without a basis in fact behind it? Dinosaurs are interesting to the public, because of bones. Ghosts, and hauntings, kidnappings and stalkings, bank robberies and secret love affairs - all because they have a basis in fact. Blair Witch would be without interest, unless real, which it is, regardless of what the producers decide to Announce. Of course, they did not publish the filming of an actual event. Of course, they staged the filming. But did they get the idea, and think it captivating, because it was a real situation? Yes. As this is he-said/she-said, we doubt the issue to be settled just because we-said.

If the Zetas think the Blair Witch movie couldn't have gotten to the theaters without being based in fact, they haven't seen many of our movies. Are the Terminator and Alien and pretty much all the other monster movies based in fact, too? Dammit. I guess that's something else I'll still have to ask them.

Oooh. The Zetas also tell us that the stories of Jesus' miracles were exaggerated. (And wouldn't you know it, I think that's the one thing both the ZetaTalk designers and everyone on this site can agree on.) They know this because they've been hanging with him!

How do we know these things about Jesus? Where we, the individual Zetas speaking to you, were not necessarily there, or reading from some sort of written record, we are consulting with Jesus himself and the group of entities he works with, his team. We go to the source for this information.
Sweet. Too bad, though, that none of the aliens hanging around Earth at the time foresaw how Service-to-Self so many of his future followers would get. Here's something else we pretty much agree on:
The Christians claim that Jesus was the Messiah but the Muslims claim he was the wrong man, and the Jews say the Messiah hasn't arrived as yet. The problem here, of course, is that there isn't any Messiah, so any such attribute ascribed to any human just won't stick. Mankind must save itself, and in particular, each human must save him or herself. The desire to be saved is not something that springs from humans, but an idea that has been put forth by the religious elite. If mankind can be made nervous about their future chances, then they will be all the more likely to seek assistance from the religious elite, and pay well for it we might add. Each human makes their own path, and earns their own reward, and payment of money or goods and services to the religious elite has no effect whatsoever other than to make the religious elite happy.
Sadly, not all their religious commentary seems so enlightened:
That said, how does voodoo work, as indeed it does.

Voodoo relies on the victim's belief systems, as without this no magic exists. Someone who had never heard the myths, subjected to all the incantations and pointing fingers and objects stolen or placed in one's personal quarters, would merely scratch their head. What's with them, they would wonder. On the other hand, humans raised in these cultures are impressed with the belief that voodoo works, palpable fear in the voices of the elders relaying the many tales. Spells cast upon humans thus primed to react set in motion a cycle of fear that can indeed kill. Fear can stop the heart by constricting arteries leading to the heart, or can drive the blood pressure to a point where blow-outs occur. Cast a spell and the ashen victim is found dead in their quarters the next day. Such a cooperative victim!

Lots of Westerners don't realize that Voodoo is an actual religion - nowhere near as big as, say, Christianity or Islam, but it does have millions of genuine followers (I guess that still makes it bigger than Scientology or the Moonies, though). As an utter rationalist, I wouldn't choose between it and any of the other 10 billion religions that are currently available for your worshipping pleasure, but if I were to claim it "worked", I'd remember there's more to it than that goofy "death curse" bullshit you see every time Voodoo is paraded out in cheap horror movies. In the real world, Voodoo is more about appeasing the spirits (and oh, gods are there a lot of spirits in Voodoo) and getting their blessings than anything else, but I guess that's too boring.

So if growing up with Voodoo beliefs might make me scared enough to fall dead if someone puts a death spell on me - as the Zetas claim - does that also mean that I could be confident enough to summon spirits and create my own good luck?

Damn, yet another question.

Another question might be "Was Hitler really a total girly-man who actually loved Jews, allowed himself to be a scapegoat for the real power behind the Nazis, only invaded countries to impress his lovers, and was actually killed by someone else?". Cause not all of that seems totally right.
The power of love, indeed.

"Will the dancing Hitlers
please wait in the wing?
We are only seeing
singing Hitlers."

Hitler took the brunt of the rage against the Nazi as he was the puppet those who ran the regime hid behind. This is a common ploy used by those firmly in the Service-to-Self, as it is a common ploy used by those who want to evade responsibility for their actions. The scapegoat is often selected well ahead of the crime, else the crime being planned would not occur. Hitler is a classic example of a scapegoat who willingly played into the hands of those manipulating him, right up to the moment of his death. He had a damaged ego such that it needed stroking, as he was keenly aware of his failings and how others felt about them. He was what is commonly called a loser, unsuccessful at all he tried his hand at. Women pitied him, unless they chose to mother him, but neither of these reactions was what he was looking for, especially in light of an un-descended testicle.

Many damaged male egos wanting to pump up their image do so by becoming overly rigid, hoping this passes as strength. Losers are often almost irresistibly drawn to the promise of instant fame or money and the power and attention this brings. Hitler also had an additional vulnerability, in that he loved the Jews in a land that bore them much resentment due to jealousy over their accomplishments. He found the Jewish mother types especially appealing, as they forgave him his lack of accomplishments and accepted his lack of manliness with good humor. He loved himself in their presence, but this conflicted with his own need for an alternate self image and with German society in general. He thus developed a love-hate relationship which could have run either way. The balance was tripped when the Nazis began manipulating him, feeding him personal successes in return for hatred against the Jews.

The vehemence of his hatred was fed by his need to deny his affection. His ranting against the Jews for their financial success was an easy route for him to take due to his own history of failure at anything he put his hand to. He could put passion behind the party line that the Jewish blood line was impure as he was terrified that others would discover that he himself had Jewish bloodlines. His tough stance for continuous invasion of neighboring territories and directives for exterminating segments of the populace was simply an act he hoped his lovers would buy, which they did, taking tough talk to be manliness. This act was easy for him to take, as he had no exposure to the consequences of his orders and speeches, as lacking in any real life work, he had led a sheltered and babied existence. When those who played the strings of their puppet Hitler no longer had use for him, he was suddenly faced with the consequences of his actions and allowed others to kill him, acting as the dependent child he in fact was to the last.

Ugh. Maybe we should guide this back to more traditional alien subjects. Let's hear some opinions on crop circles.
Humans have always stood in awe of Crop Circles as you can be assured this is not the first era where they have been prevalent. They speak to the subconscious, which sees the patterns and senses their meaning, and the conscious hasn't a clue. What is their meaning? Crop Circles are telling you, in a universal language, of coming events, and we are speaking here not only of physical events, such as the pending pole shift, but spiritual as well. In the past these simple but eloquent messages were left, with increasing frequency and urgency, leading up to the shift. This time, because of the Transformation, there is more than one message to relay. What are these messages, and why not simply speak them, or leave written word? Well, of course contactees are receiving these messages, face- to-face, but what about the rest of the world. Crops Circle creation is managed by a group of aliens that cannot participate in the Earth's Transformation in any other manner, as they are a life form that lives in the water, and thus their ships are filled with the atmosphere that they breath - water. Thus, this is how they serve.
Wow, I never would have guessed. I wonder why these aliens don't make breathing suits with water tanks (just like the suits our deep-sea divers wear, but in reverse!), or just use telepathy or computers, as the Live ZetaTalk Chat records suggest that aliens don't have to be physically present to speak.

The problem here is that - again - subconscious messages don't seem to be too effective. Hey, you go look at some crop circle pictures (go on, I'll wait), and then come back and tell me if you got all THIS from it:
Kids damaging
farmers' crops =

Well, they *are*

Are Crop Circles more effective than words? Absolutely. They register in many parts of the brain, and tell the story with greater depth. A picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols are used to relay astronomical occurrences, effects of one planetary body on another, motion and direction, pace, change, and for those who have sensed their meaning, they also relay ratios and relative force. Stand before these pictures and let your subconscious speak to you, and see the forest and the sky, rather than the trees. Are not the patterns being presented in increasing complexity, in step with your Earth's internal response to her approaching brother? Crop Circles began with a simple circle, stating that the Earth is unruffled in her orbit. Then dual circles and rings, relaying the approaching interaction between the Earth and her brother, the 12th Planet. The rings, of course, are the influence of gravitational pull, increasing. Long lines connecting circles - does the 12th Planet, acting as a comet, not have an approach? Peripheral circles - the other planets in your Solar System, or in the wider system that comprises the 12th Planet's journey.

And what of the Scorpion Tail, the connected and curving series of dots? Does not the comet travel with an entourage of minor moons? As the giant comet dominates with its gravitational field, the moons are not pulled into conflict regarding their place. They trail after their traveling master, like little ducklings in a row. Would not the 12th Planet's moons circle, as do moons humans are familiar with? Where the orbiting motion of moons is assumed to be due to a balance between the centrifugal force of the moon and attraction to the home planet, there are other variables. The orbiting moons are in motion because they are reaching for the Sun and other planets, like a twirling dancer forever undecided on a partner.

The helix, misinterpreted by many to be a DNA strand, is a pictorial representation of the Earth's rotation and the manner in which it begins to align with the rotation of the approaching 12th Planet. As we have explained, the Earth's rotation is caused by the motion of elements in the Earth's core attempting to escape or approach influences in the wider solar system. The Earth's rotation is already slowing, a fact noted by your scientists and various excuses already published in the media. To those who would disbelieve that the 12th Planet's influence could be that strong from afar, we point to the delicacy of many matters in nature. The Earth's normal rotation is a careful balance taking into account all the factors in the solar system and beyond. It takes but a feather to trip the scales when they are perfectly balanced, and the 12th Planet's influence on the Earth from afar acts in this manner.

The ball of overlapping circles, all touching an inner circle, is meant to convey a new phenomenon occurring on Earth, preparing those who see it for the manifestation of this phenomenon. The Earth's magnetic field currently curves far out in space, so that on the surface of the Earth a compass almost always points north. Increasingly, as the Earth's swirling core is pushed to line up in opposition to the magnetic field of the approaching 12th Planet, it will send out minor magnetic fields that do not point due north, but wrap back into the Earth in the manner portrayed by the overlapping circles.

How are crop circles "absolutely" more effective than words at conveying this message? Seriously, how many crop circle viewers actually realize all this (without having to be told by alien-sponsored websites)? Maybe it would work if the information, despite being subconscious, could still guide us without us ever realizing it. I dunno - do the Zetas believe that we're slaves (as such) to the contents of our subconscious? Even now, I can only guess.

Yet something else I'll still have to ask about.

The section on alien/human hybrids is also interesting, as it shows the Zetas have fun ideas about our past. Apparently, humanity evolved to sentience because of millennia-long genetic engineering projects by the Zetas and other races, and this process is still ongoing.

We are not the oldest visitors, as you sometimes like to call us, though we have been coming to Earth for millennia. Our genetic engineering mission is not the first such mission on Earth. There have been dozens of such missions, each of which has taken place over many stages, with some of these stages having millennia between them. We were chosen for the current genetic engineering mission for three reasons.

1. Our genetic background is similar in origin to yours.

2. Where we aggressively pruned our genetic structure to remove aggression, emotion, and sexual drives - which we considered to be the instigators in the manner in which we destroyed our world - our genetic structure in regard to the capacity for intelligent thought and telepathic communication is considered to be in an excellent state for 4th Density existence.

3. We have motive, as being those-who-mourn, regarding our past treatment of our own planet.

The sad beginning
of digestive problems.
Here, have a triscuit.

The point where the human race was first genetically engineered into its current form is much discussed. Neanderthal Man was at one of the later stages of evolution. Why did it then take so long, and why is there so little evidence of the earlier steps and stages? Genetic engineering takes a long time, because a creature that can live on the world they are being designed for, and live well, must be the results. In the case of human evolution, the goal was not only an intelligent species, but one which also had the degree of blind rage and aggressiveness to be able to live with large, land-based carnivors. Neanderthal Man had a digestive problem and had to be totally re-engineered, with his concurrence, into a later form of man. The reason there is a missing link is because these links are on the Moon, where the genetic engineers frequently resided.

Yes, never mind that the Council of Worlds supposedly forbids messing with humanity's free will - I guess genetic-engineering them to whatever end or having created humanity in the first place doesn't count.

More words about our race's early days and those large carnivores:

The Earth, as we have stated, is a particularly violent world, large carnivors on every continent, so that many can scarsely be free of this worry, day or night. Big cats, wolf packs, immense bears, sharks, and thus to survive, the quick reaction to attack or danger was emotion. What do you suppose fear, or anger, is? Does an evolving creature need this, per se? It is to incite action, and the stronger the emotion, the faster the action! Likewise, a mother's concern for her baby, a dominant males concern for protecting and retaining his harem, are survival related emotions. The passive human got eaten, the human with strong emotions survived and passed on their genes. A strong sex drive is likewise selective, as those males with a strong drive would fight for their harem, where those with a weak drive would turn their backs and let the harem get eaten!

Where to begin?

We're still ending up with more questions than answers. Zoologists tell us that predators were never that much of a problem for early humans. Yes, bears, big cats, wolf packs, and other predators can be dangerous if provoked, but there have never been many species that actually prey on humans, either now or in our caveman days.

That's beside the point, however. Even if early predators were more dangerous than we currently believe, why would we be given such blind aggression and sexual drive, when the Zetas claim that these are the same traits that caused them to ruin their own world? Shouldn't they know more than anyone that while, yes, strong emotions can spur you to action, they also cause you to make mistakes or "go too far"? Really, lots of humans who are in prison for assault or murder aren't necessarily insane psychopaths, but morons who just have trouble keeping their anger in check, which is what makes them morons. (Hey, wait, people who have lost loved ones to violent crime can now blame alien genetic engineers! Comforting.)

I guess simply making us stronger or faster wouldn't have helped. No, only blind rage was enough to keep us from being too apathy-stricken to keep our own mates from being eaten.

Worse yet, why do we still have those qualities? Believe what you want about early predators, but you can't tell me humans are in much danger of being eaten NOW (well, you can, but I'll laugh my ass off). The struggle to survive and establish our species is over, it's been over for millennia, and ever since, the worst threat to humans has been other humans. And, as you can see from recent world events, there's absolutely no sign of that changing any time soon. So why wasn't our "blind" aggressiveness genetically edited out?

Oh, almost forgot. The world is ending anyway, so why bother?

Actually, bringing the upcoming apocalypse back into this raises even more questions about the aliens' overall plan for Earth.

And why have we chosen the Earth? Are there not many planets that are habitable and do not already have intelligent species resident? Habitable planets, with vacancies, are not in great abundance, and competition for them is keen. The Earth is due for a Transformation to 4th Density, which is our current density, and humans are genetically similar to Zetans, so hybrids merging the characteristics of both Zetas and humans can give entities with a background in either species a familiar home.

Perhaps I'm just cynical, but it's not too hard to imagine that our presence here is a nuisance for aliens, Zeta or otherwise. So why were we created in the first place? What will we contribute, other than a bunch of Calls that constantly need to be answered? Oh, wait. Maybe citizenship in the higher-density universe or something, after we evolve to 4th density. (Sure, most of us are going to die before that, in the apocalypse that's supposed to be happening right now, but maybe all the people who die will reincarnate.) That seems like a small return for countless millennia of alleged projects and answered Calls. Why didn't the aliens in charge of all the genetic engineering finish before now?

Maybe I should stop already. I've barely covered even a fraction of the topics on ZetaTalk, but I'm beginning to forget the first questions I had. Sure, I could just make a printout, but I'd be in deep shit if the aliens don't let me bring it when they answer The Call.

But at least this is ending it on an high note, what with the Zetas changing their race to become more like ours.

Humans have many characteristics that we, the Zetas, previously had in richness - sex drive, rage, longing, hunger. We perceived these to be a root cause of the steps we took to ruin our planet. We genetically engineered ourselves to rid ourselves of these characteristics. In doing so we threw the baby out with the bath water, as you say. We went too far. The richness is gone, and our life is more intellectual than physical. We wish to incorporate into our incarnation experience the depth of sexual desire and emotional commitment that humans are capable of feeling. This we had in the past, and we wish to re-introduce it again.

After all those stern warnings about Service-to-Self aliens and the political and religious "elites" who won't be allowed to escape to Mars, I guess there's something cutely humanocentric about this. Let's just hope the hybrid children don't go on to ruin any more worlds!

Sanity Rating :

-310 points (remarquable for taking New Age crap and running away with it)

review written by Jason Sartin, 8/2003

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