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The Woo-Woo Dictionary

Censorship – The act of refuting, disputing, correcting or heckling the stories posted by believers in alien visitation. Such activities can often make it embarrassing for believers to post their stories, and therefore they constitute censorship. Any response to a post other than unquestioning acceptance constitutes an attempt at censorship. The usual perpetrators of censorship are Pseudo Skeptics and Debunkers.

Closed Minded - Someone who displays an irrational tendency to need Hard Evidence before believing a claim may be true, and/or someone who feels a need to suggest mundane explanations for UFOs, crop circles, animal mutilations, etc., when these are all clearly caused by aliens.

Copyright Infringement – A serious crime usually perpetrated by Debunkers and Pseudo Skeptics when they create parodies of material posted by believers, even if none of the original text or images is used. Copyright Infringement is also an attack phrase used by Debunkers to defame believers who post cut & pasted material and photos from books, TV shows or web sites into their Usenet posts or their own web sites. Clearly this is not copyright infringement, but free advertising, and the original authors and publishers should be grateful for it.

Crop Circles - Important messages left for us by extraterrestrials if only we could understand what they mean.

Debunker - An evil and mean spirited person bent on censoring all discussion that touches on is sues The Massive Government Disinformation Campaign wants to keep under wraps. See Paid Disinformation Agent.

Defamation – Saying anything about a woo-woo that he doesn’t like, even if it is true. This includes, but is not limited to exposing his lies, criticizing his lack of logical thinking ability, pointing out his poor writing skills, pulling up his past posts from the Google Archive to show his inconsistencies, or simply laughing at him. Most woo-woos are convinced these acts are crimes under US law, and they will often issue threats of legal action in response. Unfortunately, US law lags a little behind the woo-woo definition of defamation.

Establishment Science - The pseudo religious, rigid and inflexible, dogma driven thinking of most "mainstream" scientists who scoff at the obvious reality of alien visitation and irrationally claim that over unity machines, faster than light travel, etc., are impossible. Establishment Scientists Make irrational demands for Hard Evidence and refuse to investigate claims for which no such evidence exists.

Free Thinker - Someone who not only Thinks Outside the Box, but also freely incorporates science fiction, religious belief, dreams and even drug induced hallucinations into their wild speculations about UFOs and other unusual phenomena, and gives these sources weight equal to, or more likely greater than, the explanations offered by Establishment Science.

Hard Evidence – The mythical, unobtainable, nonexistent material that will satisfy the unreasonable demands of Pseudo Skeptics and Debunkers for whom proof just isn’t good enough.

Libel – See Defamation.

Logic - A derogatory term. A favorite weapon of Paid Disinformation Agents, logic is used to over-analyze UFO reports, eyewitness accounts and investigative efforts. Be careful!! Debunker logic can lead to contradictions and mundane explanations, so keep an Open Mind when this weapon is used.

The Mainstream Media - All the TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and book publishing companies which ignore the reality of alien visitation and only produce propaganda in line with Establishment Science and the The Massive Government Disinformation Campaign. Only a few TV shows and print publications manage to publish the "Truth" in defiance of theThe Massive Government Disinformation Campaign. They can be found on the FOX network and in in the checkout isles of grocery stores.

The Massive Government Disinformation Campaign - A combined NWO / CIA / NSA / AFOSI / FBI / FAA / NASA / MIB effort to cover up the reality of the alien presence through the intimidation and discrediting of witnesses, recovery and suppression of physical evidence, and spreading of disinformation. Every nation seems to have it's own version of the Massive Government Disinformation Campaign. They are all coordinated through the New World Order shadow government. And they all work with perfect efficiency.

NASA - An organization under the direct jurisdiction of the New World Order and the Global Conspiracy. Well known for Massive Frauds such as the alleged Moon Landings, cooperating with Alien representatives to cover up the real purposes of the Space Station, sabotaging their own spacecraft bound for mars, and falsifying all recent images of the Cydonia Face taken after the original discovery photo "leaked" out.

Occam's Razor – The principal that the simplest explanation (that still conforms to all your preconceived notions and prejudices) is probably the correct explanation for a given phenomenon. Therefore Occam's Razor supports the claim that UFOs are really alien spacecraft, and not just misidentified mundane objects.

Open Minded - Someone who is not afraid to embrace new or controversial ideas unquestioningly and enthusiastically, even if they are self-contradictory or founded on nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic.

Paid Disinformation Agent - All Debunkers and most Pseudo Skeptics frequenting Usenet. These are obviously people employed by evil government three-letter agencies to disrupt the free flow of information about, and censor the truth of, alien visitation.

Paranoia - An attack phrase used by debunkers on anyone who simply expresses a natural concern and caution about the numerous ongoing government plots, conspiracies and cover-ups that are blatantly obvious to free thinkers and the open-minded.

Peer Review - An exclusionary tactic used by Establishment Science to ensure that important new theories and information not in line with their official dogma are suppressed and/or ridiculed. Also used as an attack phrase by Debunkers.

Proof - Any and all stories, rumors, lies, hoaxes, fantasies, science fiction or religious faith that tends to support any claim you make.

Pseudo-Skeptic - Someone who irrationally demands Hard Evidence before accepting that a claim may be valid.

Research - The act of renewing one's faith in alien visitation by watching UFO "documentaries" on TV, surfing UFO web sites, and reading the Weekly World News. "Field Research" may involve attending UFO conventions and vacationing in Roswell, NM.

The Scientific Method - See Peer Review

Slander – See Defamation.

Sheeple - A term used to describe the vast majority of the people in the world who are dull-witted enough to buy into Establishment Science and believe the propaganda pumped out by the Mainstream Media. They are victims of the The Massive Government Disinformation Campaign.

Thinking Outside the Box - Not allowing the irrational limitations of Establishment Science, such as the speed of light and the laws of thermodynamics, or any other facts that may conflict with one's unsupported preconceived notions, to hinder one's wild speculation about the nature of UFOs and other unusual phenomena. In reality this sort of thinking only leads to a comforting predefined answer, and not the unvarnished truth.

True Science - Unlike Establishment Science, True Science is willing to investigate UFO and other extraordinary claims Open Mindedly and without unreasonable demands for Hard Evidence. For some reason, most True Scientists seem to be either self educated, or educated in fields completely unrelated to their work on UFOs.

True Skeptic - Someone who refuses to form any hard conclusions one way or another and always stays Open Minded to all extraordinary claims without demanding any of that pesky Hard Evidence stuff.

Twitch - An infamous Debunker. The arch-enemy of all Free Thinking UFO proponents and researchers. Notorious for his extensive use of Logic and Peer Reviewed material. A CIA/NSA/FBI/NASA/MI6 Paid Disinformation Agent, he is still reviled and feared, although he has not posted regularly to the Usenet since April, 2000.

UFO - All UFOs are alien spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrial aliens looking for butts to probe and cows to mutilate. Most UFOs seem to be ineptly piloted, extremely unreliable and very crash-prone.

Unambiguous Evidence – See Hard Evidence.

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