On Facing and Understanding and Remedying Evil and Criminality

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The Understanding Suppression Series

RI-1025i 'When the ENERGY of bad news hits you, what's wrong?' of 31 Mar 1996
RI-1024i 'Natural State - CONTINUOUS mental force output required to deny it' of 21 July 1997
RI-1021i 'A Basic of Insanity - On Remedying Criminality' of 19 Mar 1998

RI-1020i 'A Definition of Treason' of 8 Mar 1998
RI-1007i 'How a Suppressive Person becomes so - How to remedy' of 27 Feb 1998
RI-1004i 'Affected by another's evil intentions. Getting out of being -' of 18 Feb 1998

RI-987i 'Making a World of Spiritual Sanity and Freedom' of 26 Dec 1997
RI-974i 'Truth about "Not putting attention on evil of others"' of 27 Nov 1997
RI-929i 'Simple Detection: "Sane or Insane?"' of 11 Sept 1997

RI-926i 'I do not respect the right of others to be insane' of 19 Aug 1997
RI-919i 'Who Destroys your Spiritual Power - Scale of Recognizable Actions'of 4 Aug 1997
RI-908i 'The Ostrich-factor - on facing evil or criminality' of 16 July 1997

RI-758i 'Insanity and Psychosis fully understood' of 13 Dec 1996
RI-646i 'FACING those who are mean or dishonest' 31 July 1996
RI-553i 'Decency and Honesty - Condition of Hiding' 7 May 1996

RI-487i 'Dialogue: On Enemies and Hostility' of 20 Feb 1996
RI-262i 'Creating despite Suppressive Persons' of 20 Aug 1995
RI-58Ri 'Fair Game Series - Treatment of Enemies' of 1 Jan 1995

RI-24i 'Definition of "Potential Trouble Source" - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994
RI-10i 'Confronting a Suppressive' of 12 Oct 1994

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