Revised and Replaced on 6 March 1996
                                   previous revision 12 Nov 1995

                                                28 December 1994

 RI-50RQi  'RI-xxxi series Archive - The Future'  (Revision Q)

from Ambassador for Mankind (Ron's Inspector)

Message # RI-50RQi for Internet

Replaces RI-50i of similar title and all previous RI-50R's.
This is Revision number Q.

The archives of the RI-xxxi series
 are available from Mark Adams (
  who may satisfy polite e-mail requests to him
   for parts of the archives.

Mark Adams also has an FTP-site for downloading texts
 of the RI-xxxi series,
   with any WWW-Browser
   type the command

If you enjoyed any RI-Bulletin
  or found any of them interesting reading,
 you should also send an appropriate exchange to me
  for each RI-Bulletin
   which you considered interesting
   or which you enjoyed reading.

I have at the moment
 maybe a thousand more RI-Bulletins
  waiting for you to be compiled and issued.

At an average, one RI-Bulletin
 takes between five and ten hours
  till it is ready to be posted,
 which means roughly 5,000 US Dollars
  costs on my part
   for EACH Bulletin that I get out to you.

You know the concept of shareware
 and the concept of payment for shareware.

I suggest that you go over the list, and
  pay one Dollar for each RI-Bulletin that you appreciated, and
 I suggest that you,
  when you have reached the amount of 20 Dollars or more,
   send me the amount, and
  that if it is less,
   that you wait till it has reached 20 Dollars,
    and then send it to me.

I give you my address again:

               Koos Nolst Trenite
                 Trenite House
                D-91090 Gaiganz

Note that all the material is copyrighted, and
 that Mark Adams only would send you,
  or otherwise provide,
 copies for personal use only, and
  with the condition imposed
   that none of the material may be altered,
    or deliberately quoted out of context, nor
    used for any purpose for which it obviously is not intended.

For such use and such quoting, for which
 the permission is obviously not intended,
  the copying and use is strictly prohibited.

This means for instance
 that the Keeper of the Archive
 would not satisfy a request to send any material
  to someone who reasonably can be expected to
   quote the material out of context, and
  who will omit or alter the purpose
   with which the material was written
   and with which the material can be understood.

Misquoting or quoting out of context
  which may obscure meaning and intent,
 will be legally prosecuted
  as a violation of Copyright with criminal intent.

As is the same with any Government Law,
 or Town Regulations, or any Scientology Policy,
  without mentioning the purpose for which it is written,
  or by altering the purposes for which it was written,
   these Laws, Regulations or Policy
    can be made to look quite ridiculous and
    can even be used to suppress.

The Fair Game Law applies,
 in that we do not extend the same rights and privileges
  to our friends
  as to our enemies
   who want to destroy those rights
    of freedom of information and speech
   by their evil intention to pervert and ridicule and
    misquote and to make significant omissions
     so as to misrepresent and harm the Author
     in order to confuse the public
      about their OWN destructive intentions.

People who use the archives
 should be provided with a copy of this
  RI-50RQi 'Archives of RI-xxxi series' revised 5 March 1996.

Below is a list of all the articles of the RI-xxxi series,
 up to the date of this revision.

The RI-xxxi Series apply to
 long term and wide area situations and
  to the future of VERY MANY people.

The RI-ACT-series are less important,
 often more applicable to some local
  or temporary situation or to answer a specific request.

The RI-ACT-xxx series are listed in a separate Bulletin:
  RI-50i-ACT 'RI-ACT-xxx series Archive' revised 5 March 1996.

The articles marked with a PLUS (+)
 are scriptures by Koos.

Many are, what you might call, philosophical texts,
 based on observations about life, and
  about how to handle life and understand people
 as a result of actions taken
  to analyze and improve
   individuals and groups.

Some of them expose and correct
 significant flaws in the body of knowledge and practice
  called Scientology, and
 attempt to stop the downfall and destruction
  of the otherwise extremely workable
   data of Scientology.

The articles marked with an ASTERISK (*)
 are articles with communications directly from LRH,
  (from L. Ron Hubbard, who took up communication again
    - upon request by Ron's Inspector - in June 1994 to us.
   I am in telepathic communication with him
    through a specific communication technique
     called Scientology Auditing (from latin 'Audire' = to listen)
      in a specialized form).

These, especially in the later RI-Bulletins,
 are highly private communications with the purpose
  to get LRH back into communication
   with what he created:
     the Churches of Scientology and
     their parts and
     their institutions.

Often these RI-Bulletins are highly technical,
 but care is taken
  to provide definitions within the text,
   and always a plenty of references is indicated.

There are currently about hundred and seventy-three (173)
 Bulletins in the RI-series
  which contain direct communications with LRH,
   and six in the RI-ACT-xxx series.

The unmarked articles
 are data resulting from investigating others
  about their involvement in Scientology,
 often finding out
  how they attempted or still attempt
   to destroy or pervert the use of Scientololgy data, or
  what they were hiding
   about their actions.

Situations often change, and
 the more knowledge is gathered,
  the more precise or accurate an RI-Bulletin
   is describing a situation or an individual.

For that purpose,
 one studies them from late issues to early issues.

In order to gain an insight
 of how understanding was achieved and increased,
  one studies them from early issues to late issues.

In the later issues,
 more attention is given to easy language and
  many definitions are inserted, and
   references are given within the text.
 This is lacking in the early issues,
  unless these were revised recently.

[Here originally was a list of all the RI-Bulletins
  till 6 March 1996,
   which is left out for obvious reasons.

You can now see the complete list
 by clicking on this text:
  All RI-Bulletins listed from present to early

You can view the original RI-Bulletin
 RI-50RQi  'RI-xxxi series Archive - The Future']

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ambassador for Mankind

Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996 by Koos Nolst Trenite

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