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Koos Nolst Trenite
Kook extaordinaire, stuffed in an asylum in 2000 (back on Usenet in 2002 : see the end of this article)
Quote : "The major quality of life - Affinity -
is an action of telepathy towards others.

"Anyone who denies the existence of telepathy
is someone who has a hidden agenda, and
that hidden agenda is
to harm life - your life, his own life, anyone's life."

'Ambassador for Mankind'

I have a special place in my heart for Koos. Koos Nolst Trenite (who is, in case you were wondering, german) was my first introduction to the world of crackpots. I fell on his web site while reading about the cult of Scientology. What I found there was astounding - a web site full of the weirdest pronouncements imaginable about communicating with Hubbard, telepathy, suppression, SP declares, and his weird view of history as tainted by his "channelings" of dead Scientology authority figures ! The dark green pages of his extensive web site, now defunct, kept me entertained for years.

Yes, I was saddened to see, more recently, that his web site, , was gone. He stopped posting on Usenet, drowned his daughter and was subsequently stuffed in the looney bin in Fall 2000. His family seemed to participate in his Scientology-motivated delusions with a good heart, but when we learned he was beating them, the whole thing took a more sinister turn.

Koos was part of the cult of Scientology's "secret service", the Office of Special Affairs, and it really made him bonkers. When they kicked him out, he decided to use Scientology techniques to channel the dead spirits of L Ron Hubbard and a number of famous figures, including Mozart and Napoleon.

Suffice it to say that Koos won the Kook of the Month Award in 1995.

Koos caricature Koos Nolst Trenite tribute page

Now, the first thing you have to understand about Koos' posts is that they are the most unusual. For one, he indented his articles in such an odd way that only looking at an actual post can render it justice.

In all his articles and posts, Koos proclaimed himself the "Ambassador for Mankind". He thought that the previous incarnations of L Ron Hubbard and other Scientology leaders had been mass murderers and enemies of humanity, and that only he could fight their "black magic" :

The being L. Ron Hubbard and his crew ALSO mummified
millions of animals, during the Egyptian ancient culture.
For Black Magic purposes: To capture their life-energy
and mis-use it to gain spiritual "power".
(see post)

He also channeled these great leaders to learn more about their evil intentions.

[Auditor(***):] What did you withhold from Leonardo da Vinci? F(****)

[L. Ron Hubbard:]
"That he was a great spirit, and
that he was senior to me. LF's

"I wanted MYSELF to be seen as senior to Leonardo da Vinci. LF's
I wanted to be seen as important and
I pretended to be important,
and I based it on money I had and on influence I had.

"I wanted to get more fame
by having Leonardo da Vinci in my service
- he should serve me so that I get admiration.

"I treated him as someone 'who is in my service'
and 'therefore' much below me.

"The 'therefore' indicates
the covert hostility I had towards Leonardo da Vinci."

[Auditor:] When was it?

[L. Ron Hubbard:]
"Around 1490."
(see post)

Koos thought he was people like Da Vinci and Francis De Assisi in previous lives. He also "communicated" with Diana Ross, Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson, people whom for some reason he saw as particularily "caring for manking". He seemed to particularily like "talking" with Michael Jackson :

[Auditor:] I repeat my question:
How are you destroying your own activity and Mankind
by being too big a coward to help Koos? LF's

"Koos is helping Mankind
by making known
that L. Ron Hubbard intends to dominate Mankind,
and so also [intends to dominate] artists. LFBD

"When I do not help Koos,
L. Ron Hubbard will have it easier to dominate Mankind.

"Koos will oppose that domination, LFBD
(see post)

Koos Nolst Trenite archive

Our home archive of Koos' material. Yes, most of the pages are now here for your reading pleasure : more than 10 glorious megs of Scientology-inspired ravings. Have fun !

Scientology - KNT My SP Declare from Koos

Much like the cult of Scientology, Koos liked to declare an individual as a "suppressive person". Posts used to declare someone an enemy are called SP Declares. Anyone who doubted Koos' abilities or proclamations was declared an SP. This web site describes how Jeff Lee came to be declared SP by Koos.

Koos Nolst Trenite may have been an insane reminder of the mind-crippling doctrines of Scientology : but in the end, for me, he represents everything that makes crackpots great. A crackpot unifying theory, weird writing, and talking to dead people. Koos, we salute you.

UPDATE : Koos is back !

To the general surprise, he has been readmitted in society and is now posting again, this time on all sorts of newsgroups. According to Google, this happened around July 2002, maybe earlier.

Koos posting on a thread discussing his return on alt.religion.scientology :

Do you want to know why a few posters here post
violently criminal libel about me?

The answer is very, very simple:

They are terrified of being looked at by me.
And that's also the only thing they ever and
continuously complain about - that I can see.
(see complete post)

A post where he tries to justify what happened to him :

Sorry guys, but, UNLIKE the person who created the false newspaper article in a local boulevard rag (which for very obvious reasons refuses to mention my name) and UNLIKE some of the repulsive monsters that post here, I do not go around murdering people, let alone my own family members. Quite and very much the contrary. (see complete post)

I look forward to more Koos-worthy material. I hope to update this page again in the future.

Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity" human rights philosopher and poet

Yes, Koos has now started his web site again. Unfortunately he rejected my offer to send him his former content, and his new site is but a shadow of the original. All his links are Google Groups links, and he only has the content of his new articles.Let's hope that he does something more with it, because his original site was what attracted me to his work (and we still archive it on this site, despite protests, for your eternal enjoyment).

review written by Franc, 07/2002, updated 02/2005.