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Exchange #2

>Greetings sir, you can't believe what a relief it was for me to find your
>site. I have always been worried about the movements of the greedy
>Organized Medicine, and the government. My brother, who is a gyropractor,
>keeps getting harassed by the government. as he likes to tell me, "there
>is no ox as dumb as the orthodox".

What does a "gyropractor" do?

>Thank you so much for your web site. I'm glad to know that I am not alone.
>You are truly fighting the good fight.


>Have you ever heard of A. Smithee ? He made movies about some of the
>things you write about on your site.

No, tell me about these movies.

>My uncle was in the Canadian Intelligence. What he knows is secret but he
>has talked to me about a bit in all confidence, because I mistrust the
>Establishment as well. He knows about the chemtrails. He was often
>assigned to listening in on communications from Russia. According to him,
>Russia stole the chemtrail technology from Canada ten years ago, and that
>was a big embarrassment. They had to step up security from that moment

Intel people usually only get a very small part of the puzzle and, of
course, believe that the govt is working in the interest of the people,
instead of their corporate Illuminati masters. They give their silence and
loyalty to an orgainzation that is in the process of destroying 85% of the
world's population while making virtual slaves out of those who remain-and
will be required to worship Lucifer to boot.

>Also one last thing, that worries me. I go on vegan mailing lists and
>boards (I am interested in alternative nutrition), and I'm hearing a lot
>about vegans falling ill, much more often than other people. Do you think
>the government may be poisoning our food stocks in order to stop the
>progress of veganism ? Maybe by chemtrails over fields ? It would make
>sense to me, you just can't trust food to be natural anymore.

I have no idea about this. How many people are saying this? What are the
symptoms? You need sufficient protein and fat to operate normally. Many
peple who start out on vegan diet, don't get enough and energy goes way
down. Common problem.

Regards, Ken

>--Francois Tremblay

Hello Mr. Adachi,

I'm surprised that you never heard about gyropratic. It is the treatment of stress and disorders by re-establishing a person's equilibrium. I don't know THAT much about it, but my brother uses something called a "Cyclical Displacement Machine" which moves you around in a certain pattern. It has something to do with the inner ear. The Science Center here has been very unreceptive to his ideas. He's even been arrested once.

The film maker's first name is Alan. He made a lot of movies, even a "mainstream one" which was a comedy called "Burn Hollywood Burn". He made many movies on the Establishment, including a little-known comedy of an evil allopathic doctor called "The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari". I haven't actually seen any of these movies but I met him once, an understated but interesting fellow.

It's funny that you talk about worshipping Lucifer, are you referring to Satanic rituals ? Don't laugh, but my fiancée Penny and her family were involved in a Satanic sacrifice ring when she was younger. I mean, they didn't take part in it, but a lot of people in their village was. The stories she told me ! Oh Kali Almighty, it's scarcely believable. I'm glad her parents didn't take part in any of it.

My cousin (I seem to be getting all my family in this conversation !) said he saw Satan once, when he and a friend were doing some kind of dark ritual. Now he is a good Christian boy, but he dabbled a bit in these things when he was younger. Do you think they were trying to brainwash him ?

You're right about Intelligence people, but my uncle knows better than that. Like I said, he doesn't buy the "party line" and told me about some of these things I told you about. I sent him your site, maybe he'll have more memories, I dunno. He's getting a bit old.

--Francois Tremblay
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