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George Hammond and the Scientific Proof of God
born : 1942, hit his head in 1981, was never the same again.
Quote : "It is shown that the 4 dimensions of Psychometry are caused by the 4 dimensions of Spacetime, and therefore the curvature of spacetime causes a curvature of Psychometry. This curvature in Psychometry is God, hence, Gravity causes God."

George Hammond picture George Hammond is, contrarily to everyone else on the top crackpot list, a real scientist. He has two diplomas in physics, granted by two serious universities (as far as I can tell), and seems to be knowledgeable of Relativity. On the other hand, he is a well-known kook, having written a book called "The Origin of the Cross" that featured a weird 4-sided numerology, and having been featured in the book "Kooks Outtakes" for it, and now putting on a web site his "THE WORLD'S FIRST SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF GOD".

Discovery of a scientific proof of God

The web site itself confirms our suspicions, if only because he compares himself with Gregor Mendel and imagines himself having a conversation with Feynman (from what I know of Feynman, he would only talk to him to have a good joke to tell other people, certainly not to have a serious conversation) .

However, we should still give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he did prove God. Here is the proof in one sentence :

God is caused by the curvature of Psychometry Space

His idea of psychometry is based on the fact that we do not reach our "ideal" genetic height (because of sub-optimal nutrition, for example). The highest growth is God (see right).

This proposition is very simple but does not make any sense. Theists do not propose that their god is a brain growth but rather a quite real thing (but we agree absolutely). Basically all of Hammond's site can be seen as trying to desperately find ad hoc justifications for this equivocation. He tries to make brain growth have supernatural powers :

Jesus knew this and could spot people who were suffering from this condition and could by his commanding presence alone break the mental block and lift repression, causing miraculous cures of hysterical blindness, paralysis or overpowering real organic disease.
The "psychological effect" of the braingrowth deficit, and it's historical record explains psychologically the phenomena of "God" as we know it from it's description in the Bible. It causes "perceptual miracles", it is the origin of "eternal life" (100% development = eternal life). it explains "God in Heaven" as the ungrown part of the brain (UNCS mind). it explains "Creation" since incremental brain growth produces new reality (creation).

If that was so, then isn't it a bit curious that we see no miracles today ? Rather, we observe no more miracles, while people in the Dark Ages saw many miracles. It is not difficult to figure out that it's about critical thinking, not brain growth.

3 axes of the brain Hammond also returns to his old favourite, numerology, this time with the number 3. Much like Time Cube, he takes the three-dimensional geometry of space as some kind of important principle, but this time with threes :

The fact that the brain has 3 structural axes causes Psychology to have 3 structural dimensions. In fact, when you take into account that the brain is a time varying system, you get 4 structural dimensions known to Psychometry as E,N,P,g (g = IQ). Therefore we see that the X,Y,Z,t of ordinary space-time are the direct physical cause of the four principle dimensions of Psychology, E,N,P,g (Extroversion, Neuroticism, Psychoticism, and Intelligence).

This discovery of God has many far-reaching consequences : homo sapiens is now only 6 000 years old (because the Bible says so - but it's all very scientific), three-legged animals have not evolved because only 4 legs give them freedom of movement on the three axis (sadly, the mere 2 legs of humans are not explained), there is a life after death, and all the gods in history are true :

30 1st order eigenvectors = 30 demigods of the Hindu & primitive religions
13 2nd order eigenvectors = 13 Olypian gods of the Egypt-Greco-Roman Pantheon
4 3rd order eigenvectors = 4 Gospel "saints" of Christianity, Mt-Mk-Lk-Jn
1 4th order eigenvector = the GOD of world religion, God=Allah=Yahweh=Vishnu=..etc.

Why yes George, that's obvious. Unfortunately, George has forgot to include to us proper instructions on how to worship a brain growth. George, who is a Christian, seems to be glad that Muslims didn't find his theory first :

I think the vast bulk of mankind will be greatly relieved to find out that Christianity has fulfilled its promises to the world, and that the dedication and benevolence that Western Science and technology has been claiming, has now proven itself. I think the Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists will breathe a quiet sigh of relief when they hear of the discovery of a new Christian gospel of salvation for the world.

Hammond's turgid prose is nevertheless a source of entertainment, and is another case of "you have to read it to believe it". For example, he tells us that :

On the basis of this we suspect that "miracles" would simply be when the brain in a given individual suddenly obtains a small spurt of "growth" and the entire persons "reality" changes because of it because his brain grew. The World suddenly in a "supernatural" manner gets "slower and smaller", and most notably all the people in it. This is based on the "Brain as a Computer" model, whereby the program running on the computer is called "reality", and sudden brain growth is like "upgrading" the computer with a faster processor and more memory.

Huh ? Hammond could be a popular crackpot, if he made himself known better. His theory is a marvelous construction of nonsense which will be appreciated by anyone.

An Ode To George Hammond (by Sally Arturo)

Georgey is a funny boy, / His mind is missing a cog.
He comes to all the newsgroups, / And shouts about his SPOG

All those who read his ravings / Just shower him with taunts,
But to be our new messiah / Is all George really wants!

He started by studying physics, / But that didn't go too well.
Partly because of his insanity, / And partly 'cause of the smell.

Cover of book 'The Origin of the Cross' He wound up undercover, / Researched in secret (For ten years!).
Studying the world from a mental home, / Until at last the answer became clear!

The cause of his pain and his failure! / Brain growth deficiency = God and hence,
God is a gravity eigenvector / And George is a little too dense!!

Anti - SPoG

For some unfathomable reason, someone has decided to make an entire site to discuss why the "Scientific Proof of God" is wrong, He's very thorough about it, too. Great site, Bernhard, it's fun to go through for us Hammond fans, but I hope you didn't get any brain damage from having to do this.

George Hammond's 4-Way Universe

An extract from the book "Kooks Outtakes" about George Hammond's previous "numerology" phase. Very entertaining,

2005 [Hammond] update !

This article was written a long time ago. Since then, I have been following the newsgroups carefully for Hammond (or as he calls himself on Usenet, [Hammond]) and his latest exploits - usually, alienating himself from one or the other discussion group. In fact, I have featured some of his emails on the Crackpots on Usenet page, although I do not update this because if I were to keep doing it, there would just be too many of them. His Usenet output is fairly sizeable.

There is, however, a stunning development : having been rejected by all scientists and religious organizations he has contacted, Hammond has announced that he is creating his own religion.

GOD=G_uv Hammond founds COSA Church

The acronym COSA stands for:

"Church of the Scientific Advent"

Yes.... I am founding a new Church. It is to be an interdenominal Church, and people of all religions are free to join. Founded on the discovery of a scientific proof of God... this Church is open to all religions, because the scientific proof of God upon which it is founded has proved the truth and correctness of all existing Relgigions including the 5 major faiths: Christianity, Islam, Judiasm, Hinduism and Buddhism. All other faiths are also included. It is to be a nonprofit institution.
It is to be an "Internet Church" and anyone can join. We should have our own website and our own Newsgroup... all in good time.

The first step is to establish an ad hoc directorship... consisting of volunteers. The requirements for office consist of the following:

1. A familiarity with the discovery of the scientific proof of God as outlined at:

2. Faith in the fact that the existence of God can be scientifically proved, and that this would be a miracle for the World.

3. An interest in building a Church large enough to force a competent evaluation of this discovery by the Scientific community and the Religious authorities.

4. A belief that the existence of this discovery cannot wait for the establishment to move and that the New Scientific Gospel must be gotton out by the creation of a Church which will spread the word of the advent of this new miracle to the world population.

Anyone wishing to join, or volunteer to be on the board of directors, or in any other way become involved, may email me at:

To join the church (no obligations) simply send an email to the above address with the word COSA in the subject line and your email address will be added to the COSA (Listserv) email list which will be discussing the organization, mission and Charter of the new church. You can freely post and discussion you want to the list.
Serious inquiries only, please.
Please state your qulifications for any board level appointment and/or any other questions/ideas/suggestions you might have. No SPAM please!

Sincerely, George Hammond M.S. Physics
Chairman of the Board of Directors COSA

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Being strict secularists, neither I nor Alleee will join up, but if anyone does take him up on this offer, email us to tell us how it's going. We consider any member of the COSA a friend of this site.

Praise the Brain Deficit !

According to one "TMG", Hammond is well-known in his community.

Let me be clear - I used to live one town over from George. His hard core insanity was a topic of discussion at (almost) every block meeting and social gathering. He was, and continues to be, a "person of interest". He's been tossed into a state mental ward (more than once) against his will, and if the commonwealth hadn't turned the loons out onto out streets because of a lack of funding, they'd probably still have him.
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Yes, the self-appointed genius himself has praised our work here at Insolitology. We feel honoured and amused.

Also, I see that I am #8 on your "TOP 8 CRACKPOT LIST" of Internet crackpots:

#8 -George Hammond
and all gods are determined by eigenvectors.

I will say this for you... apparently you are one of the FEW people in the world who actually comprehends my discovery, and in fact has managed to describe it in 14 WORDS! That's better than I have ever been able to do!

Anyway..... THANKS FOR THE PUBLICITY... every bit helps.. good, bad or indifferent. I appreciate it!

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review written by Franc, 07/2002.
last updated 04/2005.