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Exchange #1

Subject: The government and chemtrails

Greetings sir, you can't believe what a relief it was for me to find your site. I have always been worried about the movements of the greedy Organized Medicine, and the government. My brother, who is a gyropractor, keeps getting harassed by the government. as he likes to tell me, "there is no ox as dumb as the orthodox".

Thank you so much for your web site. I'm glad to know that I am not alone. You are truly fighting the good fight.

Have you ever heard of A. Smithee ? He made movies about some of the things you write about on your site.

My uncle was in the Canadian Intelligence. What he knows is secret but he has talked to me about a bit in all confidence, because I mistrust the Establishment as well. He knows about the chemtrails. He was often assigned to listening in on communications from Russia. According to him, Russia stole the chemtrail technology from Canada ten years ago, and that was a big embarrassment. They had to step up security from that moment on.

Also one last thing, that worries me. I go on vegan mailing lists and boards (I am interested in alternative nutrition), and I'm hearing a lot about vegans falling ill, much more often than other people. Do you think the government may be poisoning our food stocks in order to stop the progress of veganism ? Maybe by chemtrails over fields ? It would make sense to me, you just can't trust food to be natural anymore.

--Francois Tremblay
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