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Guidance for use RI-380Ri 'Obtaining Truth from the RI-Bulletins' revised 24 Nov 1996
Copyright note RI-50RQi 'RI-xxxi series Archive - The Future' (Rev Q) Rev 6 Mar 1996
Address for exchange Exchange for work done for you and for Mankind

RI-407Ri 'Clean-up of ALL Scientologists about L. Ron Hubbard' issued 31 Mar 1998
RI-269Ri 'How to Handle Irresponsible People (GOLD!)' issued 31 Mar 1998
RI-465Ri 'Guillaume: An LRH-dominated piece, or a player?' updated 31 Mar 1998

RI-1027i 'The Devil Himself Confesses - Black Magic of Scientology's Reiss' issued 29 Mar 1998
RI-1031i 'The Devil does exist, as Richard Reiss (Scientology Syndicate)' issued 28 Mar 1998
RI-1026i 'L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Syndicate AGAINST Mankind - WHY?' issued 27 Mar 1998

RI-1029i 'FACING Black Magic attacks by Devil Richard Reiss' issued 26 Mar 1998
RI-609Ri 'Misuse of Corporate Law by the Scientology Syndicate' issued 26 Mar 1998
RI-1028i 'The VICIOUS Black Magic of Scientology Devil Richard Reiss' issued 26 Mar 1998

RI-1025i 'When the ENERGY of bad news hits you, what's wrong?' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-1007i 'How a Suppressive Person becomes so - How to remedy' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-1020i 'A Definition of Treason' issued 20 Mar 1998

RI-1024i 'Natural State - CONTINUOUS mental force output required to deny it' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-1005i 'Present Black Magic on you by Richard Reiss and L. Ron Hubbard' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-1023i 'The "You ARE EVIL"-game of Criminals like Jutta, Reiss, Hubbard' issued 20 Mar 1998

RI-1022i 'The Purpose of Life' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-757Ri 'Sane People Are Dangerous to Scientology's Richard Reiss' issued 20 Mar 1998
RI-1021i 'A Basic of Insanity - On Remedying Criminality' issued 19 Mar 1998

RI-1004i 'Affected by another's evil intentions. Getting out of being -' issued 19 Mar 1998
RI-756Ri 'Feel angry? Richard Reiss Black Magic at work.' issued 19 Mar 1998
RI-1014i 'More on Richard Reiss's Horror - Outdoing Stephen King stories' issued 18 Mar 1998

RI-1016i 'Jutta's mental fight with Richard Reiss' issued 16 Mar 1998
RI-1013i 'World Domination by the Scientology Syndicate's Final Solution' issued 14 Mar 1998
RI-1012i 'How Spiritual Criminals Kill Your Life - How you Restore it' issued 11 Mar 1998

The CONFUSION on Regaining Spiritual Freedom - An age-old problem
FACING the main spiritual criminal, Richard Reiss
RI-1011i 'Diana Ross, Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson - caring for Mankind?' issued 3 Mar 1998

RI-1010i 'Regaining own viewpoint - Neutralizing Black Magic force' issued 1 Mar 1998
How a Suppressive Person becomes so
False Factors and Axioms by L. Ron Hubbard, (Some - )

Present Black Magic on you by Richard Reiss and L. Ron Hubbard
Please explain your 'No-Understanding'
News from the Real Warfront - The Network

Affected by another's intentions, getting out of
Send now your Donation for Mankind
RI-1003i 'Detecting Fixed Solutions about oneself - Increasing one's Sanity' issued 12 Feb 1998

RI-1000i '"His good intentions CAN'T exist! He IS not who he is!"' issued 11 Feb 1998
RI-1002i 'L. Ron Hubbard's Black Magic, now, and his death' issued 5 Feb 1998
RI-999i 'You CAN Face Evil? - Also Jutta's and Richard Reiss's?' issued 3 Feb 1998

RI-998i 'Destructive Motives of a Tilman Hausherr' issued 26 Jan 1998
RI-997Di 'Beitritt Strafanzeige gegen Scientology Muenchen Personal' issued 26 Jan 1998
RI-996Pi 'How criminals ASK each other to be kept insane' issued 23 Jan 1998

RI-995i-B 'FALSE DEFINITION of "Friends" and of "Hate"' issued 21 Jan 1998
RI-995i-A 'Personality-reversal when not facing a criminal' issued 21 Jan 1998
RI-995i 'Admiration Rundown - Eradicating Criminality and Insanity on Earth' issued 17 Jan 1998

RI-991i-A 'Forcing Richard Reiss to be Super Evil - so as to "destroy" him' issued 14 Jan 1998
RI-994i 'Becoming an Operating Spirit - Example of FACING life' issued 12 Jan 1998
RI-993i 'The Joy and Beauty of Destroying Self and Others - Understood' issued 9 Jan 1998

RI-992i-A 'Ethical Response to Group Injustice - (Addition to RI-992i)' issued 5 Jan 1998
RI-992Pi 'Black Magic Force by Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard, on Jutta' issued 5 Jan 1998
RI-991i 'How Jutta Now Protects Us from Spiritual Evil by Richard Reiss' issued 4 Jan 1998

RI-990i 'Spiritual Criminal Code of Honor - "Self-determinism"' issued 2 Jan 1998
RI-989i 'Marie-Louise's sex with Napoleon - Enforcing Ugly Admiration' issued 31 Dec 1997
RI-988i 'Spiritual Criminal "Friendship" versus Intending Decency' issued 29 Dec 1997

RI-987i 'Making a World of Spiritual Sanity and Freedom' issued 26 Dec 1997
Christmas message from Ambassador for Mankind
RI-986i 'Auditing L. Ron Hubbard - Jutta "not deserving" to expose him lying' issued 23 Dec 1997

RI-985i 'Vicious Spiritual Evil of Richard Reiss Not Faced - VITAL VITAL' issued 23 Dec 1997
RI-984i 'The Criminal Mind - Cowards Don't Dare Create Life - VITAL DATA' issued 22 Dec 1997
RI-983i 'Jutta Blackmailed for Eternity by Richard Reiss, Also on Christmas?' issued 18 Dec 1997

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