16 October 1995
                                               issued 8 Nov 1995

 RI-294i  'How Diana Hubbard allowed her father's suicide'

from Ron's Inspector

Message # RI-294i for Internet

Diana left Scientology-staff some years ago,
 and has up to now
 not taken responsibility for Scientology again.

Her confront of Church-affairs is minimal.

Diana Hubbard on 16 Oct 1995, 22:27 GMT

[Auditor:] At what exact moment
            did LRH become a suppressive,
            and why did you not remedy it?

[Diana:] "I would not dare to say
 that LRH ever had become a suppressive."

"I do not like to consider this
  (that LRH had become a suppressive)."

[Koos:] Ask her whether she knows
         that we have removed Miscavige.

[Auditor:] Done. Yes, she knows that.

[Diana:] "I do not like to consider
  that my father has been a suppressive.
 If HE has been a suppressive,
  what are other people then?"

[Auditor:] Do you have an ARCX [upset]?  LF

 Auditor assess 17 ARC-Breaks [upsets] of Diana.

[Auditor:] Release of [emotional] charge by Diana.  LFBD

[Diana:] "I had an ARCX [upset] with my father
 in 1986, January,
 when he left us.

"This answers your questions about my ARCX's.

"This answers also your question:
 'At what moment did LRH become a suppressive?'"


[Auditor:] You answered the question
             'At what exact moment
              did LRH become a suppressive?'
           Why did you not remedy it?

[Diana:] "It was his decision!

"When he had decided something, that was it!  LFBD

"He had told us
 that this was an important step in his life
  and a necessary step
  which will be valuable for all of us.

"And I did not want to hold him back,
  which seemed to me being suppressive to him
  [to not hold him back].

  LFBD-F/N VGI's F/Nind

                    Diana Hubbard"

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector

Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite

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