Alleee and Franc's

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Welcome to Email Attack !

Crackpots are present on email and newsgroups as much as on the web, fortunately for us (and unfortunately for their victims).

Crackpots on Usenet
Our favourite crackpots try their chance on the open market of newsgroups... and FAIL.

Nigerian generals need your help !
Help General Tamul move his millions to America and you could cash in 25%... if he doesn't KILL you first.
Other page hosted here : Nigerian Baiting page

Daryl "Shawn" Kabatoff
Many times stuffed in an asylum, stalks waitresses in Saskatchewan to calculate the Biblical correlations of their names and birthdates. CRAZY.

Literate spam (to come)
It's the new wave of spam : sophisticated quotes and gibberish. We get to the bottom of this.