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Welcome to Rationally Speaking

This is the place where we try to explain the rest of the site.

So, you wanna be a psychic ? part 1, part 2, part 3
Franc demonstrates in detail how to spot the method of a PSYCHIC in action.

How to Succeed at Quackery (Without Even Trying)
"Prometheus", of the blog "A Photon in the Darkness", tells us how to succeed at the business of selling medical quackery.

Cult Test
A little test that answers the perennial question, "what is a cult ?" and "is X a cult ?".

Why do people believe weird things ? (to come)
Like Amway cultists say, "When you have a DREAM, the FACTS don't matter !"

Theories and Explanatory Power (to come)
What is a THEORY, and what makes a good one ? Not what it can explain, but rather how well it explains it...

The Energy Crisis
It SURROUNDS us... like the FORCE... yes, it's the old pseudo-scientific standby, ENERGY ! (by Robert Novella)

Reason, the Baloney Detection Kit, and Basic Physics Concepts
Knowing is half the POWER (the other half is smooth-talking).

Spooky Experiences (to come)
Pressure on your chest, ghosts in your room... Is there a SUPERNATURAL SENSE ?