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"Dr." Emanuel Bronner, Shaman of Mind-Cleansing Soap, OK!
born : 1908, died : March 1997.
Quote : "Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Balanced food for body-mind-soul-spirit is our medicine! Full-truth our God, half-truth our enemy, hard work our salvation, unity our goal, free speech our weapon, All-One our soul, self-discipline the key to love, uniting All-One above!"

Emanuel Bronner picture
The good self-appointed doctor is gone today, leaving his son to walk in his sudsy footsteps, selling his Moral ABC to healthfood stores and Better Grocery stores nationwide.

Dr. Bronner B/W profile So what's crazy about Doctor Bronner? Not much, as it turns out. His goal was pretty harmless, as many of our crackpots are. He wanted World Peace, but it made him a guru, and it made him a Good Living on this Spaceship Planet Earth.

Manny Heilbronner left Deutschland in 1929, and dropped the "Heil" from his name, in protest of Hitler. His parents were slaughtered at Auschwitz, That is undoubtedly what sent his ex-Jewish, Essene-believing self on a crusade for All-One-Faith, All-One-God, All-One-People, living together in cleanliness and harmony.(The Essene religion is a mix of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Hence, All-One-God, All-One Abraham-Israel-Moses-Buddha-Hillel-Jesus-Spinoza-Paine-Sagan & Mohammed!) Cleanliness is the first step towards perfection, the first step towards one's being able to teach the Moral ABC's, to bring our people closer to God.

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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

It's hard to tell what Manny's Manifesto really is, as one must have keen eyesight for reading the tiny words in the color fields down the sides of the bottle of Pure Castille Soap.Don't forget to keep the bottle tightly closed when tipping it every which-way to read every bit of wisdom! Yes! OK! Dilute! Dilute!

Bottle of Godlines I was a regular user of peppermint Dr. Bronner's myself in the eighties, having been a student at The Evergreen State College, notorious for its hippies. Dr. Bronner's was pretty much the only soap available at the Greener bookstore, It was marketed next to the Patchouli oil-the smell of wet wool, patchouli and menthol still brings me back.

DR. Bronner's has always been the cruelty free soap of choice for the natural fibre set, and his teachings have inspired many to visit him at his Wonka-esque soap factory. The man in the leopard-print trunks wouldn't let their conversation deviate from the Moral ABC's! (According to a Wall-Street Journal Article) "Small minds decay! Great Minds teach All-One Today!" Well, if I had spent six months in an asylum in the 40's, I might be saying the very same thing! (Something about Sparrows and contraception, Cleopatra-style!)

Dr. Bronner's SUPERMILD 18-in-1 BABY-CASTILE SOAP label
A Dr. Bronner quote generator
-*Dr. Bronner's open letter to Dr. Ruth!* (He doesn't like gays.)

review written by Alleee, 07/2002.