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Reptilian Research Archive

David Icke, man of mystery.
Who is David Icke ? Like the case of Joe Firmage, he used to be a normal, if slightly high-profile, personality. He was a professional soccer player, television presenter and journalist with the BBC, national sports and news anchor, and now author of 10 books on the Reptilian Conspiracy. He is a self-styled "most controversial author and speaker in the world".

"What ?", you say. "Reptilian Conspiracy ?". That's right. Come into the world of David Icke, where crowns and presidents are not who they appear to be...

Reptilian Research Archive

While Icke himself is the main proponent of the idea of Reptilians, almost none of the articles on this site were written by him, dissapointingly enough. But you can be sure they were all approved by the man himself.

The first impression one gets after reading this mass of conspiracies and malevolent aliens scheming beyond our reach, by all these authors, is that their outlook on life must be very grim. We have Reptilian enemies from within and without the Earth, to exploit Earth for their own benefit, royal bloodlines which are Reptilians and Shape-Changers, people get routinely abducted and raped, all the major governments in cahoots with the aliens, and nowhere to go.

Drawing of the
Reptilians, from
"Dracos, Targs, and
So who are the Reptilians ? They are humanoid in appearance (conveniently enough), although some drawings show them in their native state as resembling humanoid reptiles (see left). They are cold-blooded and feed on negative emotions. They are trying to take over the planet for their own ends, by weakening us thru religion (appropriate, I suppose), wars, and so on. It's obvious that the Reptilians are an analogy with reptiles. In fact, they don't hesitate to point that out : they have entire articles describing reptile behaviour as being symbolic of their alien brothers. It's bizarre - as if they saw the analogy but didn't care.

Where are all these Reptilians ? They either look like humans, hide under the Earth, or hide in other dimensions, conveniently hidden from the human eye. Likewise, many authors believe that the history and myths of this planet have a hidden overlay of alien wars - that all events can be interpreted by Reptilian belief. It's all about the occult, the hidden. For example, the article "THE SUPPRESSED HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH" says that a Reptilian race named "Ari-An" tried to take over the world with the "Aryan" movement (oh boy), that crop circles are starbound aliens' way of communicating with those on the ground, and that legal and illegal drugs were made by the aliens to make us compliant.

The Research section has a long list of articles which reveal information about these dreaded Reptilians. The most informative about their evil plans is the article "My Name Is Star-Fire" :

My Name Is Star-Fire From Nibiru 12 TTRodgers
One transsexual has disclosed that one of the Reptoid aliens revealed itself to her. The Reptoid had some means to disguise itself completely as another human transsexual and was associated with the human transsexual for four years. The Reptoid had been associated with a sex change surgeon in California for many years. In addition, there is now growing suspicion that Reptoids are immune to AIDS and released AIDS to kill off most of humanity by the year 2100. At present experts say around 50 million people world wide by the year 2000 will be dead or dying from AIDS and up to a billion will have the incurable disease by 2100.'" [Note: It is interesting that former Dulce base Security Officer Thomas E. Castello has stated that sex-change technology first originated within the Dulce base, where Reptiloids and CIA/NSA scientists collaborated. Any connection? Incidentally, a LARGE collection of reports of these reptilians, these "chameleons" masquerading as human beings, has been collected. These reports involve several areas within the continental U.S., and especially near the Dulce, New Mexico area, although such creatures have also been seen aboard alien craft, by abductees - Alan] "She enclosed something else I'd like to check out. She says: 'A Reptoid who has rebelled against his Reptoid masters has revealed that MANY Reptoids are disguised as humans and is exposing the Reptoid plot to kill off as many humans by AIDS as well as reduce the number of humans born by promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion in hopes that fewer humans would be born, but resistance to homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion by most humans forced the Reptoids to create the AIDS virus and release it to kill as many humans as possible and also scare humans from having sex. That's helping to lower the birth rate as well.'"

Scary stuff. What I am always wondering is, if these Reptilians are working in secret, why are they making themselves known to certain humans all the time ? Really sloppy work, guys. At least transsexuals have a key to this mystery.

Drawing of the
Targzissians, from
"Dracos, Targs, and
But do not believe that the authors think only Reptilian aliens exist. They believe in a wide variety of aliens, some of whom lord it over the scaly monsters. The article "Dracos, Targs, and Nagas" describes the Targzissians, who are a race of conical-skulled, pointed-eared bastards (see left). They have an ovoid mothership orbiting Saturn. Not sure what they're doing there.

We also learn in "Who Sealed the Reptilians in this Time-Space?" that there are entities in other dimensions :

I also believe there are other entities, beings, deities (or whatever you want to call them) living in the 7th, 8th, 9th, dimensions. They radiate positive energy, and for some reason (which I will explain later) also have an interest in our 3-D world. They can enter our 3-D world without a human body, but the energy they need to summon is not drawn from psychic rituals, or even from our world. They draw these energy from a source in another (high) dimension. Do they also use 3-D bodies as a 'space suit'? Well, yes, but only in agreement with the persons behind this bodies. They do not violate a person's will by entering his/her 3-D body without permission. More on this later.....

It was these beings in the higher dimensions who sealed the reptilians in the time-space frequency. If so, they must be (or at least must have been, although I believe they still are) stronger than the reptilians because obviously the reptilians would have resisted aggressively. Why are they stronger? Simply because of the love (energy without fear) they radiate in contrast with all the negative energy radiating from (and between) the reptilians.

We see that they take the notion of dimensions rather loosely. It gets even worse, as in some cases they talk about things like "3.5 dimensions".

Some have even dared to spy on these aliens. In an article called "Remote Viewing the Grey Collective", the writer tells us how he courageously done remove viewing on the Grey Collective. Remote viewing, apparently, works, but not in a way that he can make sense of :

From my own perspective, remote viewing operates through the subspace body of a human being who is able to tap-in to the universal psionic field. Since the psionic field is the very foundation of all space-time-material reality, the so-called " master program" of the universe, it is not necessarily bound by the limits of space, time and matter.

Yes. That's probably the most incomprehensible passage on the whole site.

For some reason, Greys look a lot like
plastic models.
He was able to remote-view the leader of the Greys, a most sinister character :

Before Brown's expulsion from the command center however, he was able to perceive for a brief moment what this being was really like. He or it was an extremely powerful being, but with a twisted personality that was full of darkness. Apparently this being had come into conflict with another Force which it saw as its enemy. Brown sensed in this being a severe self-esteem problem, in spite of its incredible power, and because of this it had a consuming desire to be worshipped by others. Brown was confused when he sensed that the subspace beings and in turn the Reptilians/Greys were COMMANDED by this leader to engage in self- indulgent and destructive activities. This being wanted his servants to use self-indulgent rewards or fear to maintain the absolute hierarchical command structure within its empire -- as well as through the rest of the subspace hierarchy and in turn the Grey society that they completely infested.

After a while, you realize they could make all these articles into science-fiction movies.

But the articles are not only about aliens. For some reason, there is also an article called "Vampire Biology", which calculated the nourishment in human blood and how a vampire could survive on it. It comes completely out of left field, but is a welcome relief from the non-stop pseudo-science.

So far, I have talked only about the Research section. You have to understand there are ten more sections like this one. This is not a small site by any measure.

By far the most interesting donator of articles is James Vandale. He has the most crackpot ones by far. Especially read his contributions to the Mythological and Experiences sections. For example, in "Summoning Demons" he gives us a glimpse of the interesting world of demon-rescuers :

"Summoning spirits" is nothing less than inter-dimensional kidnapping of beings intended for slavery. I cannot choose which crime would be the worse; both together ... feh.

Let me tell you this: those of us who act to minimize the effect of these escapees on other humans are not amused by attempted parlor tricks. We who house and feed these critters, who attempt to return them to their own homes, we are not at all amused. We get angry.

Summoning is, indeed, part of our Magickal heritage.

Slavery is a part of our American heritage, too; but I would not recommend it to a would-be patriot.

Drawing of known rapist.
If you see this Reptilian, report
him to David Icke immediately.
Another one is "Reptoid Rape: A Multi-Part Series", which gives six testimonies of people witnessing rapes or having been raped by the Reptilians. One story is a hypnotic regression, others are told by the people involved. Here is part of one such testimony, from "Michelle A. Guerin" :

What I see is a creature about 6-7 ft tall. His ears are large and pointed at the top. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He has pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and he has a TAIL! He's coming towards me...I have never been so scared in my life. He comes to the foot of the table. He pulls off my shorts and bathing suit bottom...he pushes my legs open and pulls me down towards him. His face is so close to mine...I want to scream, but it's only in my head. I hear a raspy sound coming from him. He puts something inside me and I feel like I'm being ripped apart. He likes to see how terrified I gives him alot of pleasure. It hurts so much. I have to get away in my head to someplace safe. I go.

James Vandale is obviously the best researcher here. I wish he had a page. I'm sure it would be one of the greatest pages on the Internet.

There are other interesting testimonies, such as :

  • "A MISSING TIME EXPERIENCE", which goes on and on about the Big Bang and music and Rand knows what;
  • "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES AND MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE LIZARD BEINGS", which details how the author has come to the conclusion that the JWs have been taken over by the Reptilians;
  • "!!! WARNING !!! Reptilian Aliens Ahead", which details "Sri Revolutiananda"'s fight against a Reptilian mystic;
  • and "I WAS MARRIED TO A SHAPESHIFTER AND THE BIGGEST SECRET IS CORRECT", which tells the story of a man who was married to a Reptilian, although he's probably just bitter.
For about 8 years it was my misfortune to be married to a woman who I discovered, not long after our marriage, to be a shape-shifting negative entity in human form. (I actually saw her shape-shift on several occasions.) From our union sprang three daughters, two of whom are of like nature to their mother. During the years of our marriage my then-wife engaged in Satanic rituals and similar practises, for the purpose of invoking and evoking negative entities of her own kind. A "side-effect" of these pernicious practises was that she drew into manifestation many entities who were eventually able to appear whenever they wished to, without having to be drawn by rituals. For me, this nightmare didn't end until we divorced in 1985.

The Contact section gives some intelligence about these dastardly aliens. "The Human Species Ancestry is Stellar" is a collection of writings from a man who says he has telepathically communicated with Reptilians (sleeping with the enemy ?). It must be seen to be believed. "Alex Collier - on Reptilians" and "Let's do some questions" give details of an interview with a man who claims to be in communication with the aliens. It seems, amongst other things, that the Andromedans are about to oust the Reptilians from Earth in 2003, and that we might see Reptilians trying to escape.

Dum du dum ! Map of alien bases in the
US. Click on it to see full size. You'd think
we would have found them out by now...
Q: I would like to know if the Andromedans are going to help us, when they plan to do this and whether or not they will inform us, so we could unite in a more uniform effort to overcome the problems that we have?

AC: They have actually made that decision by telling all of the extraterrestrial races to be out of here by August 12, 2003. Some of the crop circles have been done by the Andromedans as messages to some of the other races that they have to be out of there by that time. They have made a decision to intervene. If it is going to be any sooner, I am told that it requires at least 10% of the population to request it. We each have to individually ask, and it has to be at least 10% of the population. They said "by the time you finish your prayer, we will be here." They want to help, but we have free will. If they just come in without being asked, then they are violating our free will the same way the Greys and Draconians have. They will not do it. It is not the standard they live by.

Q: Do you have any idea how the Andromedans will extract aliens who refuse to leave?

AC: I have no idea, but if there are any in the earth, the only way I personally can see would be to enter in at the poles and force them out, which means it could get really weird here. Could you imagine reptilians running across the interstate highway?

I'm just trying to imagine a Reptilian running across the highway, pursued by Andromedans wielding lasers, shouting "I didn't do nothing ! I didn't do nothing !".

Another area worth reading is Channeled Communications. In it, you get reports from people who channel aliens, including Reptilians. Well, they're really speaking in a gruffy or tinny voice and saying platitudes, but it's cute. For example, one person channels a young Reptilian warrior called "Novancia". It looks like he's been briefed on how to talk to the press :

Novancia says, just do as
you are told, stupid humans.
Jon: So you are saying that the Satanic network on this planet, doesn't perform sacrifices?

Novancia: No!

Jon: I don't believe that. I've heard too many stories where this has been mentioned; and also that some of those involved in the sacrifices have morphed into reptilians. And that reptilians have materialised during these events.


Novancia: That it?

Jon: Do you kill beings that often?


Novancia: I'm not commenting on that.

60 Second Interview

Interview with David Icke. Fortunately, he doesn't care about what people think about him anymore. That's good, because we think he's a crackpot.

review written by Franc, 09/2002.

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