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Richard Tolley

Richard Tolley picture Opera, Playable Symphonic Music, & Physics Paper

This web site is very disturbing, and we have no intention of reviewing it in any kind of detail. Its never-ending pages, terrible MIDIs, horrible backgrounds, rambling text that goes on forever, and completely nonsensical design (let alone Tolley's picture, see left) make it perhaps the only site that could cause mental damage. Just go look at it, if you really have to.

WARNING : We are not responsible for any mental distress caused by viewing the Richard Tolley web site.

Our readers agree with us...

Hi Francois.
I found the Tolley site to be absolutely as you described it - totally mental. To relax afterwards I read from the pages of the Third Testament To Bibles currently underwork by Ted Jesus Christ God; the Great I Am.
You are NOT saved unless in most cases you are a Close Worshipper and Follower and More of Ted Jesus Christ GOD! That Is THE WAY That Is For Now!
TJCG is ORDERING and DEMANDING and COMMANDING and INSISTING and PUSHING 100% and SHOUTING and JUDGING that we have to keep slamming down NUKES on World Earth until Satan and the Demons are ALL Dropped or Killed!
Whoopity Doo!!!,
A Close Worshipper and Follower and More of Ted Jesus Christ God,

Dear authors of Insolitology,

I sort of met Richard Tolley once a few years ago. You reviewed his site, and I believe you said something about wanting to gouge your eyes out when you saw it. ( I live in the same city as he does. I was at an internet cafe one day, and he sat down at a computer adjacent to me. I think he asked me if I surfed the internet a lot. He gave me one of his cards and mentioned a little about his site. I think he said something about some kind of authorities being after him because his website was called "Bara-t." (I guess he changed the title.) Something about Islam or terrorism, I can't remember. He talked about aliens, but I tuned him out. I recently peeked at his site but didn't wait for all the pictures to download. Did you notice how most of the pictures on his site are posted at least 3 times each. It's strange that this card, complete with his address, is on his site. I wonder what kind of junk mail he gets...

Anyway, I'm planning on reading more reviews from your site. It sounds interesting. Thanks for searching the internet for these things.

Rhonda White

I wish I didn't have to update this page ever again, but hardship is part of the job. And the worst part is, there is a new Tolley site for us to look at.

Opera, Playable Symphonic Music, & Physics Paper by Richard S. Tolley

For some reason, his new page has almost the same title as the already-existing one. Fortunately, it's black on white, with few images, so it's not nearly as disturbing. The bad news is, I still have no idea what he's going on about.

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review written by Franc, 07/2002.
Last updated 07/2005.