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Welcome to Real-Life Oddities

Weirdness is not restricted to the Internet. Here, we take a potshot at a few real-life things that are just too outrageous.

Diet Quackery, Fat Acceptance, and the Goddess Anorexia
Weight Watchers, pills, biblical advice... people will try anything to GET SLIM !

Scientology doctrines
Are you descended from CLAMS ? Take a look at some of the weird things Scientologists believe.
Other page hosted here : Hubbard funnies archive

Scott Adams and ‘The Dilbert Future’
Scott Adams does more than draw DILBERT : he's ALSO a crackpot. (by Jon Blumenfeld)

Paul and Jan Crouch
Gracious hosts of the TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK. The higher the HAIR, the closer to God.

Horrible baby names
Mothers' imaginations run rampant as they scramble to design unique names for their babies. The results are usually... UNIQUE-ly weird.

Computer User Stupidity
Some people are not SMART enough to get on the Internet. Some Tech. Support-reported stupidities.

Art Crackpots
It is often said that artists tend to be insane. This page is the PROOF.

So Pretentious it Hurts
Some writers love to "READ THEMSELVES WRITE". This is our little shrine to those people.

Harry Stephen Keeler's books
One of the most PROLIFIC and BIZARRE writers of modern times, and perhaps the first Insolitologist.

How to be a Perfect Woman
The web is FULL of instructions on how to be the PERFECT WOMAN... as if having ovaries was not enough.

Christianity and S&M
Christianity : a personal relationship with JESUS, or a sado-masochistic PERVERSION ?

Psychic readings (to come)
We check out the ACCURACY of Numerology, Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, and other methods of psychic reading...

Utilitarianism, Jesus of Montreal, and the Common Good
There is as much absurdity in PHILOSOPHY as in anything else. Are you ready to KILL your neighbour to harvest his organs ?