Alleee and Franc's

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Other Oddities

This stuff can't even be classified...

Division by zero)
Someone devotes an entire web site to convince us that DIVIDING BY ZERO MAKES ZERO, not error like we've all been educated (stupid and evil ?). Why ? Hell if I know.

Hybrid RPG
And they SAID the human mind wasn't capable of more INCOHERENCE than Time Cube. (review by Jason Sartin)

Where we explore the ideas of people who think they are NOT HUMAN, rather something similar but entirely different. (review by Jason Sartin)

Earth - The Planet of Biorobots
We're all BIOROBOTS. If you can understand any more than that, you're better than me.

Richard S. Tolley
We cannot describe this, because it made us GOUGE our eyes out in sheer INSANITY.