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Basic data about telepathy

RI-771i 'Use of Telepathy' of 4 Jan 1996
RI-881i 'Basics of Telepathy - Vital Data about You' of 1 June 1997
RI-879i 'The Ultimate Defense Weapon of Telepathy' of 12 July 1997
RI-896i 'Telepathy - Questions about getting in communication' of 21 June 1997

Telepathic Auditor Training Course

You can get the Telepathic Auditor Training Course,
as listed below, as a compressed zip file by clicking here.
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Examples of Telepathic Auditing

You can get the Examples of Telepathic Auditing,
as listed below, as a compressed zip file by clicking here.
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RI-836i 'A Businessman assisted by Koos Nolst Trenite' of 24 Apr 1997

RI-897i 'My mother creating havoc again' of 22 June 1997
RI-841i 'My mother - regrettably, but true: a suppressive person' of 26 Apr 1997

RI-811i 'Telepathic talk with my brother' of 27 Mar 1997

RI-839i 'Recovering my father - Part I' of 26 Apr 1997
RI-840i 'Recovering my father - Part II' of 26 Apr 1997
RI-846i 'Recovering my father - Part III - Value of Telepathy' of 28 Apr 1997

RI-850i 'Re my father - Part IV - his marriage problem' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-851i 'Re my father - Part V - his pretended help' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-852i 'Re my father - Part VI - marriage-counseling for him' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-853i 'Re my father - Part VII - Leopold on his son Wolfgang Mozart' of 29 Apr 1997

RI-854i 'Re my father - Part VIII - Wolfgang Mozart on father Leopold' of 29 Apr 1997
RI-855i 'Re my father - Part IX - Leopold Mozart's attitude' of 30 Apr 1997
RI-856i 'Re my father - Part X - Mozart betrayed by his father' of 2 May 1997

RI-767i 'My mother crediting me' of 21 Dec 1996

RI-698i 'Treat a Psychotic as a Psychotic (on my mother)' of 19 Sept 1996
RI-697i 'Telepathic Auditing for my Father - On Friendships' of 17 Sept 1996
RI-689i 'Auditing a psychotic telepathically' of 7 Sept 1996
RI-688i 'Handling parents - a psychotic mother' of 7 Sept 1996

RI-874i 'Assisting Helmut Kohl in facing irrational opposition leader' of 23 May 1997
RI-793Di 'Helmut Kohl Interview ueber Arbeitslosigkeit' of 22 Feb 1997
RI-793i 'Helmut Kohl Interview on Unemployment in Germany' of 17 Feb 1997

RI-804i 'Clinton-Interview on NATO and Russia' of 20 Mar 1997
RI-803i 'Yeltsin-Interview on NATO and Russia' of 20 Mar 1997

RI-826i 'Yeltsin faces Russian enemy of Mankind' of 17 Apr 1997
RI-763i 'Interview: Boris Yeltsin on foreign policy' of 26 Dec 1996

RI-667i 'Helping Boris Jelzin (Russia) through Auditing' of 15 Aug 1996
RI-776i 'Why Boris Yeltsin fell sick yesterday' of 9 Jan 1997

RI-690i 'Boris Jelzin's heart-operation - (mentions Dianetics)' of 10 Sept 1996
RI-729i 'Boris Jelzin during his heart-operation' of 5 Nov 1996
RI-729i-A 'Boris Jelzin after his heart-operation' of 6 Nov 1996
RI-733i 'Boris Jelzin [ Yeltsin ] - postoperative pain handling' of 12 Nov 1996

RI-812i 'Diana Ross: The sparks of life' of 28 Mar 1997
RI-813i 'Diana Ross: Creating sparks in others' of 29 Mar 1997
RI-814i 'Diana Ross: Intention to get people together' of 29 Mar 1997
RI-815i 'Diana Ross: Helping people to face L. Ron Hubbard' of 29 Mar 1997

RI-816i 'Diana Ross: Creating sparks at a distance' of 30 Mar 1997
RI-817i 'Diana Ross: The Ethics of creating aliveness' of 31 Mar 1997
RI-818i 'Diana Ross: Facing Jutta, the painter' of 2 Apr 1997
RI-819i 'Diana Ross: The Miscavige-Incident' of 2 Apr 1997

RI-820i 'Diana Ross: Facing the mad, angry Miscavige' of 3 Apr 1997
RI-821i 'Diana Ross: People need to come together' of 3 Apr 1997
RI-822i 'Diana Ross: Aligned with Koos again' of 5 Apr 1997
RI-822i-A 'Responsibility for Diana Ross by Koos Nolst Trenite' of 11 Apr 1997

RI-824i 'Diana Ross: Current exchange with Koos' of 14 Apr 1997
RI-825i 'Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Koos and care' of 15 Apr 1997
RI-830i 'Diana Ross - Responsibility for Michael Jackson' of 17 Apr 1997
RI-831i 'Diana Ross - Care for Michael Jackson' of 20 Apr 1997

RI-832i 'Diana Ross - Helping Michael Jackson' of 21 Apr 1997

RI-665i 'Diana Ross avoided L. Ron Hubbard' of 14 Aug 1996
RI-576i 'The great Diana Ross is on our side (of course)' 23 May 1996

RI-739i 'Travolta Interview - His Irresponsibility exposed now' of 26 Nov 1996
RI-701i 'John Travolta Interview - Truth Exposed' (20 USD)(61 KB) of 26 Sept 1996

RI-587i 'Actress Jane Fonda Looks Through L. Ron Hubbard, now' 31 May 1996

RI-222Ri 'Michael Jackson, Help for him' of 1 Jul 1995
RI-413RBi 'Michael Jackson broke with L. Ron Hubbard Scientology' of 18 Dec 1995
RI-574i 'Michael Jackson will help to keep LRH away' 23 May 1996

Advanced information about telepathy

RI-888i 'Insanity of Channeling - Ceanne DeRohan's God - Mysticism - New Age' of 7 June 1997
RI-823i 'Truth, Justice, Sanity and Auditing - relationship between' of 9 Apr 1997
RI-798i 'A working definition of Astrology, and Einstein exposed' of 26 Feb 1997
RI-713i 'Handling Attacks Correctly - Space and Love' of 18 Oct 1996
RI-710i 'A Protective Shell - Anchorpoints used wrongly' of 16 Oct 1996

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More information

The Understanding Suppression Series - Vital data about suppression

You can get the Understanding Suppression Series,
as listed below, as a compressed zip file by clicking here.
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USP-062 'Looking for evil in order to be evil' of 19 May 1994
USP-061 '"It is all a misunderstanding"' of 18 May 1994

USP-060 'Destroying what he fails to help' of 6 May 1994
USP-059 'Assumed wrong character - Non Art was "Modern Art"' of 6 May 1994
USP-058 'Doing as if reality does not exist' of 5 May 1994
USP-057 'Not admitting failures in handling Suppressive Persons' of 15 Apr 1994

USP-056 'Mis-using correct therapy to make own insanity "right"' of 14 Apr 1994
USP-055 '"Looking at reality of others is deadly"' of 14 Apr 1994
USP-054 'Decision to remain insane forever' of 13 Apr 1994
USP-053 'Fighting to remain insane' of 13 Apr 1994

USP-052 'He is "not insane"' of 13 Apr 1994
USP-051 'Fighting any attempts to really help him' of 10 Apr 1994
USP-050 '"That you see through my facade, proves your insanity"' of 28 Mar 1994
USP-049 'Intentional refusal to understand' of 21 Mar 1994

USP-048 'Admiration for Suppressive Acts' of 21 Mar 1994
USP-047 'Trying to murder actual friends - Van Gogh' of 18 Mar 1994
USP-046 '"Breaking" a Suppressive Person worsens him' of 18 Mar 1994
USP-045 'Completely false importances' of 17 Mar 1994

USP-044 '"Forced to be evil"' of 17 Mar 1994
USP-043 'Punishing evil with evil' of 16 Mar 1994
USP-042 'Living with a Suppressive Person - the mystery' of 16 Mar 1994
USP-041 'Unable to be himself' of 9 Mar 1994

USP-040 '"Survival is a Suppressive Act"' of 7 Mar 1994
USP-039 '"Understanding hurts too much"' of 23 Feb 1994
USP-038 '"Rightness" and "beauty" of not looking - Nirwana' of 22 Feb 1994
USP-037 'WANTING to be suppressed' of 21 Feb 1994

USP-036 'Not WANTING to be there' of 21 Feb 1994
USP-035 'Destroying all reality of the past' of 10 Feb 1994
USP-034 'Others must admire his "goodness"' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-033 'Hiding loss of own viewpoint' of 6 Feb 1994

USP-032 '"Accept my pretense of being what I am not"' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-031 'Feeling destroyed when looked at' of 6 Feb 1994
USP-030 'Destroying what he loves dearest' of 5 Feb 1994
USP-029 '"Look at me - but don't LOOK at me"' of 1 Feb 1994

USP-028 'Tact and diplomacy in "handling" a Suppressive Person' of 31 Jan 1994
USP-027 'Survival only by destroying others' of 31 Jan 1994
USP-026 '"Helping" another by hiding his evil' of 28 Jan 1994
USP-025 'Solving life by denying truth' of 23 Jan 1994

USP-024 'Against therapy' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-023 'Beyond suspicion' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-022 'Morals and Justice used to create non-survival' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-021 'Enforcing inapplicable rules' of 23 Jan 1994

USP-020 'Therapy used to dominate another' of 23 Jan 1994
USP-019 'Truth is "confusing"' of 21 Jan 1994
USP-018 '"Avoiding" Suppressive Persons completely' of 21 Jan 1994
USP-017 'Help exposes intentions' of 21 Jan 1994

USP-016 '"Destruction" lurks around every corner' of 19 Jan 1994
USP-015 '"They" can't get me' of 17 Jan 1994
USP-014 'Seeing evil "equals death"' of 7 Jan 1994
USP-013 'Blocking your perception of them' of 7 Jan 1994

USP-012 '"Decent people need no help"' of 6 Jan 1994
USP-011 'Trust blindly given by the group' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-010 'Reverse Justice' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-009 'Intelligent lies "safeguard" him' of 1 Jan 1994

USP-008 '"Understanding others paralyzes action"' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-007 '"Others are stronger - unless controlled"' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-006 'Too many evil intentions' of 1 Jan 1994
USP-005 'Everything in reverse' of 1 Jan 1994

USP-004 'Refusal to find out' of 14 Oct 1993
USP-003 'Insanity and Psychosis fully understood' of 13 Dec 1996
USP-002 'State of Sanity, Definition of' of 24 Oct 1996
USP-001 'No good without understanding evil' of 18 May 1994

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The RI-Bulletins - Information on all aspects of life

The RI-Bulletins are a sorce of information on all aspects of life.

You can go to the list of all RI-Bulletins,
or use the RI-Bulletin Search program to search for a subject that you are interested in, or would like to have information about.

Here is a list of the most popular RI-Bulletins

RI-771i 'Use of Telepathy' of 4 Jan 1996
RI-857i 'Telepathy - Telepathic Auditor Training Course' of 29 May 1997
RI-881i 'Basics of Telepathy - Vital Data about You' of 1 June 1997

RI-259Ri 'On Socrates' of 19 Aug 1995

RI-704Ri 'Real Art is not hard to understand' of 30 Sept 1996
RI-19Ri 'Artists and Ethics' revised 22 Dec 1996
RI-19Di 'Kuenstler und Ethik' of 23 June 1997

RI-631i 'Definition of "Woman"' of 12 July 1996
RI-759i 'Understanding a Typical Marriage Problem' of 12 Dec 1996

RI-734i 'Orienting Children' of 13 Nov 1996
RI-781BPI 'Raising Children - or Keeping Them Small?' of 16 Jan 1997

RI-126Ri 'Koos Nolst Trenite - identity' of 29 Mar 1995
RI-480i 'Koos Nolst Trenite - Life-story' of 14 Feb 1996

RI-602i 'Definition of Power' of 20 June 1996

RI-738Si 'Christianity - Love, and Guilt solved' of 22 Dec 1996
RI-379Ri 'Religious Tolerance' of 1 Nov 1995

RI-758i 'Insanity and Psychosis fully understood' of 13 Dec 1996

RI-592i 'How To Look At People' of 5 June 1996
RI-629i 'Definition of "Care"' of 12 July 1996

RI-537i 'The Right to Demand Awareness' of 15 Apr 1996
RI-714i 'State of Sanity, Definition of' of 24 Oct 1996
RI-449i 'A Rule For Freedom' of 14 Jan 1996

RI-568i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - Part IV' of 14 June 1997

RI-545i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - Part III' of 20 May 1996
RI-542i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - Part II' of 2 May 1996
RI-541i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - Part I' of 20 Apr 1996

RI-705i 'Society Resurgence, Use of Rules' of 9 Oct 1996
RI-750i 'Crimes are not motivated by money' of 1 Dec 1996

RI-71i 'How Hitler trapped the German People' of 22 Jan 1995
RI-267i 'Omitted Data on Waging and Ending Wars' of 13 Sept 1995

RI-543i 'Dictators' of 22 July 1994, issued 2 May 1996
RI-664i 'Recommended History Books' of 12 Aug 1996
RI-603i 'Capitalist - Industrialist - Employee' of 21 Oct 1995

RI-514Ri 'Confessionals and Blackmail - VERY VERY IMPORTANT' simplified 11 Feb 97
RI-702i '"Word Clearing" is Concept Clearing' of 25 Sept 1996

RI-58Ri 'Fair Game Series - Treatment of Enemies' of 1 Jan 1995
RI-262i 'Creating despite Suppressive Persons' of 20 Aug 1995
RI-646i 'FACING those who are mean or dishonest' of 31 July 1996

RI-535i '"An Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" = INSANE' of 10 Apr 1996
RI-487i 'Dialogue: On Enemies and Hostility' of 20 Feb 1996

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