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Microvita Research

Pseudo-physics occupies a sizeable part of the quack spectrum, and almost all of it is single-mindedly dedicated to claiming that "Einstein has been proven wrong !". This obsession with Einstein may come from his iconic status, or from the counter-intuitive consequences of General Relativity. But once in a while, there is something new. Really, really new. Like... microvita, or in plural, microvitum. It permeates the universe, just like the Force, except it's alive. It knows when you're sleeping, it knows when you're awake...

Picture of P.R. Sarkar. Hello
mr. cult leader, have you
talked to any microvita
lately ? Are you staring
at microvitum ?
Microvita Research

Microvita is the discovery of one P.R. Sarkar. A cursory search on the Internet reveals that he is the leader of his very own cult, "Ananda Marga", as the bio on their web site confirms.

Adjusting the ancient science of Tantra Yoga to meet the needs of this age, he developed a scientific and rational philosophy and a system of practical disciplines for physical, mental and spiritual development. Recognizing him as a spiritually realized Master, his followers called him "Shrii Shrii Anandamurti" (which means "He who attracts others as the embodiment of bliss") or simply "Baba" (father).

Paging L. Ron Hubbard, paging L. Ron Hubbard... Mr. Hubbard ? We have a contender for your throne of "most successfull pseudo-scientific cult leader". There are more stunning similarities with Hubbard. They quaintly refer to his death in October 1990 as a "departure". He was keenly interested in "love for animals, plants and the inanimate". His literary output was enormous and ranged from "philosophical treatises" to "fiction" (not sure where the line gets drawn, but we'll let it slide).

If you want, you can also read about Ananda Marga's Spiritual Practices (which apparently involve sticking a slug on your forehead and flexing your whole body), "Neo-Humanism" (we should love animals and plants too) and Social Philosophy (typical cultist communism with a spiritual sauce). Nothing terribly original or interesting.

What does that has to do with microvita ? I don't know, probably nothing. They mention the "discovery" of microvita as one of his accomplishments, but nothing concrete. So, let's get to the main site and to our subject. What is microvita ? The introduction "book" "Microvita in a Nutshell" may give us an answer :

There are entities which come within the realm of both physicality and psychic expressions which are smaller or subtler than atoms, electrons or protons, and in the psychic realm may be subtler than ectoplasm. For such objects or for such entities I use the term "microvitum". This microvitum, or in plural microvita, are not of protoplasmic order, and as such they have got little to do with carbon molecules or carbon atoms, which are treated as the initial points or initial stage of life in this universe. So far as physicality is concerned, the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and electron, but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron.

It is a human wont that whatever we know regarding any subject or any object, when we know that it exists but its characteristics or other particulars are not known to us, we say it is "mysterious". So regarding these microvita, we may say they are mysterious. That is why I used the term "microvitum, the mysterious emanation of cosmic factor". They are not of protoplasmic order, and hence the question of their protozoic structure or metazoic structure does not arise. They are something mysterious.

OK, it's something mysterious. This is really no help at all. If this is an introductory textbook, we're screwed. Fortunately there is a better introductory article, "The New Concept of Microvita", by Richard Richardson (think he was teased in school ?) to tell us exactly what it is.

Rare mugshot of a microvita.
Microvita are living entities which come within the scope of both physical and psychic expressions.
Microvita move througout the entire universe. They pass without restriction through galaxies and other celestial objects such as planets, satellites and meteors. Their movement is neither restricted by temperature nor by pressure. They move unbarred through the universe.

Microvita are living entities. They exist, multiply and die. They require some medium for their movement, and can move through several media at once. They can move through sound, tactuality and forms. In the case of some diseases they move through smell. Subtler microvita can move through ideas. Directed by someone with a great, conceptually developed mind, microvita can also spread ideas throughout a planet or even the universe.

The amount of pseudo-science or cult-think in this article alone is astounding. See if you can find it all. Here are the ones I found : ectoplasm, "special type of perception", "physico-psycho-spiritual practices", microvita can move through sound, tactuality, forms (?), smells, and ideas (??), microvita is the source of life, microvitum collectives, "Supreme Entity",everything made of carbon has a mind... I'm only at a third of the article and there's already too much ! The funniest part is the claim that microvita assembles in "structures" that influence the human mind.

Gandharva microvita arouse love for the fine arts in the human mind.

Kinnara microvita create a thirst for beauty and decoration.

Vidyadhara microvita create a deep urge to attain good qualities.

Videhalina microvita cause people to rush from place to place and lose sight of their spiritual goal.

Sounds more like astrology to me. But then again, that must be my microvita talking. Has anyone noticed how similar this is to Scientology's body thetans ? No, it doesn't mean anything... nothing at all... Anyway, your goal should be to clear yourself of all your body thetans and because an OT... I mean clear yourself of all your negative microvita and live in a heaven. Apparently this is done by desiring carbonic objects (a veiled reference to bestiality ? you decide) :

Negative microvita are attracted to persons of selfish mentality and these negative microvita intensify destructive and divisive activities of the mind such as imperialism in its many forms. Negative microvita can help to create a psychology of slavery, inferiority complex, pseudo-culture, psycho-economic exploitation, nihilism and cynicism.

In order to stop the negative effects of imperialistic psychology, Neo-Ethics will have to be adopted. This requires that the Macrocosmic Entity be accepted as the Supreme Desideratum in human life, and that there should be a happy adjustment and balanced blending between the different carbonic and non-carbonic objects desired by the mind. This will lead to the multilateral salvation of human society. It will remove economic expolitation, political suppression, religious indoctrination, cultural imposition and social subordination. The Earth will become like a heaven.

So, this explains George Bush then. Any chance we can get his microvita out ? I'd like to see that, especially since they explain that negative microvita come from the groin.

The book "Microvitum in a Nutshell" is interesting too, if only for its "Questions and Answers" sections, where we can learn wonderful things like how to fight evil microvita, or that women cannot tolerate too much microvita :

The male structure differs from the female structure in that the number of microvita in the male structure is more than in the female structure. The sex difference is due to the number of microvita. Suppose in the male protoplasm the number of microvita is ten billion, then in the female protozoa there are five billion. Not only the number, but also the varieties of microvita in the male and female structures differ. The male body can tolerate the application of positive or negative microvita after the formation of semen starts. In a boy above fifteen years of age, the formation of semen has started. (In hot countries this usually occurs at thirteen to fifteen years and a little later in cold countries.) As soon as semen has formed, the number of microvita is also increased in the male body. A female body or a male child in whom semen formation has not yet started, cannot tolerate the application of positive or negative microvita. But in the case of the male body, as the testes glands are functioning, the application of microvita will not do any harm.

Yet females or children will also enjoy divine bliss if they satisfy Parama Purus'a. Only by His grace, by the grace of the supreme, can one attain divine bliss by satisfying Him. In anything and everything human might, human power and human brain are extremely limited. Everyone depends on Him.

These are definitively more technical crackpots, but it's worth it, if you like that sort of thing.

In conclusion : microvita.

Physics and Cosmology

Now he has fans as well, apparently.

review written by Franc, 07/2003.

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