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Citizens for the
Ten Commandments
aka: Things That are
Wrong and Bad

Citizens for the Ten Commandments

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Despite what anyone may think, believe or fantasize, the ONLY ones who have a problem with the Ten Commandments, and want it limited or removed, are those who either break it themselves, or have associates who violate the Ten Commandments. Of course, if we willingly and brazenly violate the Ten Commandments, we definitely are not going to want it to be a rule to be judged by, and so naturally, we are going to do all in our power to annul the Ten Commandments.

children's ten commandments site image At first glance, one may think this is a political call-to action group concerned with, say, the display of the ten commandments in public governmental offices. Fortunately for us, it is much more interesting. This site spells out for us exactly what evil is, and what we should not do, and not think-a sort of "companion site" to the good ol' Ten Commandments (for unfortunately some of this site's evil was left off of the tablets). It seems that the laws of The Decalogue should be as self-evident as the "immorals" listed on the site, for I can't find it anywhere on his page.

What is bad:

RotwangMadScientist So who ARE these atheists?
1. They actually believe in God; they just hate Him and want to destroy him.

"Atheists clearly exhibit a contorted and deep hatred for God which everyone aware of atheism are familiar with. They will call God all types of names, and tell a lot of lies on God. No one can ever do any such things to someone they loved, nor to a fictitious character...As long as atheists can keep trying to make lack of knowledge of God their foundation, they can quickly work to destroy Christians' foundation based on God, without having to buffer themselves from the attacks Christians would make if they (atheists) acknowledged God. In other words, while the "Christian" is scratching his head for an answer on "Prove God exist", atheists, in full knowledge of God, go and destroy the works of Christianity and supplant it with satanism."

2. Atheists are "stupid, insane and immature thinkers."

BrigitteHelmEvil 3. Atheists are evil.
"Insatiable violence is the innate tendency of atheism...Atheism came from the creature who had the deepest hatred for God and with the keenest knowledge of God's existence. In fact, this knowledge of God's existence coupled with this hatred is the basis behind contemporary atheism. Atheism is both a murder statement towards God and an illusive source of comfort since this murder of God is impossible. As you may have already guessed, satan was the first to step in the mire of atheism...What both you and I ARE harmed from are the dangerous workings of atheism, which is killing babies, freeing criminals and establishing anti-God deception... By all means get away from atheists, -assuming of course, you told them straight they are wrong and shouldn't be accepted. When you trail the path of atheism, you travel a suicidal path, because the God atheists deny will punish them forever. democracygoddessNo matter how nice atheists seem, keep in mind, if you saw satan, you would see no person nicer."

Democracy: Cause of All World Problems

As it is with all other sin, Democracy was created by The Dark Lord, the Beast, Old Splitfoot.

"Satan and thousands of angels, existing in the kingdom of God, wanted to be LIKE God. This means they wanted to rule over themselves like God did. By trying to rule themselves, they broke the rules of God, and thus God cast them out of His kingdom. After the demons practiced their democracy, satan, on earth sought to get mankind to do the same. He became successful, when he got Adam to do his own will by eating of the forbidden tree, and thus breaking the command of God."

Basically, since people are sinful, they will make sinful laws so that they can do anything sinful they want. God is against democracy. Just look at The Gays, if you don't believe me!

fundy cavecouple animatedsatan

Evolution: A Satanic Religion

Note: "Evolution is Wrong" just happened to be under the heading "Popular deceptions and untruths." For a moment I thought, "hey, this guy still might have a drop of sense left in his head." Of course, it only fell in line with the poor grammar liberally littered throughout this site. I implore this man to bone up on his verb tenses and proper use of the apostrophe, as soon as humanly possible.
*Yawn* Evolution is a conspiracy to lead us away from God. Its teaching should be forbidden. Any student writing a paper on evolution should be "suspended or whatever, for introducing satanic religion in public facilities."

No Such Thing as Separation of Church and State

churchandstate "The State" is a religion: a Satanic one. "By actually supporting the separation of the state from God, we only further it's evil advance on our children, and we become assured it will NEVER teach them the right things. So let's not favor separation of church and state perse. Instead, lets favor separation of state from EVIL churches and from doctrines which are contrary to the Bible, since of course, we know that the Bible is right."

Conclusion: for this site's theology, I refer you to our Jack Chick page. I suppose that this guy may be more comfortable in, say, Iran, judging from the fundamentalist theocracy he's advocating. Strangely enough, for all the bile and hatred on these pages, I was most disturbed by the spelling and grammar.

review written by Alison, 07/2002.

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