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Welcome to Paranormal Crackpots

Paranormal, pseudo-science, space aliens, we have them all !

Reptilian Research Archive
REPTILIANS ! The REPTILIANS are taking over ! Ex-soccer coach's web site gives us the lowdown on the CONSPIRACY.

Life Technology
We've been doing this for years, but we still get surprised by the GALL of some of these scammers. This is a case in point.

Prince Leopold, Founder of Spiritual Analysis
He has spirits for sale. He has a page for children. He makes "psychic art". He's really creepy. Meet PRINCE LEO.

RV Science
Remove viewing + crystals = love, money, health, age extension, luck, and soviet conspiracies.

They have EVERYTHING, from chemtrails to cancer cures to Free Energy.
Other page hosted here : Satanic Sacrifices, gyropractors and the Illuminati, oh my !

Microvita Research
All hail the holy MICROVITA ! MICROVITA makes potatoes, jute, and everything else better ! But only vegetarian men may receive MICROVITA.


Tonya Harding Shot JFK
When analogies go too far. Also, he thinks he is the ANTICHRIST. Wow.

Stargazers (to come)
Angel sex and Hunky Jesus. UFOs manned by humans. Creationist and Matrix-mania. Dragons walking the Earth. This site has everything and the kitchen sink.

The Time-Travel Forum (to come)
People talking about other people claiming to be time travelers. Of course, you know, they can't make any PREDICTIONS, but you gotta believe them...