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flagellationChrist The Christianity/Sado-Masochism Connection
or, On Your Knees for Christ

I find consensual BDSM to be morally superior to "True Christianity," that elusive philosophy promoted by the likes of Jack Chick and Robert T. Lee. The former activity is consensual; the latter, ostensibly, is not.

Rules of Safe S&M: First of all, the dominant and submissive are considered equals. The submissive must be able to trust his dominant completely (but of course, there are always exceptions). Each party must agree to the "scene" or the "play" as they call it. The dom takes her responsibility seriously and tends to see the "covenant" between sub and dom as sacred. A "safeword" is agreed upon between the two; a special word (not "no," or "stop," as this would be used in the drama) such as "red" or "linoleum" or "potato" is used to put a stop to play that simply is not fun or sexy anymore-or is more dangerous than is wanted.

duhrers&m What turns on a sub is this release of responsibility, the fantasy that one does not know one is coming, the feeling of being low and dirty. Many play scenes do involve humiliation; the dom verbally abusing her sub, calling him say, "a very dirty boy." However, when the scene is over, it is over (unless one is involved in a live-in slave situation), and the sub and dom go back to relatively normal lives. This is evident in the many instances of subs being men of corporate power, as some dominatrices report.

How is "True Christianity" like S&M?
"Blessed is the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty. For he wounds, but he also binds up; he injures, but his hands also heal."

Job 5:17, 18

In "True Christianity," the sub-human gives himself completely over to the dom/Yahweh. The sub knows he is scum, and knows that at any time, the dom/God will use and abuse His Children in any manner he wishes, and he will darn well deserve it. Problem is, YAHWEH MAKES HIS OWN RULES. TO HELL WITH "SAFEWORDS." One technique of doms is to threaten their victims with descriptions of the torture that might befall them. A delectable thought for some. How erotic is the idea of the application of a red-hot poker on said sub's fanny, administered by a worker-demon, amid Torquemada-torture devices and the piteous screams of the damned? However, God-belief breaks the safe S&M rules and enters the domain of the criminal, the abusive husband, who brainwashes His victim into believing that every horror in his or her life, illness, tragedy and loss, is caused by Him, and he has No Other Choice to inflict this calamity because of the Sins of the captive.

MadonnakissSanPorres spanking This is in no way a new idea. Any self-respecting gay man in his early-to-mid thirties has probably seen Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour and the film Truth or Dare. She beat the subject of Christian eroticism to death (pun intended). Her "Blonde Ambition"-version of Like A Virgin, and the obvious Like a Prayer, "reek of Catholicism," (Madonna's phrase) with their heavy draperies, candles, crosses, incense, stigmata, and, well, priests. Of course Mother Church doesn't like Madonna much. Poor Madonna's honest tribute to her church and her spirituality got her in trouble with the Vatican, and 50 mill from that Pepsi commercial.

christiansex Are their any Christians that do appreciate Madonna/Religious eroticism? I'm glad I asked.
I placed a little bet with my cohort Franc that I could find a website by Christian practicioners of S&M (the kitty I'm collecting is none of your beeswax). I pulled up Google on the old browser, and, lo and behold, seconds later, I found Christian BDSM ("I hate you"-Franc).
It is about the most sterile, dry, and boring sex site I have ever seen. They announce they are fundamentalists, i.e., they believe the bible is the inerrant, literal, eternal word of God. One could call it "a guide to Christain sadomasochism apologetics." It seems the site is meant for the Husband's, the Dominant's, the Master's Eyes Only. Perhaps their chat room is a bit more...lively.

barbieandkengothic Other sites for the Saved Sadist include BDSM CHRISTIANS, an email newsgroup, CHRISTIANS AND BDSM, a new site, and CADS-Christianity and Dominance/Submission, a support/discussion group. There is a site, however, that at least has pictures: A ROYAL HERITAGE...the coming of age of a princess sub...

Quote: BDSM and Christianity...An Impossible Combination?
There are many who would say that BDSM and Christianity is an impossible combination. I would venture to guess that those are the folks who only have a "Hollywood" idea of BDSM and have not considered many other aspects of the relationship. I find that the two mesh very well although I'm not denying that there are, at times, HUGE temptations to cross over into ungodly behavior. However, these same temptations exist in most "vanilla" relationships...they aren't merely confined to "alternative lifestyles".

Let me first define BDSM. It's a catch-all phrase encompassing bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadomasochism. There's MUCH more to it than just tying people up and beating on them.

My particular area of interest is domination and submission although my relationship to my Master also encompasses some aspects of the other two areas. It's very important to understand, though, that a BDSM relationship is NOT ABUSE. The relationship is based on trust and mutual respect and everything done within the relationship has been negotiated and agreed upon in advance with pre-established limits. Thus, everything is consentual. If the activity crosses over into non-consentual activity, it then becomes abusive...however, abusive relationships are not restricted to BDSM...they're found in every walk of life.

"Princess" is a Good Christian Lady who grew up in a sexually abusive home and now considers herself liberated, living with her Master. I would comment further, but, hey, she's least according to her picture. I don't think the members of the communities above would approve of her "living in sin."

Alleee's Note: I wouldn't say I was personally against S&M. I'm somewhat libertarian on the subject: consenting adults have the right to privacy. As an atheist, feminist, and somewhat dominant myself, I feel personally uncomfortable with the idea of submitting totally to anyone, especially a Hard and Cruel Master like Yahweh. I find it difficult to wrap my mind around the concept of Marquis de Sade sexuality. I'm still trying to grasp meaning from Lolita. After reading the book, watching both movies several times, listening to the book on tape and staring at the movie poster that's been on my bedroom wall for a year, I still can't make sense of it.

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review written by Alleee, 07/2002.

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