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You know the kind of person who believes everything he hears ? The kind of guy that, if you tell him that there is an anti-gravity well in front of the 11th floor window, will jump out to try it ? Well, I'm sure he would love this site.

(Note : As of 2005, the site seems to be gone forever. The spirits flew away, never to return. There is, however, a which seems like fruitful grounds.)
Welcome to the wild, wild world of the paranormal. Channeling, Lightwork, OOD, Reincarnation... they're all here. The front page always has the latest articles in proeminence, which gives you a good idea of the style of this site. As I write this, the lead article begins with "Messages from Archangel Michael". Yes.

Each section is full of authors and subjects. In channeling, you get to read articles from "Alloya Ye Ra", a "trainer of the Weiss Transformational Healing Process, she works very closely with various energies most of which are Extraterrestrial". By far my favourite, Donna Kinniburgh, is a "Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions". They all have their little specialities, which I think is cute.

Channelers tend to speak in a stilted style, and in old or broken english (as if people from two thousand years ago spoke english), which adds entertainment. They say things like "verily, it is as you say !". But all the verbiage can't get the reality out of your head that, yea, these are just normal people trying to sound spiritually advanced. It's not pretty, people. Here is a typical example, from "Pleiadians Book: Whose Plan Is It Anyway?" :

...Feel out what we are talking about because what lies ahead in the next few years is that this concept of the Living Library is going to be plugged in to your body. [What will it be like] to experience these things? Once you begin to plug your body in to the pebbles outside your door, the pebbles begin to sing to you what is in their molecules. Or the salamander that walks across the fence. Or the bird that comes to sing by your window in the morning. The Living Library was formed with a grand purpose. It was an experiment where life could genetically be implemented and planted with knowledge. When one came into this Living Library, if one knew how to play the frequency codes and learned how to change their own electromagnetic spectrum through thought, they could receive the entire history of the universe as it existed the insects, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the trees. All thingson this planet were purposely designed to hold knowledge. It is just like your Library of Congress holds knowledge on the printed page or on microfilm...
And this goes on and on and on and on...

Some, like the channeled entity 'St. Germain' in "Intimacy With Divinity" are more prompt to cloak themselves into pop-psychology :

You see, my Dear Ones, what keeps you separate from that intimacy is the fear that you are not good enough, not worthy of love or enlightenment or all of the wondrousness of this world. That fear is rampant upon your plane. It is the fear that you knew very soon after your birthing. It is the fear that was communicated to you by your parents, by mass consciousness, by all with whom you have contact in your day to days.

As you understand that the true nature of you is Divine and that what keeps you from the feeling of that knowing is simply fear, then indeed you may consciously choose a different way of being. You may say there is no "doing" involved here. None of this Divinity or Enlightenment business is about "doing". It IS about BEING who you truly are, however that is in any moment. You see, while you are hiding the reality of you, you cannot transform those facets of you which do not exemplify the highest idea of who you can possibly be. Does this make sense to you?

The fear that you hold within you that you are not enough is really not the fear of the rational, intelligent person that you appear to be. It is the fear of the little child that lives within you that has been terrified all these years that it is not worthy of love. That little person rules your life. That little person keeps you in reaction to life, trying to be "thought of" and "seen to be" what you think you are not.

When you embrace that little one and own every facet of you, in the knowing that what is not of love and joy is simply the reaction of the frightened child, THEN you can begin to be intimate with yourself. THEN your life will begin to transform. THEN you will lead a life of vital, joyous and passionate creativity.

Lightwork, for the uninitiated, is a term some people have found to make themselves seem more important. According to this ideology, many people are really from other planets, and don't know it yet. Not surprisingly, most of these "walk-ins" are believers.

You can learn about harmonic convergences, ascensions, photon belts ! Ancient civilisations, angelic realms, and aliens ! It looks like our solar system is inhabited by aliens, according to channeler Celeste Korsholm in "Tales from the Planets" :

Our planet, our solar system, has been greatly influenced by powerful forces coming from outside the system which bring with them their weaknesses and strengths. Uranus, for example, was settled by desperate refugees from wars in space. In order to avoid further pursuit, they forced the mutation of their species on a primitive life form found on Uranus. Later, they volunteered for Earth assignment in order to balance this karma by applying their hard-earned wisdom in service to others.

Light-Technology is also an interesting section. What is that, you ask ? "Light-Technology is a new approach to perceive energy, gravity and space-time based on a more wholistic base". Warning bells should ring when you read the word "holistic" or "wholistic" (whoristic ?) on anything...

In "Townsend Brown and his Anti-Gravity Discs", we learn of an amazing discovery :

Thomas Townsend Brown has been flying strange metal saucer-like discs of his own secret design and make for more than 30 years - some big ones too, up to 30 inches in diameter! (...) To engineers and scientists one equation is worth a thousand words! But even an equation is of little use unless it has values assigned to at least some of its main parts. When these were not forthcoming, from a technical point of view, it appeared Brown was walking on straw legs.

Then recently Brown went to France. Under what was virtually a French Government sponsored program of research, Air-France successfully flew some of the Brown discs in a HIGH VACUUM!

And that took all the "electric wind" out of the previously dissenting sails!

Isn't ignorance of basic physics wonderful ?

The Philadelphia Project, Ley Lines, Shamanism... it seems LightTech really means gullibility. Any of the authors featured on this site could have his own page on Insolitology. For example, John Armitage is channeling Merlin, believe it or not :

I am Merlin, alchemist of these Western Isles, known by many as a magician of the Western Isles. Many would think I am myth, but I am reality. I not only reside in these Western Isles, but am present through the whole of your material world, and non-material world. I come to speak with you on Earthwork, I come to speak with you on crystals, I come to speak with you on mandalas. Some beings present in this group have been recently active in the construction of crystal mandalas. Your work is to be commended. Your work is necessary, it is useful and it is right and true. I encourage you to keep on with this work, and to follow through your feelings, follow through your guidance that you may continue to bring Light into the body of the Earth Mother.

About half of the people on this site should be on medication, if they are not already. But that's what gives this site its charm - its twisted, inane charm. Every single article is a faithfull reflection of someone's mental disorder.

There are too many sections on this site to mention here. Suffice it to say that the amateur insolitologist should find here hours and hours of entertaining research.

review written by Franc, 08/2002.