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Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments

devilpuppet Robert T. Lee hates atheists, homosexuals, liberals, heathens, public schools, and The Media. But most importantly, Robert T. Lee hates America. America is an evil, Satanic country, based on a constitution written by the demonic finger of Satan, much like the righteous Ten Commandments were carved in stone by the righteous, powerful finger of God. He has proof.

Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments

What does Robert T. Lee want? A theocratic, totalitarian government under one constitution-the only righteous constitution-The Ten Commandments. All government officials should be subject to a religious litmus test as spelled out in the bible. All enemies of the True Christian State: anyone who breaks any of the laws of the Ten Commandments, abortionists, atheists, heathens, homosexuals, pornographers (he has a broad definition of this) and basically anyone who Thinks and Incorrect Thought, should be sentenced to the Righteous Death Penalty. Preferably a good stoning, or whatever is recommended by the bible. Witches and satanists (another broad definition) should be burned. Only then would Mr. Lee find it proper to be patriotic. After all, honoring the constitution, flying a flag, gay pride flaggay american flagreciting any American oath is breaking the Fourth Commandment-the one about idols, graven images and such-and constitutes worshipping a god above the True Christian God, Yahweh. Unfortunately, unlike the definition of pornographers and satanists, the definition of a True Christian is mighty narrow. Believe as Mr. Lee believes, and one just might pass muster.

I find this idea of a True Christian to be strangely erotic, a slave-master, s&m-sort of relationship (see my article, Christian S&M). As a real, honest-to-Yahweh Christian, one must first realize that one is dirt, diddley-squat, a worthless pile of monkey manure. In fact, the only human that is in fact not a pile of poo (besides Jesus Corporeal), is an innocent, unborn human embryo. Once you're born, forget it.You're not fit to wipe God's butt. Of course, this makes the whole idea of stem-cell research diabolically inspired.

Richard's Evils: Site Quotes

gay commies Homosexuals

If you are not repulsed against homosexuality, something morally is terribly wrong with you - you are a sick individual.
Homosexuals often like to have some kind of contact and influence on children. This is why they hang around Boy's clubs, or become school teachers and why many of them in America work at Walt Disney. Many of them are pedophiles and want to recruit or teach children to accept homosexuality. And since homosexuality is at least equal to murder, this is equivalent to teaching children to become murderers.
Queer Captain Hook God has not prescribed that homosexuals should merely be spoken against, rejected, discriminated against, or banished from the nations, but He requires that they be put to death by every government under which they reside (Leviticus 20:13) and no sorrow should be had for them.
Thus we see that God requires death for homosexuality just as he requires death for murder. This tells us that homosexuality is at least equal to the heinousness of murder. All homosexuals should be regarded by every society to be just as much criminals as are cold-blooded murderers.

Atheist Atheists

The best way to understand the nature of atheism is to understand its author. satan is its author.
Atheism is properly defined as a denial of the existence of God in the midst of full knowledge that God does indeed exist. Atheism knows God exists, it is quite familiar with that fact, but it says "under no circumstance or situation will I admit to God's existence."
Atheism is therefore a doctrine of demons, and in many, if not all cases, atheists are demon-possessed.
So it is quite possible that when you heard atheists speaking, all you heard was demons ranting against God.
lavey Atheists are not fit to be parents; they are not fit to be employed in any portion of any society; they are not fit to be any kind of leaders in any society, nor are they fit to serve in any area of public trust. Atheism makes every person who embraces it unfit for any good work.
Atheists are not even fit to live. They have forfeited the right to life by virtue of being unfit for any good thing.
Atheism is so heinous and does so much harm that there is desperate need for legislation against it. It is not an ideology, philosophy or demonic religion which should be allowed to exist and flourish in any society. Every atheist should be regarded as high criminals by all governments who have no right to live on the earth.

(This goes on for six, very long pages-Alleee)

constitution The Constitution, Democracy, and America

Satan's bowels began to churn and growl, and they began to give him awful pain. Then he felt a strong urge to expel excrement. When he did so, it gave off the most awful smell. His excrement is the american constitution and its amendments.
Righteous and proper government does not poll the people to determine whether they are satisfied with is laws and actions. Whomever among the people are dissatisfied with righteous government, that is their problem.
Also, true Christians do not say "God bless america". For true Christians to fly the ameican flag is like Lot flying the flag of Sodom...Therefore it is better to pray or put up signs that say, "God bless His true people, whoever they are and whereever they reside".
The height of foolishness is to respect and tolerate that which God labels as evil, and to fight for one's so-called "right" to think, speak and perform evil. Alas, this is what the American constitution and its amendments direct the citizens of America to do, so, this is one of the many reasons I refuse to be guided by any part of it.
The best thing that can be done for a corrupt tree is to completely uproot it and cast it into the fire. If we continue to love, cultivate and protect it, its evil growth will work(as it is already doing) to our harm, and it will produce toxic fruit for future generations. This tree should be uprooted now and thoroughly burned; and a truly good tree needs to be planted in its place.

Richard's New Oath for a Righteous Government
The Superior Pledge
I pledge allegiance to the one and only true God - God the
Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit - and to
His heavenly Kingdom - to love the Lord God with all
my mind, soul and strength, and to love my worthy
neighbor, regardless of who he or she may be, as I
should rightly love myself. I therefore pledge to:
Have no other god besides the true God; I will not make
for myself an idol of any likeness of anything in the
heavens, on the earth or in hell; I will not take the
name of the Lord God in vain; I will remember a day
out of each week to keep it holy unto the Lord; I
will honor my father and mother; I will not murder;
I will not commit adultery; I will not steal; I will not
tell a lie against or for any person in any manner; I
will not covet, but will be content with my bare

What the Preamble to the Constitution Really Means
We the heathens of the united states in order to form a more imperfect union, establish injustice, insure domestic turmoil, provide for the defense of criminals and of heathens who deny God, promote the general illfare, secure the curses of evil liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this anti-God, anti-moral and anti-Christ constitution for the united states of america.

Finally, The Inner Court

In exploring this site, I came across a section in which I am certainly, without question, not welcome. It's stern message:
"You do not have permission to enter the Inner Court of this website. Access is strictly denied to all who deny or hate God - to all atheists, homosexuals, lesbians, all immoral people, and all none believers in Christ, regardles of who you are. Heathens do not have the same priviledges and blessings as God's people. ONLY TRUE CHRISTIANS MAY ENTER."
After a little playing around [i.e. I tried hacking in --Franc], it seems there may be nothing to see; no inner circle. Maybe it's symbolic-there are no true christians, and this whole site is a joke.

Finally. I wanted so badly to find humour in this site. Now I see where the fine creators of one of my favorite sites, Landover Baptist Church got their inspiration:

brotherhardwick "Landover Baptist Church: Guaranteeing Salvation Since 1817. WHERE THE WORTHWHILE WORSHIP. UNSAVED UNWELCOME. AS JESUS COMMANDED. Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever."
They even offer a lovely selection of t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise for "the unsaved." The site is so content-rich, updated monthly, and full of goodies that I strongly urge you to check it out if you haven't already. I'm certain that if Ritchie is able to come up with 50 bucks for his ticket (two years in advance, of course), he would make a fine addition to the Landover Baptist family-the only worthwhile people to walk God's Green Earth.

After reading the fire, brimstone and genuine hate of Richard T. Lee's site, I am beginning to miss this kind of Christianity. Or not.
heart jesus

review written by Alison, 07/2002.