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Welcome to the List of Parodies

Only the best sites are selected for your perusal. Comments are in blue for Franc and red for Alison.

Parody of the Religious

Game of Satan - Roleplaying games are satan worshipping
Wonderful page full of fundamentalist ranting against pretty much everything, but especially RPGs. Some people think it's a parody. Favourite quote : "There is one very important thingh about lesbian behaviour: it is NOT always a deadly sin if practiced WITHIN THE HOLY MATRIMONY for the PLEASURE OF THE HUSBAND!". The MIDI is very annoying.
Quote: "I've hear they offer child pornography in Internet! I tried to check if this was true, but had no success yet! INTERNET is the ANTI-CHRIST! Armageddon WILL come soon!" I'm not sure what he is saying. It could be that he's for real, because only a kid who's parents have a block on his internet couldn't find any porn he wanted. Or perhaps he thinks the internet is demonic because he couldn't find child porn?

Americans For Purity: Winning The War On Masturbation
Zero tolerence on masturbation is the word on this site that exposes the immorality of wanking off.
The first time I clicked on this site, I got a popup of Britney. Next, J-Lo. Then, Madonna. Truly a site for Strong Americans. (wink)

Temple of Black Jesus
Be saved, yo.
I'm gonna get sizaved! (unfortunately, my "PC" gene is acting up a bit.) *cough*

A parody of the cartoons on CreationWise, an anti-evolution Christian site.
"Holy BuyBull." hehe.

I am with you always
A parody of the "I am with you always" cartoons (see Main List).
Just a little less creepy than the actual site it parodies. It's like he's...smelling my underwear...or...something...

Landover Baptist Church
The most popular parody of Christian fundamentalists in America today. Their wars against tampons, evil secular movies, and unsaved people are always entertaining, and constantly updated. Also listen to sermons and interviews, and check out their various ministries.
I wouldn't know about that site, honey. They have this "thing" in the computer that keeps out the "unsaved." It's very scientific.

Betty Bowers
Betty Bowers is America's Best Christian, and she won't hesitate to tell you why. Check out her ministries also.
Check out her letter exchange with John Paulk, ex-ex-ex gay. What Would Betty Do?

The Christian Porno Parody Site
Christianity and porno together go like oil and water, but not in this hilarious parody of fundamentalists.
Hours of blasphemous diversion.

The archive of an old, long article from National Lampoon magazine that lampoons Scientology.
I'm not sure if this isn't just another page from Scientology.

David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist
Pretty self-explanatory.
Like I needed proof.

Focus on the Bible
The Internet's only true Bible ministry.
Dictated by God Himself.

Fluids for Christ
This organisation seeks to keep Christian fluids in Christian people. Can blood and sperm transport religion ? According to the emails they got, it seems some Christians think so.
I will only accept rich, saucy Italian or Latino blood.

Hilarious prank calls to religious shows, and CDs available to buy.
I would feel sorry for the hapless Christian radio deejays enduring Brother Russell's Melba-abuse, but, heck, they deserve it. "Melba vs. GayDay" had me laughing so hard I needed immediate medical attention.

Welcome to the Entrances to Hell website
All the places in the UK that have access to Hell. Difficult to see as parody, until you read the descriptions...
"As the Battle of Epping Forest neared its climax, Winston Churchill siezed a unique opportunity and actually managed to capture the devil with his bare hands. In the frantic struggle to escape, the devil bit off his own left arm before returning in a great fury to his underworld home via Bill Masheen."

Parody of Paranormal/Pseudo-science

Psychic Magazine
A parody of paranormal articles. Especially watch for the "D'hartma Speaks" column.
I knew it. James Randi IS evil.

The Flat Earth Liberation Front Against Television
A parody of gencentrism belief.
I'm pretty certain the conspiracy involved "The Honeymooners," "I love Lucy," and, of course, The Freemasons.

A large set of mostly parodies on pseudo-science and whackiness written by one person. Lord Kelvin loves you !
I'm wearing my foil deflector beanie now. Why aren't you?

Donald Simanek's Pages
While not a parody in itself, Simanek discusses and lampoons much nonsense, including perpetual motion and religion.
"Cranks keep the world working." --Charles Fort

DNA Free Food
"Consumers would be shocked to know that even organic foods contain DNA. A representative from Greenpiece said "not enough research has gone into studying the long-term effects of eating DNA"."
Why won't America just wake up! It's about damned time someone pointed out how much food we eat is contaminated with this dangerous acid!

A crackpot nonsense generator. Nice diversion for a rainy day.

Other Parodies

Animal Defense Militia
A parody of PETA and other "animal rights" groups, from the web site Chickenhead.
It's about time someone exposed those namby-pamby, wishy-washy PETA pansies.

The Jewish Conspiracy FAQ
"A primer for the hapless goyim".
Offering great opportunities for race-traitors. .

Ban Screwdrivers
Football Kills
Two parodies of gun control, with screwdrivers and footballs.
From Hatemail: "Please describe how footballs founding fathers thought footballs were phallic smybols?" Sign me up! I still have scars from dodgeball.

Hotlipz' Hotbed of Sarcasm
"Everything You Wanted to Know About White Supremacy but were Afraid to Ask".
I especially enjoyed "White Man's Plight in the Americas".

The Militant Feminist Quiz
What do you do if your boyfriend doesn't want to do the dishes ? Duh, that's easy. You kick him in the nuts, pour kerosene on him, and set him on fire.
Or, you could try to pour kerosene on him first, then kick him in the nuts. But you might get your boots smelly.

Slapdash City
Fun names to say ! Everything about the word "sanguine" ! A broken link list ! It's like a barrel of monkeys, except without a barrel. Or monkeys.
I personally enjoyed his Background Color Archive, and think you should all check it out.

This is treading a fine line between real stupidity, parody, and the commercial. Maybe it's one of those newfangled "viral marketing" thingies that younguns in the industry keep talking about.