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Earth - The Planet of Biorobots

You could say that this entire site is about insanity being turned into a vocation. But let's face it, there are people who take it farther than other people. There are a few rare sites that make reading a constant ordeal - sort of like a reverse Reading Rainbow, except LeVar Burton is replaced by a schizophrenic guy on acid.

And there's this web site. In between the "cosmic" this and the "biorobot" that, it makes the head swim. At some point on the sanity rating (somewhere after -450), the entertainment value goes down. But we've never shied away from anything (except maybe Richard Tolley, but that's perfectly excusable), and so we give you...

Earth - The Planet of Biorobots

Red is the colour
of loooove.
Also available at, Earth - The Planet of Biorobots is basically about humans being biorobots that have to empty their minds so that the Cosmic Wisdom (I think) can make them not have to eat anymore. Oooor something like that. I'll let the author-slash-guru "Sat Guru Avatar Majtreya" explain it for you :

"Man is, first of all, a biorobot, who's been given a certain information - on the basis of the notions he is introduced into since childhood, to be more precise, that metaprogram which is put into the Soul before the child's birth. The more man is ready to admit his insignificance in regard to the Highest, the more sensitive and passive he is to control from Above. Faith means Trust. To totally give oneself up to the Creator - is the Highest Form of Love!

Human bioapparatus will be used most efficiently only after a man have learnt to consciously direct it, having subdued the body and mind to his control. Where a body is not the centre but an auxiliary instrument-appurtenance to the growing Consciousness. Man's tragedy is that he values his body above all so as to satisfy all earthly pleasures in various forms of their manifestation - from crude to subtle ones.
Man is created and destined with a sole purpose to become a Creator of Universes!!!

Oh yea, sign me up ! Whaaaa ? Well, maybe the glossary can clarify all this.

HAH ! Did you think it was gonna be that easy ?

The glossary turns out to be one of those things that are sorely needed, but turn our not to be very useful. To wit :

Raw materials base and holder of low vibrational level of potential energies, of which it is made up.

The main problem with the site is that our Guru Avatar takes himself way too seriously. Every second sentence is some kind of grand pronouncement. This detracts greatly from the fluidity of the writing. The fact that it was all translated from Russian may also add to it. My heart goes out for whatever Russian fool accepted to translate this site. You are a true Insolitology hero.

Life on the Earth is the history of Universe evolution. Space dramas and tragedies about its birth and dissolution as well as the roads taken and mistakes made by all types of developing minds (or Souls) and about their interactions in the process of evolution and involution at various stages of their spiritual growth.

Some things "discussed" on this site include "PURIFICATION PROCEDURES" such as purging the bowels, stomach wash, nose wash, water procedures, dry fasting, and something called "Running on "R-vibration" with "HA" post exhalation" :

Running on "R-vibration" with "HA" post exhalation drastically activates the nervous system, cures brain, cardiovascular and lung diseases, is an excellent tool for cleaning psychic channels and has no negative side effects, when used in moderation. One can jog along, run on one spot and run revolving around one's axis, that is rotating while running. Most important is the continuity of pronouncing "R" plus an abrupt "HA" post exhalation accompanied by a chopping off of the energy through any parts of the body, giving the correct hands position when running. The technique of "R-breathing" with "HA" post exhalation is recommended for use in combination with the work on the first part of a tibetan mantra "AUM PADME HUM! - IHT YARANGE HUM!" (Peace, Happiness to All! - Be Happy Yourself!) during the walks.

There is also a list of "Advices from the other world", such as "Removal of curse, evil eye and spoilage", "Pyramids and lightnings", "The iron - family's friend", "The elements of Cosmic Relaxation", "Biolocatory (dowsing) crutches" and "Feng-shui fun" :

Pour into any glass a pure cold water and leave it on the windowsill, so that to take off the negative energetics. To strengthen this effect, place next to the glass another empty glass and put into it a pinch of salt, then pour into it a bit of water from the first glass. This salty water will begin to pull down onto itself all the negative currents. After 2-3 minutes the water in the first glass will be ready for removal of curse and evil eye.

"Majtreya" has been spamming his site all over the randforsaken Internet. For some reason he keeps calling it a "shock-site" : maybe he thinks he's "shocking" us normal biorobots but the shock mostly comes from what a mess it is. He's been spamming all over Usenet.

I'm not going to list all the places, but he's been spamming on message boards as diverse as Free Spirits of Project X, E-SANGHA, HardwareGeeks and Unexplained-Mysteries, eliciting puzzlement wherever he goes. Also, according to his own entry on, his real name is Vitalij Polonskij and he lives in Kensington, Australia.

He also spammed my own message board (Graveyard of the Gods) for a pretty long time. Here is a little rap I wrote in his honour :

Flush the buffer !
Reboot yer soul !
Step into the light,
It's hacker's de-light !

Debug yer brain !
Defrag the memes !
Grep flaws in the logic
Choose to dis-believe !


Sanity Rating :

-475 points (complete raving insanity)

review written by Franc, 04/2005.

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