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Jack T. Chick, Cartoonist for the Lord
b. 1922, b. again 1948, still with us

image of stack of chick tracts lengthwise
Quote from The Imp, by Daniel K. Raeburn

: "Chick, Jack: The founder of Chick Publications. Chick's job is to tell it like it is; he is at war, and he is totally committed. The Communist Party's use of the Secret Weapon inspired Chick to make Chick Tracts. Unfortunately Chick was confused by the footnotes in his Bibles and didn't realize that the Roman Catholic Church was the Whore of Revelation; his comics were therefore salvation-oriented comics considered to be no problem by Rome. Then the Lord moved, introducing Chick to Alberto.
The light dawned. Everything started to make sense. Knowing the danger he faced, Chick committed the safety of his life and his company into the hands of his own personal Savior and published Alberto's story, causing it * to happen"

*Rome's shit hit the fan, and all her plans for a one-world government were blown wide open. ("Kiss the Protestants Good-Bye")

Chick Publications

I am always delighted to receive one of these little tracts. As Chick himself so correctly states: "Nobody, young or old, can resist cartoons." This is what Chick calls "The Devil's Medium: comics." In the tract "Who, Me?", Chinese spies observed American children enjoying comic books, noted how irresistable they were and promptly printed their own Maoist propaganda-and won the war. So, Chick thought, if the devil can win a war with cartoons, so could he save souls.

surprise guy That's exactly what Chick is doing: he's saving us.

From the site FAQ:
"When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand." Ezekiel 3:18

It's not just that they want to be kind, it's because if they don't try, your blood (or sin?) will be on their hands. Does this mean the christian will go to hell, even though they accepted "God's free gift?"

They seem content to say it would be tragic, and that God tells us to, but I have yet to find the answer here.

Chick knows what Hell is-he's seen it. As Daniel Raeburn says, in The Imp, "We know from his letters that Chick was one of the relatively few soldiers to survive the fanatical, hellish slaughter at Okinawa in World War II."

hell is one big party

I was the one who told them.
Update: from The World of Chick? by Bob Fowler

"Okinawa was indeed a grisley operation, but out of over 300K American troups, only 4 % died and 10% were wounded. Compare this to the fate of the 120 K fanatical Japanese troops: over 93% of them died, many by suicide."

It seems that even if Chick's survival wasn't so unlikely, there's a good chance he saw an awful lot of death.

Chick sees so many of "the lost" headed straight to Hell, and, by gum, it's only right that he should want to save us! After all, hell ain't no party!

The more obvious roads to hell are descibed in tracts aimed at young people: homosexuality, the Occult, RPG's, Harry Potter, believing in evolution, etc.

The Beast-The Battle-Satan is Here

An example of Chick's love for cheap monster movies
Saving souls is more than dropping tracts in halloween goodie bags. Chick is still at war, but this time with a vast, evil conspiracy headed by the Devil Himself, who is sponsored by none other than the Whore of Revelations,The Holy Roman Catholic Church. Now this is the fact I find most interesting about Chick: here he shows he has done his research on the origins of Christianity from the earliest sun-religions, and how the Christian figure-myth evolved from such characters as Horus and Isis, Osirus, Mithra and Orpheus. Yet here is where Chick's logic breaks down like a VW bus: all these pagan gods are real, and are contolled by Satan.

the wafer god

I thought that's what
happened when you sneezed!
Since the Roman Catholic Church is headed up by Satan, he and Semiramis are able to fool all her faithful followers into worshipping her instead of the real Virgin Mary, and Nimrod/Baal, instead of the Baby Jesus. All praise to the saints go to Lucifer, all confession is heard by him, all monies go into the coffers to create a One-World religion (as religion was also created by a lonely Satan), as it is prophesied in the Bible.Satan and the Pope have more helpers than these demons; the other One-World conspirators they control are the International Bankers, the Mafia, the Masons (who also control the Mormons), and the New-Age Movement. All Chick's roads lead to Rome. Chick knows that the catholics also started the Communist Party, the Nazi Party, World War I, World War II, The Jones Town Massacre and Christian Rock.

Come by and see me
at the old Masonic temple!!
So now that we have some idea of the false gods and false religions, what exactly is Chick trying to sell with his "hardcore Protestant pornography? What is the true theology? Well, Jesus Christ created the universe and everything in it. everything in the OT, everything in the NT, that's all Jesus. Forget the trinity; the trinity is Jesus, got it? He got tired of the blood sacrifice of the little lambs, and blood sacrificed himself instead, to take all the blame for the sins that ever were, and ever are to come. However, if you suggest that anyone should ever blood sacrifice again, you will be pitched into the Lake of Fire, to burn forever in agony-because He Loves Us.

Just who is Jack T Chick?

Jack was always interested in drawing. He claims he had to repeat the first grade because he always drew "airplanes in battle." (World War I, or the Spanish-American War?) Growing up, Jack says he was headed to hell because he "swore a lot."

He lived near Hollywood in Pasadena, and says he may have been a Hollywood actor had he not been drafted into WWII, where he fought in Asia and the Pacific Islands. When he came back to California, he went into acting school, but, miraculously, heard a broadcast of Charles E. Fullerís Old Fashioned Revival Hour and was saved. Thus began his mania.

He became interested in the power and corruption within the Church when he read Power From On High by Charles Finney. It was then that he began making drawings about it, it was said. He created the comicWhy No Revival? Seems Chick becomes quite faithful around this time!

One day as he was driving home, he saw a group of teenagers, who he naturally assumed were JD's, standing by the side of the road. He began weeping audibly and had to pull over, because he was convinced they would all go to hell. He immediately began work on A Demon's Nightmare. It took 15 minutes. A Miracle! "God miraculously used the owner of the company Jack worked for to pay for the first printing of this new soul winning book." I'm not sure what that means.

"One day, Bob Hammond, missionary broadcaster of The Voice of China and Asia, told Jack that multitudes of Chinese people had been won to Communism through mass distribution of cartoon booklets. Jack felt that God was leading him to use the same technique to win multitudes to the Lord Jesus Christ" I often wonder how he knew that, that it was the comics that actually won people to Communism. I wonder if it was also the incessant broadcasting of that annoying female voice: that, and the killings.

"Not long after, he was invited to present the gospel to a group of inmates at a prison near his home. He drew several pieces of cartoon art and prepared a flip chart to illustrate what he was saying. At the conclusion of his message, nine of the eleven inmates present trusted Christ as their Saviour. Well. He had a captive audience, didn't he? Jack became convinced that God had given him a method of reaching people with the gospel that worked. That art was later put into booklet form and became the tract This Was Your Life! "
good closing picture, for end of article.)
Chick worked out of his kitchen. People didn't want to sell his books because they thought it was sacreligious to use comics. The books sold themselves, and eventually Bob had his publishing co. and employees.

Chick Publications is located in Rancho Cucamonga (since 1970). In 1972, Chick hired a real cartoonist (and the only other man ever to draw a Chick comic or tract) named Fred Carter. The tract output doubled and the series [i]Crusader comics,[/i] drawn by Carter, appeared.

Carter and Chick comics discernable in one simple way: quality. Carter's works are highly detailed and professional, while Chick's are "cartooney."


A Fred Carter masterpiece

Little Princess

Jack Chick's Art

*IMP PUBLICATIONS: Dan Raeburn email:

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review written by Alleee, 07/2002.
Last updated 03/2005.