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Welcome to the CRACKPOT TOP 8

Choose a crackpot below to explore his wild, wild world - and more !

1 Gene Ray
The self-appointed WISEST PERSON on Earth (and the most INCOHERENT), Time is a Cube, you are educated STUPID AND EVIL, admirers and parodies galore !

2 Alex Chiu
ETERNAL LIFE is within your reach, and so is DIVINATION, WORLD PEACE, and a new theory of EVOLUTION, all on one incredible site.
Other page hosted here : Alleee for Messiah !

3 Jack Chick
The popular purveyor of CHRISTIAN TRACTS, all available online. Recreational Christianity at its best.

4 Alfred William Lawson
The KING of pseudo-scientific BABBLE. Behold as you try to make sense of LAWSONOMY, and your brain explodes.

5 Koos Nolst Trenite
This formerly prolific and well-known SCIENTOLOGY ODDBALL unfortunately, but predictably, ended up in the looney bin in the year 2000. We HONOR his web memory here. UPDATE : Koos is back on Usenet in September 2002 ! We are waiting for further developments.
Other site hosted here : Koos Trenite former site archive

6 Emanuel Bronner
Inventor of Dr. Bronner's GODLY SOAP for the masses. CLEANLINESS is next to GODLINESS !

7 Robert Lavelle
Author of the famous equation O/\+\/O, which can save the WORLD ! Also, you could die in TWO MONTHS.

8 George Hammond
Finally, a scientific proof of GOD. God is our GROWTH DEFICIT and GRAVITY, and all gods are determined by eigenvectors.