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Sometimes we come across websites or books that are so ludicrous that we feel compelled to comment.  ChristianAnswers.Net calls itself "a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions".  In other words, it "provides Christian answers so you don't have to think for yourself about valid questions that agnostics, atheists or scientists may ask you".  We often browse this site for a good laugh.  They can be found at: [1]  [Note: We were going to at least give them the courtesy of using one of their logos to link to their site, but alas, we found this warning, "You may not display the logo on any Web site that disparages Christianity...".] [ed's note : We have less scruples. --Franc]

You will notice that we have provided a detailed reference for each of the quotations from their site, including a date and time!.  We felt this was necessary due to the dynamic nature of the site.  Christians in general seem to have ever-changing answers.  We also apologize in advance for any dead links.  They will surely change them if they every see this article.

in the 
Garden of Eden
We've all heard statements from creationists like, "Dinosaurs didn't exist" or "We're you there?".  Some of you may have even been humored by the statement, "The devil placed fossils here to test our faith".  We've even witnessed someone refuse to go into a dinosaur exhibit because they "don't believe in all that"!  But, the Bible is always there, giving Christians problems with their own answers.  In Genesis [2:18,19], it states, "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast...".  So, came up with a new answer!  Dinosaurs DID exist and lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!  They claim that, "All animals, including the first dinosaurs, were created to benefit mankind in one way or another." [2] Why?  Well, in this article by Paul S. Taylor, it states: "Perhaps the larger dinosaurs kept certain types of lush plant life under control and cleared paths through the forest. Using their long necks, some dinosaurs could have eaten foliage at the tops of tall trees. In a thick forest, this would let light come down to the ground so smaller plants would have a chance to grow." As the story is told, God provided all these animals for Adam's inspection and watched to see what Adam thought of them.  But surely there was some other reason God would have created these ferocious beasts.  The article continues, "Part of God's purpose for creating the particular types of dinosaurs that become very large was surely to impress Man. Dinosaurs showed the great power of the Creator." ASTOUNDING!
Wait a minute though!  Why would God create dinosaurs?  Wouldn't the carnivorous dino's be trying to kill and eat man?!  Well, again provides us with an (amazing!) answer...  The ferociousness of the dinosaurs, even the carnivores, is a myth!  We are expected to believe they were all friendly plant eaters.  One article states, "The Tyrannosaurus Rex is often pictured as a horrible killer, attacking every dinosaur in sight. But this may not be true at all. ... Could it be that tyrannosaurs were mostly plant-eaters, not meat-eaters? ... Perhaps they used their sharp teeth and claws to tear up tough plants and fruits, not dinosaurs. Obviously sharp teeth can serve other purposes than simply cutting meat, just as kitchen knives can be used for cutting carrots as well as steaks." [3]  ABSURD!
were on 
Noah's Ark
This is great!  As if there weren't already enough problems with the Ark story!  Let's temporarily give into current claims that Noah's boat was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.  Also, let's suspend judgment and assume that dinos existed in Noah's time.  How many dinosaurs could have fit on this boat?!  The proof provided by that they were on the Ark?  It states, "The Bible does not list the names of every creature on the Ark. It does say that one set of every kind of air-breathing animal was on board (Genesis 6:19-20, 7:15-16). So, dinosaurs must have been included."  [4 Thank you for such logic and reason!
of Years Old"
According to, "Just because something is "fossilized" does not mean that it is millions (or even thousands) of years old. ... A big dinosaur bone might take hundreds of years to completely mineralize."  [5]  Well, that's a new one!  Reminds us of the cartoon where the person looks up at the stars and says, "Wow!  There must be dozens of them!"
No Proof
of Ancestors
(even among
O.K., it's a well known fact that creationists have a "little bit of a problem" with evolution, particularly with human origins.  But, they seem to take it a step further at  They claim that, "All the different, basic kinds of animals appear abruptly and fully functional in the strata - with no proof of ancestors."   [6] There are certainly gaps and questions in the fossil record, but to claim NO proof exists of ancestral linkages of species is ridiculous!  Gosh, I feel robbed!  My paleontology courses lied by showing continual evolutionary change in the fossil record.  I bet all that money is just going to fund the Devil's evil work!
According to, animals are basically unchanged!  "Contrary to common belief, most fossils are not of extinct types of animals. Most fossils are very similar (and often totally identical) to creatures living today."  [6]  Come to think of it, my dog looks identical to a Stegosaurus!
"on Turbo"
Did you know that sedimentary rock forms VERY, VERY fast?  We are expected to believe so with statements like, "There is increasing evidence that many sedimentary rocks, which some thought took thousands or millions of years to accumulate, almost certainly were deposited in only months, days, hours, or minutes."  [6] Wow!  All that rock... with fossils.. and layers... IN MINUTES!
Let's take the following nonsense for truth... just for a moment.  We've already been told that dinosaurs lived with Adam & Eve and went on Noah's Ark.  And, that fossils aren't old and were just a result of the Great Flood.  And, that sedimentary rock formations are laid down in hours and minutes. So, wouldn't we find all the human sinners and heathens that died in the Great Flood RIGHT NEXT TO THE DINOSAUR FOSSILS?  Well, we would but according to, the reason we haven't is because of a bunch of shoddy work by paleontologist!  Scientists are expected to take blame for not producing the creationist evidence?!  The site states, "There are some claims and reports of human artifacts... However, many of these claims are not adequately documented in any scientific sense.  Often lay scientists claiming to have found human artifacts or fossils have not recorded specific location details.  ALSO, lay scientists have in the past not kept some of the rock which encloses the fossil or artifact as proof of its in situ occurrence. These two oversights have often made it well nigh impossible to reconstruct and/or prove where fossils or artifacts came from, thus rendering such finds virtually useless."  [7 Bad Scientists! BAD!  Surely, the exact opposite is true: Paleontologists take excruciating pain to preserve all evidence related to human fossil records because of their importance.
Lava Flows!
Another possible reason provided for not finding human fossils next to all the other fossils is very humorous (or frightening depending on your piety!).  They claim that the fossilizing human bodies were vaporized by mischievous intrusions of molten (igneous) rock which found its way into the sediments of the Great Flood, but somehow only ONLY made the human remains disappear - not all the other fossils!  "Such processes involve heat intense enough to melt rocks and recrystallize them. As the hot molten rock rises through the sediments, the sediments are often baked by the heat, and again chemical and mineralogical changes occur that obliterate many contained fossils."  [7]  Are we to assume that "with God all things are possible?!"  The Great Flood was not enough to rid the world of all these sinners?!  So, he employed mischievous lava flows to completely vaporize and remains?!
History is
Too Short!
This one is really good!  In defending a young earth of (6,000-10,000 years) instead of 4.5 billion years, they use the following logic: Early humans couldn't have existed because they didn't keep historical records!  We're not making this up!  They state, "According to evolutionists, Stone Age man existed for 100,000 years before beginning to make written records about 4,000-5,000 years ago. Prehistoric man built megalithic monuments, made beautiful cave paintings, and kept records of lunar phases.  Why would he wait a thousand centuries before using the same skills to record history? The biblical time-scale is much more likely."   [8]   This seems more like an argument for evolution because as the brain evolved, so did tools, art and history.
MORE TO COME...  {Believe it or not, this was only one small section of Christian answers related to dinosaurs..}

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