Alleee and Franc's

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Welcome to the den of Religious Cuckoos

Here are some birds of the same feather - religious delusion. Welcome to the world of the theistic mind.

Sexual Purity
Who knew Christian SEXUAL PURITY could be so FAKE and CREEPY. "To Marry or to Burn" !

Ted Jesus Christ GOD Site
It would be SOMEWHAT of an understatement to say that "Ted Jesus Christ GOD" is NOT WELL.

GET DOWN with the Lord, yo. Bits and pieces of Christian fundamentalism drowned in a sea of BIKER-TALK and BAD POETRY.

Movie haters - ChildCare Action Project + Christian Spotlight on the Movies
So many movies take the LORD'S NAME in VAIN. One should be glad that some Christians are rebuking those damn HOLY-WOOD PRODUCERS.

Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments
The famous RAVING LUNATIC site against atheists and homosexuals. Did you know that we are deluded mental patients who worship SATAN ?

God Hates Fags
The site of the controversial ANTI-GAY ministry, and its inevitable parodies.

End-Time Deliverance Ministry
It looks like DEMONIC spirits are in everything, even computers, and only EXORCISM will do.

Citizens for the Ten Commandments
Atheism, evolution and democracy are of the DEVIL.

Christian Answers
Biblical literalists really can't cope with DINOSAURS. (by the Ethical Atheist)

A Christian fundamentalist web site made by your grandma. LOOK, ANIMATED GIFS ! WOO ! Perhaps overall the most harrowing web site known to man.

Have You Decided To Follow Jesus? (to come)
Horrible, horrible CARTOONS to save children and adults alike.

My Index (to come)
A veritable encyclopedia of Christian quackery. Noelene Joy has too much time on her hands.